1. Pesta Ikan Buntal Betong says:

    wow like Michael Jackson

  2. Rose 1958829 says:

    okay… doesn’t sounds like Mike, but I love the beatboxing

  3. Ryleigh Brown says:

    Ur beat box is awesome, I think u need to go lower on the first notes😁

  4. MJ JACKSON says:

    Great Acapella! You sound amazing! Michael would’ve been so proud!

  5. Eric Perez says:

    man I liked it, keep it up. Do your thing and Fuck what people say. You’re
    Living your life not theirs. Love the voice though on point with it all.

  6. Death Rose-Chan says:

    holy shit, that was amazing!!

  7. potterhouse1224 says:

    DAMN!!!!!! KILLED IT BRO!!!!

  8. JordanMoore9000 says:

    sounds similar but not like mike..good job though

  9. GODSON Official Music says:

    your tone is VERY similar to MJ’s… this might sound like a weird question
    but where do you feel the voice coming through your body? it sounds to me
    like you push it out through your nose? hopefully i’m making sense…

  10. Jemverson Perez says:

    Bro nice voice good voice

  11. Gislene Soares da Silva says:

    wonderfull ! Marvelous !!! Your voice is completely look alike Michael
    Jackson`s voice and these sounds that you make with your voice are so
    incredible ! Congratulations for you ! You make me happy cause you keep
    MJ`s alive through his art that you help to keep always alive !!!

  12. Honestly you would sound just like him if you didn’t have that accent. THIS

  13. oO Anime x Addict Oo says:

    1:37 the noise .___.

  14. TheMusicandsongss says:

    When you are singing the high notes, Michael and you sound raspy. Is there
    any technique for that or is it because of the structure of both of your
    vocal chords?

  15. August Alsina says:

    are we seeing reincarnation?? 😭❤❤😍

  16. jackattack212 says:

    Your talented bro, great voice, beat boxing is on point, good job, well
    You deserve your own album.

  17. Karmah Jones Davis says:

    good but u don’t sound like Micheal

  18. Pablo Agustín Cámara says:

    You are way too good! Don’t listen to the critics ! Great voice! Loved it.

  19. a-bomb nation says:

    it’s blood on the dance floor.

  20. Karona Samphan says:

    are u real Michael Jackson

  21. Tech Naik says:

    you are a singer and you have show your talent to america got talent. I
    will personly talk to the judges for your talent

  22. Tech Naik says:

    you have to show your singing in america idol

  23. Nina Chouck says:

    Bless you and your talent. Marry me 😍😍😍

  24. Michael Aravena says:


  25. Laion Souza says:

    Do you could make more tutorial video?
    “How to sing like michael jackson” Pleasee ;)

  26. The big yolo man says:

    1:37 someone is laughing behind the camera.

  27. The Royal Triad says:

    looks like niko balic from GTA4

  28. If you want to sing someone else’s song, that’s fine, but use your own, natural voice.

  29. Trinity Cortez says:

    A. they have all suffered fom severe vocal injury from not singing properly early in their career, thus having to have medical help to correct the injury followed by rest and vocal coaching.

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