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How to Sing Like Katy Perry – Dark Horse, Firework, Roar /

Key vocal strategies to achieve Katy Perry’s signature sound, singing choices, and song styling. We’ll break down her dark tone placement, hybrid diphthongs, vocal fry, breathiness, and straight tone. By performer, author, and voice finder Felicia Ricci. Let’s hang out at !

Let’s learn how to sing like Katy Perry! Katy Perry is a hugely popular and successful singer-songwriter with legions of fans and tons of hits. But she’s also an impressive vocal technician who has developed a rich, interesting, and distinctive sound. After I finished editing the video, I realized that it helped convey not just Katy Perry’s artistic choices, but the wide range of technical choices artists make when shaping their tone and style. It gives you a bit of insight into the kinds of detailed vocal work that solo artists put into creating a signature sound that separates them from the rest of the world.

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  1. mimithefifi says:

    How can I sing the are you ready for ready for part in dark horse with more
    voice or power I can sing high notes but just this part in this song I
    unconsciously use falsetto and when I try to belt it it doesn’t work out
    how can I belt the mixed voice so it sounds like this >~<

  2. Russel Jacobs says:

    I love you
    I love you
    I love you
    You are amazing!!! I love you !!!
    Thank you so so much for this and all the other videos.
    It helps me so much

  3. leo nardo says:

    thank you i wish your my elder sister and i also i wish katy perry is my
    sister to

  4. Can you do a ‘micro analysis’ of Bob Dylan’s singing style .. lol :)

  5. Vol de Mort says:

    could you please do a video about how to sing “thinking of you” by katy? :)

  6. Lune Shine says:

    Can you do one for Ariana Grande?

  7. The Bucket List says:

    The tongue thing helped me so much thanks

  8. Fernanda Alvarez says:

    0:38 Me❤️hhhhh😂😍i love Katy Perry so much! 

  9. I Love it!!! Can you make a : how to sing thinking of you from katy Perry.
    I really Love her too !!! Good Job ! Best Wishes from Germany !^_^

  10. groupe brokers says:

    Super videos!! j’adore mais pensez vous que cela soit possible d’avoir des
    sous titre francais??? merci!!

  11. Deon Dsouza says:

    i love your videos
    they r soooooo amazing

  12. Deon Dsouza says:

    wow you really sing like katy perry
    but every one says I sing bad help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    could you make a video on how to sing better i sing very bad so could u add
    me on instagram I really need your help please

  13. Ben Toohey says:

    +Felicia Ricci Me Too! Im a bit… you know

  14. Ben Toohey says:

    +Felicia Ricci Im a bit gay cus im obsessed with katy perry and im using my
    brothers account so yea. And katy perry if your reading this comment I LOVE
    YOU!! not like you would read my comment :(

  15. 15th_Reaper says:

    some practise you are dissapointed and then there comes the light thats it

  16. 15th_Reaper says:

    i think she uses her real voice for singing and thats the cause of the end
    phrase vibrato

  17. Ridwan Himawan says:

    when you talked about the sighing/popping up at the end of the note could
    you or someone tell me more about that. i really want to be able to master
    that technique.

  18. Klaus Geltl says:

    Yes, I think you’d make good friends with her, not because you made this
    great video (I sing this song, thanks!!) but because you seem like her type
    of person. 💁🏻

  19. Kairangi Marsters says:

    You dont sound like katy perry ( rude)

  20. Dan Nugent says:

    Awesome video I learned a lot about vocals just watching this video

  21. Jessica Sophia says:


  22. Felipi Medeiros Macedo says:

    You are great, and your breakdowns are awesome too! Would it be possible
    for you to make some breakdowns on the styles of Fiona Apple and Kate Bush
    some day? xoxo

  23. Navy blac says:


  24. Lícia Pinto says:

    You don’t sound like her, at all! Hahaha
    Used her name to make more views on the video…
    Sneaky girl!

  25. Hanny Beastly says:

    I love Katy Perry and now I love you 👍💋

  26. William Ludeña says:

    Who wants to sing like Katy? LOL you have to be deaf.

  27. Laura Adiene González Escalante says:

    I don´t like Katy Perry at all….I mean she misses tone too often when she
    sings live, so I don´t belive she has a great technique

  28. Cat in Shoes says:

    You’re light years above Katy Perry (and most of today’s pop “singers”).

    Can you do a video on how to sing like Steven Tyler?

  29. Jed Winecoff says:

    your stalker face is on point great job!

  30. Nicole Larribas says:

    omg same I have a crush on her too!! lol☺😍😘

  31. Nicole Larribas says:

    omg same I have a crush on her too!! lol☺😍😘

  32. Valerie Bieber (Vali) says:

    Please teach me how to sing like Ariana Grande

  33. FlutistPride says:

    Do you have any advice on vocaloid dubbing?

  34. It’s been 5 months and I have been training singing along with your program and I sing very well now.

  35. Jadyn Keller says:

    It’s somewhat fraction of what one singing session price.

  36. Derrick Robinson says:

    Everything from not being able to sing excessive notes to lack of confidence singing in entrance of others.

  37. Adult singing lessons are fantastic fun and very rewarding.

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