How to sing like… One way to Increase Range

Discover all about How to sing like… One way to Increase Range by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing like… One way to Increase Range.

A video on increasing your range without breaking into falsetto. Using your full voice, mix voice,middle voice, chest belt, whatever you like to call it. This is not a video about building strength it’s just an intro to building your range. Enjoy!! Any questions or comments please do not hesitate to ask..

25 thoughts on “How to sing like… One way to Increase Range


    Daniel is one of the best. His singing versatility and skill speaks for

  2. "Tommy's Dirt And Soul" (Tommy The Hat) says:

    Good stuff Daniel

  3. floydthebarber71 says:

    Great vids, Daniel. Please post more soon! I’m a beginner so I’m enjoying
    these types. I’m aiming to sing with rasp and distortion, it would be cool
    if you could do some tutorials on how to build up to that style without
    hurting yourself. Thanks

  4. The most helpful thing in this video for me was your face when you did
    those sirens. 🙂 So relaxed! I’m always sounding like a dying cat when
    doing them. It’s good to be reminded sometimes that it can be so easy and

  5. Brandon Simms says:

    Hey man I really like your videos and have been wanting to sing for a while
    now, sorta been all over the place with different programs and trying to
    teach myself. If you ever are in the mood to give out some lessons I’d love
    to get some, and study the voice through your perspective. Some feedback
    from anyone who seems to know what their talking about is always nice. 

  6. Polarcupcheck says:

    One tip I came across which I found useful was feeling the ping
    (essentially a product of full voice), and be aware of it, “because that is
    what grows the voice.” Very simple idea, but I’m getting back into building
    my voice, and that helped me get near my old form better. I was having a
    big problem fireing off belts and shouty notes without it getting too thin
    as I went higher; very annoying.

    My favorites for developing higher pitch.

    sirens with tongue between teeth.

    For being able to apply those sounds to a song.


    I also feel like I have a better ability when I can easily hit a strong
    vocal fry. Voice comes alive and has more “character” to it. Just my

  7. Jonas Britto says:

    What really helped my bridges HUGELY was the simple hoot which Danny has
    demo’d here and I have also learnt it in the 1 on 1 lessons.. and that has
    been the absolute best exercise.. since I have done 100’s of exercises by
    other coaches earlier.. Another thing that helped was to sing speech like!
    that is the key.. trying to keep resonance similar to speech at all
    pitches!.. it also helped me mask singing big time..

    And the proof is in the pudding.. his own voice is mesmerizing

    But the BEST is his humility and listening/tailoring skills while coaching!
    salute! a huge fan!

  8. Camilo Fava says:

    That Black Dog short sample was the best interpretation ever, it was better
    than Robert Plant´s original, its better than David Coverdale´s, it sounds
    so smooth, relaxed, speech like, as if you could sing that at picnic.

  9. The range thing was my problem, too.. but I think it`ll get better. 😉
    Love your voice, really… Cel

  10. Paul Marín says:

    Hi Daniel. I’ve watched most of your videos and I think you are a great
    teacher and excellent musician. Having said that, I wonder if you’ve ever
    tried Hollywood. I believe you’d make a very likable character. In a way,
    you remind me of a young Dustin Hoffman. I bet you could pull of a great
    Drama-Comedy. May be the story of a struggling musician in a crowdy city.
    😉 Anyway, Kudoz and keep up with the great gigs!

  11. Spice Boy says:

    Amazing high notes?
    I’m curious about what your lowest note is. I have a bass’ range. I’m not
    sure I could ever sing high.

  12. Killer Ku says:

    I love your approach of making the exercises technical and perfect and
    singing from the heart. That’s about as compromised as I can get with

    I’ve been warming up more properly after encountering your approach. You’re
    inspirational. Great timbre and take great care of your voice.

  13. daniel runsblack says:

    hey daniel,, its really nice tips for me to learn,, but i have problem when
    i try “no no no no” that you’ve teach . i’m always break into falsetto on
    high note :'(
    Need Advice please :'(

  14. Joseph Watkins says:

    Great tips; I’ve subscribed. Thanks for sharing the vid with us; Jesus
    Christ Bless! :)

  15. Is it okay if the volume of my voice gradually increases the higher into my
    range i get?

  16. John Smith says:

    Were you always able to sing as high as you do in Black Dog in that very
    chesty voice or was that something that you learned and acquired over time?

  17. Daniel, people like you are darn rare man. Not only you are a talented
    vocalist, but you also are extremely nice and open to several ideas when it
    comes to singing – this is why you are such a versatile musician.

    Thank you for making this video, which is indeed extremely helpful for
    aspiring singers like us!

  18. Firebrand Onfire says:

    Could someone checkout my vocals and tell me which range I am?

  19. Firebrand Onfire says:

    Smule user @firebrandonfire

  20. Ricardo Martin says:

    So earlier than you attempt learning to sing in tune it is essential to check that your ears are, actually, working correctly.

  21. Joseph Lopez says:

    There are also many points that must be addressed so that you is usually a good singer If you want to knowtips on how to discover ways to sing.

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