How to sing like Sam Smith. Don’t hold your breath!

Discover all about How to sing like Sam Smith. Don’t hold your breath! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing like Sam Smith. Don’t hold your breath!.

Here’s a little Sam Smith and a short video on Not holding back your breath which is “putting the cart before the horse”. Holding back or holding your breath only makes you sound funny and stuffed up and creates tension..

16 thoughts on “How to sing like Sam Smith. Don’t hold your breath!

  1. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC says:

    the way I explain why someone should “think” of holding back the air is to
    create proper compression (supra and sub). You don’t physically hold the
    air back, but you regulate the airflow so it’s balanced and a steady
    stream. I never got the whole “feels like I’m inhaling” thing. I’ve never
    really felt that. My thought is to maintain a consistent flow of air like
    water out of a faucet. Turn it on, sing on the stream and then shut it off
    at the end of the phrase. Done. Holding your breath interrupts that flow.
    But you’re right, as the coordinations become stronger less emphasis is put
    on compression because the process has become ingrained in the muscle

    Beautiful tone on the Smith tune.

  2. ForViewingOnly says:

    Good to see you again Daniel. Yes, more videos please! :-)

  3. Great video as always Daniel, i have a feeling that you can very well pack
    the things someone needs into a simple way and present them to us with

    If i had to suggest a coach to someone i would say dont search for
    funny-weird terms and methods, go the simple way, go Daniels way. Ok,
    commercial mode: off, hope to see more videos from you. The lighting from
    your left should be lower i think. Have a nice day!

  4. No. You need air just a amount of when you smell a rose through your nose.
    You don’t need to deep breath.
    But of course you have to control all the time how much air you need for
    what phrase and vowels.
    Or what this holding back here means? It is confusion. You need sensation
    like you sing backwards holding your air.

    I think that singer needs even airflow or is it right?

  5. orissaband says:

    Beautiful singing as always Daniel – and coming from a humble and beautiful
    soul too. I love it. Keep going.

  6. Camilo Fava says:

    I missed you brotha, good video, if you want to improve the quality, i
    suggest either geting a camera, doesnt realy need to be that a good camera,
    or recording the audio separately with a microphone, then puting the audio
    over the video, or both i think that should raise the quality of the
    videos, any way, the quality of your lessons are great, the rest doesnt
    realy matter..

  7. Matt Corey says:

    Dan you sing so naturally it just flows and I like that… I sing like I’m
    taking a crap….it sounds like that too. I also have hemorrhoids… I
    think I took the power push too far. I also like your new hairdo. Can you
    sing some King Diamond next lesson….his voice is awesome.

  8. Matt Corey says:

    The last post was a joke obviously…Dan your the man. I have learned so
    much from you and you have helped me out so much. You have helped me to get
    back to ground zero when I have been pushing my voice in the wrong way for
    the sake of tone.


    Another great video and great singing by a great teacher. If I may comment
    on the concept of “holding back the air” I believe a lot of this has to do
    with how you wish to sound. A singer needs to develop the ability to
    control exhalation whether singing light or very strongly. The air
    “velocity” has to be controlled so the vocal folds are not bombarded by
    excessive air pressure. It’s the body, the lower core muscles that regulate
    this pressure. You have to develop your body to the point where you can
    apply the pressure or place the pressure to the vocal folds.

  10. floydthebarber71 says:

    More vids, please! More vids, more vids! Worry about production later, love
    your advice ;)

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    you do, i love you, and you should subscribe cause we’re putting out some
    cool stuff soon.

    either way you’re awesome.

  12. Nu-Metal Fan says:

    It’s simple, just get kicked in the balls and there you go. MFO

  13. Kathy Richards says:

    Why would anyone want to sound like this?

  14. march fajardo says:

    can do a video of how to sing higher and how to combat the effects of
    puberty on the males voice?

  15. Isaac Nguyen says:

    Anyone who wants to learn how to sing songs need to be enthusiastic and motivated to succeed.

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