27 thoughts on “how to sing like josh groban

  1. please lightly perm you hair for the full effect.

  2. hannah sheehy says:

    hilarious! – probably someone.

  3. awesome. still great audio. what do you mean soft pallate and at :46 to

  4. Uniquaization says:

    Your voice is excellent. And the video was very funny lol.

  5. Uniquaization says:

    Is this is a good technique to practice singing in general?

  6. Chip Gibbons says:

    Great tips. And YOU are hilarious.

  7. Chad Fahlman says:

    Holy cow. Womens pants here I come!

  8. Pat Lajoie says:

    Hey guy, do you do recording sessions for songwriters?.

  9. fishinginferno says:

    U R AWSOME!!!!

  10. Geneviene Sim says:

    Hahaha super hilarious 😛 good one :)

  11. tankmaster1018 says:

    Haha I fucking cracked up on step 3! “Wear some sort of a Suit Jacket over
    any article of clothing and be half sitting and half standing” LMFAO!

  12. haha such a smart alec but very snappy & thorough tutorial. well done.

  13. Megan Richards says:

    This was hilarious! Thanks for the seriously funny and informative demo.

  14. I’m not sure if this is a send up or an homage…wish I could sing like
    either one of them.

  15. Of course with any new challenge, a insecurity and experience at all times tends to prompt just a few emotions of worry and resistance, but one thing else appears to ratchet up the pressure and reluctance the place singing is anxious.

  16. The vocal cords are behind it. The cartilage acts like a shield? to protect the vocal cords from any undo pressure that might be put on that area.

  17. Caden Mcdaniel says:

    Check these out and end up a good singing coach and you will be away.

  18. Kimberlin says:

    At a very fundamental level you must know a bit about microphones and what is the proper method to sing by a microphone…its very totally different to singing with out one!!!

  19. If you go above or below those notes, that is when you find yourself singing out of tune.

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