How to Sing: Like Miranda Sings

Discover all about How to Sing: Like Miranda Sings by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing: Like Miranda Sings.

Want 2 lern how2 b a gud SINGER? CLICK HEAR!

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Jus sharin sum vocal Tips from my IdOL and pritty much best frend @MirandaSings! Hope U LIKIT! xoxxo

Please watch: “She Used to Be Mine – Sara Bareilles – Cover by Evynne Hollens”


41 thoughts on “How to Sing: Like Miranda Sings

  1. Joanna Martinez says:

    nah I don’t like it MY OPINION

  2. Maylee1973 says:

    You’re so funny lol…. This is cute…. Have a great week Evynne :)

  3. Could you possibly do a video for vibrato tips? *Real vibrato tips :P?

  4. naturelover004 says:

    I don’t really like her but you have sutch a good voice don’t ruin it for
    stuff like this

  5. Jim Roberson says:

    Now it takes a tremendous amount of talent to do a performance like that!
    Why is it harder to sing like that when you’ve been properly trained?

  6. Nicolle Quintero says:

    Please please I would like to hear you doing jar of hearts, you and Peter
    are magical XDD and also could you do a how to sing : like pocahontas *_*
    thanks for your beautiful voice, can you speak again in Spanish? Saludos
    desde Colombia c:

  7. alenajingle says:

    Porn up til 1:30 R U KIDDEEN ME

  8. Heather Richardson says:

    Hahaha! That whale sound at 3:50. 😂

  9. Danielle Sage says:

    OMG, THIS. You TOTALLY nailed it! ;)

  10. Jennifer Owen says:

    hey Evynne you should totally do “cry” by mandy moore from the movie “a
    walk to remember” i think you voice will be great with it

  11. Nicole Fazio says:

    I can’t stop laughing this is amazing! You are hilarious

  12. Quail Studios Tutorials says:

    LOL ! ROFL ! OMG I can’t stand it! OK… I made it through without passing
    out. Gasp! That was… ummm… ok never mind. See you later…

  13. Katie Keane says:

    How come she’s wearing a hair net

  14. Bill Swinson says:

    I sound like Miranda whenever I have the flu.

  15. Catherine Marie says:

    I love it!! haha and I love Colleen / Miranda. I can’t sing with my hair on
    my neck,I get way to hott lol and it distracts me from my singing and I’ve
    always been told to pull back the hair and no perfume. I notice with my
    voice when I sing the high notes like that yours does the same (breathy)
    but I try my best to hit them 😀 I have a song suggestion for Christmas!!!
    it’s call Listen to the Wind by Larry Thessis very nice song,I have the
    solo in the beginning of the song I’m so happy! maybe you and Peter can do
    the duet together or with one of your voice students 😊 happy singing! :)

  16. Mindy Schaper says:

    This was so funny. You have a great sense of humor. This was perfect.

  17. Leanne M (Lee) says:

    I am laughing and laughing. This is so great, Evynne. Thanks for the

  18. Trisha Zeigler says:

    apparently this is a joke? I hope.

  19. Gabby Allen says:

    “Transform everything about yourself and copy them?” In that, though, don’t
    we lose our own style in the midst of singing like someone else? For
    example, I listen to a lot of Jackie Evancho. She’s a beautiful singer with
    amazing talent, but her style of singing is very backward in placement and
    closed tones. She’s a Dramatic, or even possibly a Lyric Soprano. I am a
    Coloratura, the highest form of soprano. My singing is forward placement,
    always in the head voice, and tall, open tones. I found myself reverting to
    a Jackie style of singing and completely forgot about the personality that
    I can bring to the song. I love her and her style and her voice, especially
    since she’s my age. But I don’t think, as talented as she is and as much as
    I look up to her, that I’d ever want to mimic her and lose myself in that.
    I guess maybe what I’m asking is why would you want to sing like someone
    else? I get why someone would want to have a beautiful voice that is
    comparable to their idol, but why would you want to sound like them?
    Wouldn’t you want to keep your own voice? I’m just curious, especially with
    as gorgeous a voice as you have, Evynne.

  20. I’m sorry, but I can’t stop laughing!!! XD ☆☆☆☆☆

  21. Love it. Love your silly videos almost as much as your beautiful
    singing….especially when u go up and dan wit ur voise :-)

  22. inge smit says:

    i heared and learned from other youtube teacher. never strech like a girafe
    you will get not a higher note out just get tension in your neck. so you
    both say totally opposite??
    its a natural thing to try to push that note out and lift your chin but
    then the tension is there right ? u dont want that

  23. Oh man, that was too funny! You do a great impression of Miranda and you
    totally nailed the eyebrows!

  24. Christopher Hewitt says:

    Thiss is grate. I rally luv the lisstick. U r bootiful Evynne! The vibratoe
    is a gr8 teknikeee tooo!!!!! My faaaive!

    I m glad u dont do porn! hold in all ur poo and get that bae Peter of yours!

    Love you! <3

  25. Kris Pavek says:

    Wow, no offense, but you sound nothing like Miranda. I’m sorry. Your nice,
    but really, really.

  26. Oh dear. I laughed hard at this!

  27. sparkybarth says:

    I think Miranda would be so disappointed in you. She’s the greatest, you
    are not even close to the perfection she is. 😛

  28. HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHAA! You went there! XD I love you!

  29. Rain Griswold says:

    I love you so much! You inspire me to pursue singing. I want to play
    Fantine Les Mis, Christine in The Phantom of the Opera, and Emma Carew in
    Jekyll and Hyde among many others.

  30. amber combs says:

    HAHAHA! How am I just now seeing this!?

  31. SorryI'mBusy725 says:

    You have a grand piano and you do this??? Nice

  32. Jaiden Bowling says:

    stupid doesn’t even sound like Miranda sings

  33. That's What "i" Said says:

    That’s hilarious. Well done! Ha. :D

  34. I got to f6 lol then my throat was soar

  35. Levi Wise says:

    However, do not forget that singing is an art and even if you happen to don’t succeed as an incredible singer, it does not demean the value of your singing in any manner.

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