How to sing like Journey, Beatles, Queen, Boston, Gino Vannelli and more!

Discover all about How to sing like Journey, Beatles, Queen, Boston, Gino Vannelli and more! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing like Journey, Beatles, Queen, Boston, Gino Vannelli and more!.

Let me show you how to sing like Steve Perry (Journey), Freddie Mercury (& Montserrat Caballé, too!), Paul McCartney, Brad Delp (Boston), Gino Vannelli, Ramin Karimloo, Mika and more, with this “pièce de résistance” performance, filmed completely live and in one take only (with a couple of mistakes included!)! I personally gathered and edited 10 of the most difficult songs to sing, to show off my voice and to sing “like there is no tomorrow!” For more info: . Here’s the setlist:
1) Don’t Stop Believing – 00:12
2) Barcelona – 01:45
3) Helter Skelter/We Will Rock You – 03:19
4) More Than A Feeling – 04:52
5) Aquarius – 06:26
6) The Show Must Go On – 07:49
7) ‘Til I Hear You Sing – 09:23
8) Nightwalker – 11:07
9) Grace Kelly – 12:23
10) Maybe I’m Amazed – 14:05
Thanks for watching!

18 thoughts on “How to sing like Journey, Beatles, Queen, Boston, Gino Vannelli and more!

  1. milestoneman says:

    Innu- IMHO. First let me say I saw your post on Mike Masse video Blackbird.
    You have a good voice. Mike has an exceptional voice. Mike sounds as good
    if not better than the original, that’s why the large fan base. Quality
    sells and spreads quickly. The songs you sing are good, but are probably
    not the best choice to showcase your talent. Because you not replicating
    the range and tone from these singers and honestly people want to hear a
    clone version of the song, not a good singer`s own interpretation. Try
    another video and pick songs closest to your range. Best of luck.

  2. Andres Fierro says:

    Awesome man, loved the Delpp’s and the Freddie’s …. great energy!! you
    really killed it!

  3. sky stryker says:

    Not bad on singing Steve Perry from Journey

  4. rick nineg says:

    You’ve got a very cool voice!

  5. Jeremie cinco says:

    WOw! yOUR 1 IN A 100! Im amazed by your voice.. Is it possible to be like
    you? but i have a good voice but not as high as your voice range. But
    wanted to be like you 🙂 can you help me?

  6. Jon Remy (jonREMYmusic) says:

    You nailed GINO VANNELLI!!

  7. Dracule Mihawk says:

    1:15 1:37 2:43 9:10 parts like that make me question why someone try’s to
    be an elephant when they are a mouse. Okay, that was exaggerated but true,
    does NOT sound like *any* of the mentioned artists. That is not an opinion,
    I can YouTube and Google these artists, and yeah, this video was
    disappointing while it had a very promising title.
    When making a title that claims that the videos content is “how to sing
    like Journey, Queen etc.”, and then something like this is delivered, I
    mean come on.. there is also a very awkward vocal quality with some of
    those notes.
    If I were him, I’d try to make my own originals, because he definitely has
    an above average understanding of singing and knows how to use a Mixed
    vocal register.
    PS: I can already see the butt-hurt people’s comment flying in, but you
    have to realize that this is sincere criticism and not a hate comment.

  8. Fabrizio F. says:

    il duetto monserrat/freddie e’ la cosa più sconvolgente che abbia mai
    sentito in vita mia

  9. Simon Säther says:

    InnuMaccaba not to be mean, you do have a great singing voice, but at 9:23
    it didn’t egen sound close to the powerful voice of Ramin Karimloo. But it
    was a wonderful video and I had a great time watching it.

  10. TheOfficialCMAN says:

    Freddie Mercury is a legend

  11. Cristiano Barbosa says:

    Uou o/ Very good voice.

  12. Jim Pierce says:

    I was impressed with your range of singers that you sang. and was wondering
    how did you get the instrumental music from each song?

  13. Luiz Henrique says:

    é empressao minha que nas partes de freddie mercury vc nao se saiu muito

  14. matthew bayan says:

    He has an okay voice but he will never sound like Freddie as hard as he
    tries or wants

  15. Luis Roberto Rosales Guerrero says:

    “I’m wearing this Batman shirt because it takes a real superhero’s voice to
    sing the medley you gonna hear right now” … Jesus, you’re so fucking
    humble :’v

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