How To Sing Like Rihanna

Discover all about How To Sing Like Rihanna by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like Rihanna.

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40 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Rihanna

  1. Eduard Cruset says:

    you should do one direction or justin bieber, it’d be fun:) I like them btw

  2. Eduard Cruset says:

    you should do one direction or justin bieber, it’d be fun:) I like them btw

  3. liveyourlife says:

    You.. Do… Not… Sound… Like .. Rihanna at all.. Wow.. How much
    self-esteem can you have?

  4. CoCo Productions says:

    You are amazing at singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Henlicious Sim says:

    Rihanna is from Barbados, she’s R&B, you expect her not to sing reggae
    You people know nothing about Caribbean culture

  6. Lets Mash It Up! says:

    Stupid bitch doesnt even know how to say reggae… wtf

  7. Peach Domine says:

    You’re so fucking annoying. 

  8. You are being unfair 🙁 she can actually sing, have you ever saw the
    performance of umbrella with Chris martin?

  9. Blanche Diego says:

    I knowticed hat you makea lot of differeny type of videos could yoy pls
    make one video about how to date luke hemmings or how to sing like him


  10. youssef hebron says:

    I like her !! She’s cute

  11. Kimberley Marshall (Km1309) says:

    Omg you just automatically go into weird accents pmsl

  12. bJadeLIVE says:

    wow you really ignorant and racist

  13. Ayah Baroudi says:

    bring on the hate but Alanna really looks like Anna Kendrick forget about
    the hair colour

  14. Filiana slampaki says:

    You are such an idiot! Don’t you dare to talk about rihanna! She’s the one!
    Fuck you 

  15. Andrea Valeria Buitrón says:

    if I could give you more than one thumb down, I would!!! you know nothing

  16. Maha Al-khaldi says:

    How to sing like LANA DEL REY!!!!

  17. PossessWithin says:

    you have the most beautiful voice ever, holy shit

  18. OX-VIVIDLYVintage says:

    Remember the days when Rhianna USE to be the ambassador for either
    ‘Telstra’ or ‘Optus’ or something like that??? Those where the days,
    Hahahaha :)

  19. Haris Melville says:

    Rihanna doesn’t lip sync!!

  20. Junicia Sealy says:

    come to Barbados n let me teach u how to be bajan enough

  21. Miyuru Eranda says:

    hehehe this is awesome.u got a subscribe ^_^

  22. KNGZKA NEILING says:

    u sound nothing like her u suck

  23. Rohit Shende says:

    +AwesomeAlanna in love with your voice…

  24. Schmetterling productions says:

    just lost my time , and i really was expecting you sound a bit like that
    diva but well thats why we know she is a diva and youre here trying to be
    famous you are shit , thats all

  25. Eljhay Negron says:

    shine brrrright like a diamond

  26. Gabriele Littlejohn says:

    She does not sound like Rihanna but she still has a lovely voice

  27. Sarah Nasser says:

    1) you sound nothing like her
    2) you are racist
    3) why are you on the Internet?

  28. SO AWESOME says:

    GOES LIKE THIS “I’m gonna learn how to sing like rinanah then she sings
    work work work work work work then u say BLU BLAH BLAH BLAH BY GO BU

  29. Celestie Boston says:

    she sounds so racist right now

  30. Joanita reis says:

    Is there anything tht you are actually good at? 

  31. aaliyah nur says:

    you cant sing and asian alone

  32. Natalie Chapman says:

    Being able to dish out information from memory doesn’t imply you’ll be able to discover ways tomanagementyour diaphragm at the identical pace.

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