How To Sing Like Nicki Minaj

Discover all about How To Sing Like Nicki Minaj by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like Nicki Minaj.

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42 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Nicki Minaj

  1. Timya Meadows says:

    U sould so white no offense she not ur best imatation

  2. TheThirdHokage Kaizkage says:

    You sound nothing at all niki is way to just no you Sound like your from
    Englind and your British 

  3. Heather Simington says:

    Like omg hit me in the head. You sound like a idiot no offense. Not good

  4. Andy Gibbs says:

    thats just rude nicki is perfect ur just jealous

  5. Charles Banez says:

    Haha LOL :’). Just subscribe to your channel. LMAO!

  6. Michelle Komene says:

    I feel embrassed for you!

  7. thatswhy imthrowingshadelikeitssunny says:

    you look like a redhead shit talking.

  8. Emily Townsend says:

    Omg u really don’t know how to sing like nicki minaj 

  9. Sophie Scott 123 says:

    1:15 is Rihanna not NICKI minaj isn’t it

  10. I really enjoyed your video Mrnes 🙂 nice

  11. Jayla Orzechowski says:

    your jelous cuz you dont have a big butt

  12. Kelly-Ann Lacroix says:

    umm the fly part is actually rihanna singing that..

  13. Sadie Grant says:

    i bet could not do any better

  14. Sunshine DJ says:

    When you were singing fly you know the begining is rihanna right? Just

  15. Damn Daniel says:

    Can you please make a video of how to sing like arianna grande please

  16. Evan Phoenix says:

    Hahahaaa…. this was funny, i liked the mariah carey part
    Oh come on ppl its just a joke, even if it isnt, that whore minaj deserves
    it, nice job alan

  17. Nixie Flinx says:

    The part of “Fly” that you sang was actually Rihanna’s…sooo…
    And by the way I live for the 2:27 part

  18. IndigoGrooves says:

    alanna this video is so funny lol good job i watched it like 1000 times,
    but so many stupid comments, this isnt a real tutorial its for comedy
    purposes you idiots

  19. Wolfgang Oxly says:

    ew ur kinda ugly. No offense

  20. Rafael Nascimento says:

    i really love to watch you, Alanna! 😂😂 you have a brilliant talent and
    you are funny at the same time! 😊Maybe you should come to Brazil one or
    twice 😅

  21. Bonnie Bunny says:

    I’m cryin laughing right now when she did fly high note u can sing gr8 keep
    up the good work:D

  22. Catherine Prozherina says:

    Omg you’re so artistic)

  23. Anna McAllister says:

    you are awesome and crazy and when I mean crazy I mean awesome crazy I love

  24. Ariyaun Johnson says:

    I no right what’s a pelican fly

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