How to Sing Like Justin Bieber (Mixed Voice & The Magic “Ew” Vowel)

Discover all about How to Sing Like Justin Bieber (Mixed Voice & The Magic “Ew” Vowel) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Like Justin Bieber (Mixed Voice & The Magic “Ew” Vowel).

Learn to sing in your mixed voice WITHOUT the B.S. with THESE exercises! Let’s get you singing in chest voice FAST!

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28 thoughts on “How to Sing Like Justin Bieber (Mixed Voice & The Magic “Ew” Vowel)

  1. Bon Drexryll Lawas says:

    omg are you gay? hahaha

  2. Ruby Script says:

    I’m a little confused. how do I change the pitch so quickly with that
    sound. do I have to make almost like short breaths, or do I raise my pitch
    normally but use this technique. I am completely lost. :c

  3. Santi SIB Iraburu says:

    wow man loved it, ‘ll try to learn it, but before, isn’t it better to learn
    to sing without effects and then try them?

  4. Santi SIB Iraburu says:

    man i apreciate your advice, really do. Thank you, i’ll keep following you.
    keep killin’ it!!

  5. Misael V. says:

    just from this video it sounds like you have some great vocal ability, id
    like to hear some of your singing stuff!! great lesson, awesome sound to
    build the mix, haven’t found that one yet! your humour is also pretty
    engaging as opposed to what other people might say. Thanks for the video!

  6. Jake Leskaukas says:

    Dope video! Your fucking raw at singing

  7. Lexhan Doria says:

    Men you’re a good teacher :)

  8. Evade Trikky | TUSH Leader | says:

    Wish I could speak in english for a skype lesson. I just started singing
    and that’s exactly the voice that I want. If you could give me some advices
    it would be awesome man ^^

  9. Lucas Clementsen says:

    I’m still trying to figure out why i clicked on the video?

  10. Don Carlson says:

    I am curious how you would pronounce the CVT “OE” vowel. Is that EW/EU, or
    something else?

  11. Alexandru Guță says:

    JB Learn to sing from his mom?

  12. Elan Wilson says:

    Haha I watched this with no headphones and my parents came into my room
    cause they thought I was watching porn hahaha…..nice vid tho man

  13. Victor Laconico says:

    What did i just watch? 😂

  14. Manaury ibarra says:

    You do not have that meny sudcribed

  15. aramsaran says:

    I can’t even do the Voice 😢

  16. Rohan Modi says:

    this made me laugh very badly when he was producing weird sounds

  17. bobbingicecream says:

    do you have any advice for stage fright :p lol

  18. You do know theres something called an HD camera?

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