How to sing like | Freddie Mercury Vocal Techniques

Discover all about How to sing like | Freddie Mercury Vocal Techniques by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing like | Freddie Mercury Vocal Techniques.

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Galeazzo Frudua take on how to sing like Freddie Mercury in this Bohemian Rhapsody vocal toturial.

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How to sing high like Freddie Mercury
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13 thoughts on “How to sing like | Freddie Mercury Vocal Techniques

  1. pleaaaaase make one of these with Just Like Starting Over!!

  2. Jean Baptiste Origal says:

    well in factr some of the viocals was made by Brian and Roger too!!:) but I
    m sure you know it Galleazo !!:) 

  3. Didn’t this video existed before?

  4. Nate Zurawski says:

    Could you please do a tutorial for Let’s Get it On by Marvin Gaye?

  5. Oskar Hansson says:

    Mumma Mia. I should do this.

  6. Ashley Rhoden says:

    You will never be like Freddie Mercury!!


  7. Paige Zhang says:

    The actual proof is within the singing, my singing and YOUR singing.

  8. Merrilynn says:

    Second, learning to sing is such an intimate and tactile process that I doubted a streaming program could compare to in-person voice lessons.

  9. It takes numerous dedication to have the ability to achieve what you need to achieve in relation to the guitar skills that you simply wish to learn.

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