Discover all about HOW TO SING LIKE JAMES HETFIELD – METALLICA – ENTER SANDMAN PT. 1 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here HOW TO SING LIKE JAMES HETFIELD – METALLICA – ENTER SANDMAN PT. 1.

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing Like James Hetfield – Metallica

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  1. Da Rainbowtwinz says:

    Can you please do Layne Stayley – Would?

  2. good but not perfectly, “till the sandman he cooooomesssss-aaaa”

  3. linda Röben says:

    Been watching and listening to you all night, can’t get enough .

  4. Ariiel11RP says:

    ken, why did james hetfield loose his voice singing like this? we all know
    that when the black album tour ended he never sounded like in the
    justice/black era again, and today he sounds like another person. can you
    explain that? he could sing like that again if he wanted to?

  5. No its called enter sandman not just sandman

  6. ChaosBurnsWithin says:

    Incredible. My band loves with I sing like JH but I always force a ton of
    air out while I get the grit so I throw my voice out after a half an hour.
    Just sung our hardest song with barely any struggle. Thanks so much Ken!

  7. this man is a legend., 80’s singer., I know him

  8. Sam Hepfer says:

    How about a sing like Hetfield in the late 80s. That shit was fucking

  9. Steve Mings says:

    Hey Ken, I have a song I wrote called Wake Up. I would like to share it
    with you because I think this song if I could bring it out and really get
    that Pwerfor message in the song to sound good and right, So I thought to
    My self, I would make a video of thge song with out much equal or reverb
    and show you before any fancy mastering or any thing, I was wondering if
    there would be a way to set up a Webcam thing live session with you? i am
    also am saving up money to buy your dvds on How to sing Better then Any One
    else Course. you can reach Me here or on Facebook I commented I believe but
    I can message you there too if you like..

  10. Aslu Aslu says:

    this not like James, who listen everyday Metallica know it. but you have
    good voice

  11. Banda Forum SC Show says:

    Showwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……muito bom…..

  12. Goldover Silver says:

    This guy sounds way better than James Hetfield.

  13. Mungasaurus Bravo says:

    accept my challenge

  14. Hey, people, it’s about his technique, not about Hetfield’s DNA

  15. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Those interested in vocal fry / growl / distortion, check this out.

  16. Lara Antispe says:

    Eddie Vedder would be nice, too. :)

  17. I have always heard that Joe Elliott from Def Leppard sings from the throat
    and that is hard on the voice. He had some pipes back in the High and Dry
    days. A video on Joe would be cool.

  18. nice job. you explain everything in a way that everyone can
    understand.thanks for the videos. i would like have you teacher to be
    honest cause i like your style. haters gonna hate… so keep going.
    greetings from Greece (sorry for poor english tho)

  19. can you please make a video for majestically MICHAEL KISKE ? sow us how we
    can approach this divine voice. we would appreciate !!

  20. How to sing like James Hetfield: Be James Hetfield.

  21. Patrick Onofre says:

    You have to say “yeah” 20 million times lol

  22. Jonas “Slash” We says:

    Absolutely no effects 😂😂😂

  23. themadmagi says:

    Love what you are doing Ken, I have several of your albums!

  24. Jonas “Slash” We says:

    Im 100% sure it would sound at least four times better without this shitty

  25. What’s with so many thumbs down on this video? He sounds great!

  26. Kurturmis says:

    I like how in your video you can explain these singing techniques in a
    straight forward manner good job. I can hear the Hetfieldism in this haha

  27. al barney says:

    could you make a video how to sing like zakk wylde? please

  28. Adam Devo says:

    He voice sounds even more powerful in Seattle 89….no one can top that and
    that’s live!

  29. Alexander Lejeune says:

    Can you please show us how to sing like David Draiman? preferably “Another
    way to die”

  30. your tongue should be at the bottom of your mouth no?

  31. Paige Stormblade says:

    hey ken i have been paying mind and using the skills. that i have learned
    from ya. finely reforming this stuff you do let be regain. I’m 48 now and
    still can carry my hi notes thanks to this program. be looking out for us
    in a town near you “Stormblade” Band is coming. its an honor the band name
    was wanted to follow my stage name. thanks paige stormblade lead vox.

  32. Ryan Cotner says:

    You are a crazy talent, brother.

  33. Benjamin “Butch” C says:

    How about John Farnham of LRB?

  34. Blake Moses says:

    They create and make their own music pieces and sing and dance on the school stage.

  35. If you want to learn to sing properly, it is not about completely reproducing the performance of one other performer; it’s about putting your personal spin on a track that matches your distinctive sound.

  36. In order to sing better, there are many things you need to do, and you need to do them properly.

  37. Kaden Ramos says:

    It should feel – unless you are doing a rock tone – that the sound is coming from you, but it doesn’t feel like you are making it. You should be able to sing for hours with no hoarseness, or discomfort, and when you have finished your voice feels good for it, in this way singing songs will strengthen your voice, and the range of your voice will increase naturally – if it is getting smaller in range then your technique is wrong.

  38. David Ewing says:

    There are unhappy love songs whose lyrics relate to breakups, too.

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