How To Sing Like David Coverdale – Glenn Hughes – Lou Gramm – Paul Rodgers

Discover all about How To Sing Like David Coverdale – Glenn Hughes – Lou Gramm – Paul Rodgers by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like David Coverdale – Glenn Hughes – Lou Gramm – Paul Rodgers.

Singing Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing Like David Coverdale – Glenn Hughes – Lou Gramm – Paul Rodgers.
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41 thoughts on “How To Sing Like David Coverdale – Glenn Hughes – Lou Gramm – Paul Rodgers

  1. M “splosh” Frobisher says:

    wow!!! a star. very good…keep going on you will get there. ;-)

  2. you’re not real…you can’t be real…you’re awesome…WOW !

  3. Stephen Davenport says:

    Wow, your good! Enjoyed the throwback 80’s hair metal love! Awsome!

  4. That is an awesome song! you sing with excellent technique. Thank you for
    sharing your videos. I have learned a lot and can’t wait to order when your

  5. Excellent song! You really nailed their phrasing.

  6. Alexis Woodbury says:

    Always sounds way more natural and better when you sing your own stuff!!!
    These are amazing vocals and… is that guitar solo yours?!

  7. you sound so good when singing your own music!!!

  8. Absolutely marvellous stuff! Keep coming back!

  9. MrMuzicman007 says:

    Very impressive Ken! You really nailed the David Coverdale sound to a tee!
    Just the right tone and pitch etc. Always very impressed with your videos
    man! God bless brother, and happy holidays! Glen

  10. Brian Johnson says:

    Nice tune i dig it 🎸😃👍🎶🎶

  11. WOW! THIS! is the song where you sound awesome … the other ones are very
    obviously “not yours” or not suitable for the voice… as you said you’re
    just singing the style although it doesn’t really fit your voice in the
    other songs

  12. What’s the name of the first song ? Thanks in advance! This is so awesome!

  13. Hannes .Ritl says:

    so much respect!!! you made my day!!!!

  14. Absolutely phenomenal!! Thx Ken!!!! Michelle ☺

  15. Edward McKenzie says:

    Amazing!!! incredibly well sung, Ken!!!

  16. I miss the days when I could anticipate a new Shout or Tamplin album.
    Always loved your voice.

  17. Timmy Bridges says:

    David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Lou Gramm??? Include Chris Cornell in that
    package and that will be a perfect male voice.

  18. Ilpo Heikkilä says:

    I was looking for this song from YouTube to link it to Twitter so people
    would listen to this awesome song and great guitar playing! Didn’t find it
    so begun to listen to these singing lessons and found it here! Great! I
    love the whole “Tamplin” album. Was listening it earlier today.

  19. Roman Pfeifer says:

    fantastic,hard n heavy , vocal..bravo!!

  20. buminbeer2 says:

    Pretty sweet, wish you were my singer in the day!

  21. Amazing! Congratulations to Gabby as well, you must be very proud!

  22. Benjamin Alla says:

    Ken gday from Australia wow man you have some chops there fella great song
    and really well sung huge vocals love your tone and cracking song as well
    ive been really enjoying your vids cheers from jeffro

  23. Neto Viana says:

    yeaah Man!!! Amazing voice! Congratulations!!!

  24. Neverm6ind says:

    Your voice in the verse really reminds me of Coverdale’s actually :)

  25. why aren’;t you a famous r/r singer??

  26. hardyjohaas says:

    bad ass, man… – champions league… :D

  27. If you need to be a greater singer you need to look into some of these software packages.

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