How To Sing Like John Fogerty Fortunate Son (part 2) Creedence Clearwater – Ken Tamplin

Discover all about How To Sing Like John Fogerty Fortunate Son (part 2) Creedence Clearwater – Ken Tamplin by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like John Fogerty Fortunate Son (part 2) Creedence Clearwater – Ken Tamplin.

How To Sing Like John Fogerty Fortunate Son Creedence Clearwater – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

44 thoughts on “How To Sing Like John Fogerty Fortunate Son (part 2) Creedence Clearwater – Ken Tamplin

  1. MinisterLynx says:

    One of my favorites! Good Job!

  2. Andrew Borody says:

    In my opinion, this is one of the best sounding songs I’ve heard you sing.
    Voice fits so well for that style.

  3. Notjo King says:

    Fantastic tune, superb vocal work, smoking drums, classy guitars… Another
    great vid, Ken! Standing ovulations!

  4. Not making fun of you in any way, but how about a video on “How Not to Sing
    Like Lou Reed.” I sing like Lou Reed only worse, if that’s possible.

  5. Bill Wren says:

    Great job Ken. You explained the voice really well also.

  6. Guilherme Bortoletto says:

    Wow! Ken, I think you’re amazing. I love singing, but just for me. I’ve
    tried to learn how to sing but my voice is very thin and really annoying
    haha. I’m really busy right now but I want to buy your course as soon as I
    can. Sometimes I doubt when people say everyone can sing. My voice is a
    mess, I hope it can get better with your help. What do you think about
    Tobias Sammet’s from Edguy and Avantasia singing? His voice looks also very
    thin and nasal, but not as thin as mine. Do you think it’s possible for a
    person with a voice like this to sing? 

  7. Marcelino Oliveira (Bodão) says:

    muito, muito bom…que voz maravilhosa….

  8. This is hard song to sound right. Of course Ken did it again.
    I like this kind of strong singing.

  9. 1wingedangelff7 says:

    Great video Ken! You sounded great!

    I have a question about your pro bundle singing course. I was wondering if
    it covers how to develop a lower, bass range. I know a lot of people want
    to learn how to sing higher ( I do too) but I would love to learn how to
    increase my lower range. I plan on buying to course regardless, but I would
    love it if that was included!

    Thank you for the time that you put into all of your videos! You’ve
    inspired me to become a singer!

  10. Can you sing like Russell Hitchcock?

  11. Bù Metsu Wrestling says:

    I love this series! Would you ever do a video on singing like modest
    mouse’s lead singer Isaac Brock?

  12. Henry Dyren says:

    Can you show us how to sing like Matt shadows from avenged sevenfold?

  13. Abdalla Haddad says:

    +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Man, I really know you know what you are talking
    about. I’m from Brazil, Rio, 27. I sing every single day since Im a small
    child and study singing, but there’s something I really cannot
    understand…For exemple Eddie Vedder on Dissident and Given to Fly…I
    just can’t sound like that grasp or even clean, I dont understand if this
    is head or high chest….mas I just can’t, can you help or make a demo of
    these songs????? You are the ONLY teacher who CAN REALLY SING…

  14. Mitchellzastey says:

    awesome stuff man! cant wait to get some money together and get some
    lessons with you! :)

  15. Vik Butsev says:

    Fell in love with this song since Battlefield Vietnam)))

  16. Rodrigo Jeller says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for the video!!! =D

  17. himself7021 says:

    fucking hell yeahhh!!! That was awesome! :)

  18. jamiewalton says:

    who records all your backing tracks?

  19. Mark Cheetah says:

    Dude, you freakin’ ROCK! Right ON, man!!

  20. John Fogerty can belt this out and so can you.Well done.

  21. OndrejCvrk says:

    Do Born On The Bayou sung by Fogerty/Kid Rock :)

  22. James Martenet says:

    Nailed it, love that song, too. Maybe not what I would call a beginner song
    ha, but man, when its done right you just feel it. Love John Fogerty’s
    stuff, you got it spot on, he can write it and sing too! I saw one of my
    old mel bay or whatever beginning guitar and this song was on it, I just
    chuckle because OMG I have heard that get butchered, you know…its not a
    beginner (vocalists anyways) IMO.

  23. wheelzwheela says:

    You sing it better than John does these days.

  24. I like the hand gestures like you’re on stage. haha guess force of habit?

  25. Lee Hammett says:

    Man ! is there any style you can’t sing?

  26. Creedence Forever | The Supreme CCR Experience says:

    Nice job on the CCR Ken! ALMOST as good as our guy hah (P!nk loves him).
    Check out our vids and let us know what you think. KEEP ON CHOOGLIN!

  27. Federico Tiberti says:

    YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!! I discovered your channel yesterday and I already saw
    like a dozen of your video!!!!
    I was wonderin: Do you know Demetrio Stratos? Could you make a video “How
    to sing like” about one of his song?

  28. NICE JOB!! Question… to be able to hit a voice like John’s would your
    voice need to be deep and developed fully to be clear and not croaky?

  29. thecardmaster334 says:

    Man you rock!!You sing BETTER than Fogerty these days!! Quick question
    about Johns voice I just wondered what style of voice he has?

  30. matster shardel says:

    please how about Rainbow Lost In Hollywood.

  31. Neeharika says:

    There are only two singing software program programs that I advocate that will help you study singing.

  32. A singer should be capable of mission their voice, to extend the quantity in order that a person even just a few hundred ft away can hear them.

  33. Violin and Fiddle classes for all levels, led by our devoted teachers, are available after school until 9pm and on Saturdays to children as young as 3 years as well as adults.

  34. Cassidy Griffin says:

    I do sing high notes that usually hurt my throat like I said before so there are times I flip my voice into this bright, soft voice that vibrates inside my noise.

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