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Discover all about How To Sing Like Michael Bolton / How Am I Supposed To Live Without / You KenTamplinVocalAcademy com by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like Michael Bolton / How Am I Supposed To Live Without / You KenTamplinVocalAcademy com.

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches KTVA Student Adam How To Sing Like Michael Bolton / How Am I Supposed To Live Without You.
Learn To Sing Like This!

42 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Michael Bolton / How Am I Supposed To Live Without / You KenTamplinVocalAcademy com

  1. Danny Gram says:

    Can you make vid oboist ozzy or twisted sister on how to sing like them

  2. hubertous says:

    can you do the lesson on this tune yourself for enrolled KTVA students? :)

  3. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    For anyone interested in my singing academy – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy you
    can check it out here : 

  4. Kevin Miller says:

    Damn I didn’t know James Franco could sing like that ;)

  5. Henkjan Steringa says:

    Ken, missing new video’s! Are you working on anything?

  6. estudioamt says:

    Give us some tips about Zack De La Rocha vocals… Thaaanks!

  7. Rico Herwig says:

    I would love to see a “Sing Like Chris Robertson” video 🙂 Black Stone
    Cherry is such a great band.
    Anyway, your vocal academy is awesome! I don’t own it that long, but I
    already feel and hear my voice improving!
    I think, you are one of the very few (or even the only) vocal coach that
    actually really knows how to sing and is able to prove it!
    Have a great 2014, Mr Tamplin!


    Wuauh master pro shensei

  9. Ameenah Palmer says:


  10. blazejecar says:

    how to sing like tom keifer :)

  11. Mert Bulut says:

    Hey Ken , I wonder if you can make a tutorial of ‘ How To Sing Like Jack
    Black ‘ ? :))

  12. Dale Baum says:

    Any videos on the way demonstrating how to sing like Don Henley?

  13. miriam rokke says:

    hey hey beautiful i like to much that song. when i was divorce i cried
    for that song. i like congratulation your voice is amaizing.

  14. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Come join my Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singers Forums.
    I have over 4,000 like minded KTVA students and 8 KTVA trained moderators
    who help answer your singing questions.
    You can join here: 

  15. francisco ramos says:

    I really want to take singing classes.. I would love to take classes
    there.. I really need information from it.. And I may go starting this

  16. QeenBea1979 says:

    I love this song, didn’t have Michael B. signature raspey, otherwise he
    sounds just like him. great job!!.

  17. Bob Hohenberger says:

    Adam does a great job using Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy methods,
    demonstrating how to sing like Michael Bolton / How am I Supposed to Live
    Without You. KTVA singing lessons show you how to sing high notes like the
    ones on this tune. When the key goes up a notch for the bridge, Adam
    really nails the high notes! He’s mastering how to sing in mixed voice!
    Those of you wrestling with how to sing and how to choose vocal lessons
    need to check out Ken Tamplin. The proof is in the singing.

  18. Hi Ken, the course is really good. I just started and guessed what
    happened? Last night after the church choir practice, I was invited to
    attend the actual church performance. Apparently, the lead singer happened
    to be seating in front and heard me singing the hymns. I guessed she heard
    something good. First, I was locking in the bright key note and singing
    the relative notes around it (as per Ken T-how to maintain the pitch). I
    sing the bass voicing but I was able to hit the high notes too with a
    little blending to add. I am so excited…..Not bad for a senior citizen.
    tnx Ed

  19. Jarom Eubanks says:

    Ken I would love for you to do thom yorke 

  20. NinjaKiller999 says:

    Goddamn he’s got an awesome commercial voice i can see him making it biiiig

  21. john criswell says:

    can you do how to sing like Axle rose welcome to the jungle ?

  22. can you go a gerard way from mcr video 

  23. creeperboy79 .TheEeveeMaster says:

    great version

  24. Bob Hohenberger says:

    This is a vocal lesson on How to sing like Michael Bolton on HOW AM I
    SUPPOSED TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU featuring KTVA vocal student Adam Spizzo of
    Australia and Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. Right
    after the song there is a discussion of Michael Bolton’s sound and style.
    Find out more about great singing lessons from KTVA by going here:
    and learn how you can dramatically
    improve your singing voce! Join up and become a member of Ken’s Singers
    Forums at where you can meet up
    with singers from all around the world! Lots of great activitiy going on
    there! Join us!

  25. Casper Christiansen says:

    Hi Ken! I was wondering. How big of a vocal range does a tenor usually
    start out with? I’ve been singing for approximately a year and my vocal
    range is from E2-F4. I’ve always been able to hit low notes, so I guess I’m
    a baritone/bass. But should i expect that my vocal range will increase even
    more over time? 

  26. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Regarding my: “How To Sing Like” series.

    People say “I want to sound like me and not anyone else”.
    And I say – Absolutely! No one should “clone” anyone.
    But we all have influences, and it is the sum of those influences, and how
    we “re-present” them with our own style that makes us great.

    In addition, If we pick a difficult cover song where the bar is set high,
    this is an excellent grading scale to see how well our singing technique is
    This is also true for learning in different styles as this increases our
    vocabulary and tool box for diverse singing and helps us find what we like
    or don’t like to build our own unique voice.

    In all of my “How To Sing Like” videos, I still sound like Ken Tamplin, but
    I have a flavor of the original artist demonstrating their “style” safely
    when often the original artist lost their voice due to bad technique.

  27. Spirit Alight says:

    I celebrate the man’s entire catalog.

  28. Ezekiel Caes says:

    Ken teach me how to improve my voice pls :<

  29. Awesome Sauce says:

    this is a very hard song to sing.. i mean hitting that high notes and that
    bolton’s husky voice.. dude.. take all my money.

  30. Terrence Gold says:

    Damn man! Awesone job . Love this song

  31. Josiah Brand says:

    VERY clean sound. You can hear a lot of the UMPH behind his notes in the
    chorus that really require that feeling of really getting into it. Adam
    does well at hitting the notes and adding style to the notes.

  32. Christopher Becker says:

    ken you never disappoint another stellar video man just like all the ones
    you do

  33. Darell W. says:

    Nobody can sing it like Bolton….

  34. pipolo muhain says:

    great tutorial sir. I’m from philippines’ i subscribed to your channel so
    that i could get enough knowledge about singing well. it’s been a long time
    that i didn’t do singing as a habit. before, i can sing like flying without
    wings by westlife or one last cry by brian mcknight. but now i cant reach
    it anymore. when i try to reach and reach the pitch my voice get husky.
    what do you recommend for me to achieve high notes again. thank you sir i
    will continue to check your channel…

  35. Aiden Lloyd says:

    Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your voice, and sing it again.

  36. Emma Mckinney says:

    The free singing course will be held in a group environment so everybody learns the same techniques at the same time at the same pace.

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