How to Sing like Glee’s Lea Michele

Discover all about How to Sing like Glee’s Lea Michele by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing like Glee’s Lea Michele.

Boss shows you how she sings like Glee’s Lea Michele.

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26 thoughts on “How to Sing like Glee’s Lea Michele

  1. Glob, it’s so weird to see you, Boss. In a good way. Also, how do you feel
    about half of the world calling you.. well, “Boss”?

  2. asteroid684 says:

    Not an easy job, sounding like Lea. Btw you’re so pretty :)

  3. Isabelle Rose says:

    Lol I do the same thing when I’m copying Dianna and Jenna. The others are
    way too hard, so kudos on getting Lea right!!

  4. BrazilianCupquake says:

    Yaaaassss Boss I’ve always wanted to see you doing Lea’s voice- maybe you
    could do Quinn next??? <3

  5. lmfao when you put the hat over your face

  6. Dessaree Candelario says:

    Haha, your little extras/bloopers you do at the end of your videos are
    adorable and funny. :)

  7. Adam Little says:

    wowowow how even that was on point

  8. coreyrock66 says:

    Lea Michele went to the town next to mine’s high school! 

  9. It’s so cool to see the mastermind behind it all. Do you take vocal lessons

  10. melooffee says:

    You look like my mother and her sister when they were young… It’s so
    creepy, it feels like I’m looking at my mom x)

  11. You are so amazing…and really pretty too 

  12. Andrew Campbell says:

    You really do have a gift Boss…you’re the only person I know of that can
    do Lea Michele’s voice spot on. 

  13. Jessica Jordan says:

    What the world!?! You sound just like her! I love you boss!!! Your the
    best!! Do Dianna next please! 

  14. Einenmovies says:

    You and Felicia Reci are saying the same thing!

  15. Galina Kolesova says:

    You are awesome. Omg, you are awesome, Boss.

  16. i like your michael jackson poster

  17. Raeka Teveos says:

    do you have any more advise???💩

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