How To Sing Like Ronnie James Dio –

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Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing Like Ronnie James Dio –
Last In Line – Rainbow In The Dark – Stand Up And Shout.
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43 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Ronnie James Dio –

  1. Elizabeth Snyder says:

    why do i sound horrible on camera?

  2. Bzh W (eh) says:

    u teached so great!! i hope i can learn more and be coached from you

  3. ANISTAZI metal 94609 says:

    wow!..just fantastic..thanks..

  4. Michael Mixon says:

    Incredible! Wish I was close by to take lessons!

  5. nur hafiz says:

    went you sing any song,your breath control to smoth..i got trouble with
    that problem!!

  6. John Fortuna Jr says:

    Hey man there is a raw way to cop the exact phrasing, it’s almost like a
    loudness one must project. If you have an ear you just do what it does.
    Lol. I used to have a falsetto that was so powerful and loud. I was like
    23/24 at the time. I felt like I got it right from my throat and chest
    while tightening my gut. I could do Cold Shower by KIX. I’m from B-More of
    course. With that being said, if you can emulate Steve Whitman and do Cold
    Shower you got my attention. You do know your technical stuff. If your not
    in a certain range, can you still train to achieve the ability to sing
    certain things, or are some voices just never going to be able to do
    certain things? I feel a huge part of good cover singing is in the singers
    ear. I don’t know how some people can hear something and attempt to emulate
    it and it sounds nothing like it??? It’s like…..what the hell are you
    hearing, and are you hearing yourself??? Lol

  7. Dillon Snyder says:

    Wow man. if you can help me get a third this good id give you a million

  8. Myserieden says:

    Curious if you could pull off Abbot’s(of Immortal) style of vocals.

    EDIT: I take that back, that’s probably the most bland vocals… Perhaps
    Ihsahn. Though you dislike dark lyrics so you probably wouldn’t like it.
    lol But the song Invocation would be neat to see you try.

  9. Josefh Saint says:

    Hello ken, you very good in working with academia. I think it’s amazing. ah
    !! I like the song Livin ‘For My Lord, very good. one hug … Pepeu Drummer

  10. Manny Ozorio says:

    Jesus..! that looks so straining, and hard to do, and you did a great job
    in singing it..!!

  11. Bryant Alex says:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen…This man needs no introduction…He looks like Ted
    Nugent but sings like Ronnie James….former front man for Dio’s
    Disciples…Put your hands together for theee One…Thee Only…a
    Mister…Big Kenny Tamplin”

  12. VideoGame Addict237 says:

    So Ken, can you start singing in this style even in you’re a beginner.

  13. Mike Martin says:

    I appreciate your gifts….but I really appreciate your faith… 🙂 cool

  14. Shadow Moses says:

    this video made me happy with how much you respect you have for him. he was
    my all time favorite singer, thanks for sharing this and can’t wait to get
    your course!

  15. Thomas Lombard says:

    I never had the appreciation for this type of vocals, BUT after seeing your
    cover, I started to appreciate the clarity and power in it. Very good work
    sir! Keep it up 🙂 You got a fan in me.

  16. Timothy VanGuilder says:

    ken u r amazing! just a fan

  17. Keckeman46 says:

    Hey Ken first i vill i having a good time to listen to you and i am so
    impressed ! Vould you like to sing Carrie with Euorope! He has an amazing
    voive Thank you for here lessons from your incredable Voice All onnor to

  18. Иван Маринов says:

    Can you show how to sing like Rob Rock?

  19. Victor ian says:

    I love how you immediately go “I am not as awesome as Dio” Thank you, true
    respect for the king of Metal, may he reign supreme in our hearts and minds!

    Your voice is amazing though, if only I knew all the technical talk,
    hopefully it is explained in detail in your DVD sets.

  20. Rich Wilson says:

    Wow When you sang “home” blew me away….. 🙂 Funny I bought your CD back
    in the 90’s and was just playing it the other day and still amazed. Thanks
    for the video lesson

  21. tim andreu says:

    wow good voice, is the same guy from the 80s christian guitar band?

  22. german meier says:

    meeeen you rock!! I even saw a video of james hetfield trying to sing a dio
    song and failing. you are great dude

  23. B. Elliott says:

    One hell of a scream around the minute and a half mark, Ken

  24. Patrycjusz Nyga says:

    Hei Ken you have talent!
    Respect to sing yoy have scale voice and color.
    It’s not that easy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  25. Jonathan yagami says:

    Stop making money out of other artist and make your own stuff

  26. kenworth1158 says:

    so fuckin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Marceu Filho says:

    You are almost as awesome as James, Mr. Tamplin! Your videos are inspiring.
    I wish I could sing half of what you sing some day. God bless you, Marceu

  28. Dead Weight says:

    Mad respect bro…You got a super voice!

  29. Danilo Machado says:

    que voz mano! excelente parabéns, é de tirar arrepio!

  30. Wedgieburn666 says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience, and time with us. I’m
    inspired and looking to change my cringe-worthy happy birthday singing
    garbage voice into something I (and hopefully those around me) enjoy! …
    and if you ever decide on a “plan B” career, gotta go to WWE! Your facial
    expressions are one of a kind =)

  31. Zane Friedman says:

    Since her move to the UK she has joined the London Philharmonic Choir and continues working as a soloist.

  32. Sara Hanna says:

    I have tried a lot of singing programs including Singing Success, Deva Method, Vocal Release and more.

  33. Jared Gill says:

    Master all components of the song, not only a part that you’d favor to sing.

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