How To Sing Like Christina Aguilera / You Lost Me / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Discover all about How To Sing Like Christina Aguilera / You Lost Me / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like Christina Aguilera / You Lost Me / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

How To Sing Like Christina Aguilera / You Lost Me / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin vocal academy student Tori Matthieu takes on another epic vocal demonstration.

Christina Aguilera’s “You Lost Me.”

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40 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Christina Aguilera / You Lost Me / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. Justin Tabor says:

    Incroyable! Elle est tellement belle et chante si bien!

  2. Lindy Metzger says:

    I would be a believer if YOU could make someone like ME sing like that. To
    me, it’s ALL beautiful. But honestly I do not know that your academy is
    capable of doing ANYTHING with MY voice! I don’t expect you to say
    otherwise to try to make me feel good…seriously! I totally accept that
    caroling is the extent of my singing ability. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tori’s
    (and the others on this channel) voice!!! You guys are wonderful! XOX I
    will return time and time again!!!

  3. The lack of a pop filter is driving me nuts hahahaha

    she has an amazing voice though, awesome video!

  4. Enrique Rosero says:

    She is awesome ..! I´m in love…<3

  5. IAmSuperPerfect says:

    She seems so much older. I know her spirit is, though. She is true signing
    material. She should already be at the top.

  6. Damn I’m in Love with this Beautiful young lady’s voice, im hooked, More
    from Tori Please !!!!

  7. Fatma Ali says:

    this doll sings very well. xx… Although I hate that song lol

  8. Michel Barakat says:

    i would like to see Tori sings Eta James

  9. Melissa Eliot says:

    I love all of the emotion she puts into this song when singing it

  10. paul vonk says:

    Awesome student.Tori Mathieu.In all aspects of the word.Inside ,outside,all

  11. Vincent Comeau says:

    beautiful voice, but a little too quiet for my taste, but really only my
    taste, i would have loved some more power for the end.

  12. Crystal Race says:

    i wanna find lots of money just so Ken Tamplin can teach me how to sing!

  13. Why isn’t Tori in front of Simon Cowell and company????

  14. diego havidsyah says:

    i’m a simple man. i press like.

  15. fashiongrl2010 says:

    wow. i love singing…i’m not any good at it but in my head I sound like
    tori haha.

  16. harris nasril says:

    love it a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. i prefer her more than christina rly

  18. Kali Devereux says:

    What state is this in because I need these kinds of of lessons

  19. al pacino says:

    Beautiful!!!!!!! she should be touring!

  20. Eliška Gabrhelíková says:

    Just amazing.. So many emotions!

  21. How to sing like Christina Aguilera?? This was very good but nobody sings
    like Christina Aguilera

  22. lizette Lööw says:

    Beautiful voice really! But it’s only exist one aguliera in this world <3 _

  23. Arielle Adamy says:

    Beautiful voice and soul. Thank you for showing your work!!!!

  24. WellBeAlright says:

    “How to sing like “Christina Aguilera” ….. She sounded nothing like her,
    she did ok, it’s hard to sing Christina’s songs because nobody can compare.

  25. Mario Alejandre says:

    Ken tamplin is sooo clever, all the singer girls that appears in the
    channel are all beautyfull, if you know what I mean… XD

  26. Omar Aguilar says:


  27. Gabby Garcia says:

    Does anybody know a good place to take singing lessons in tx?

  28. Kitty Girl says:

    she should be on the voice 😄😄

  29. Velvet and cute voice, motivational song, just absolutely amazing
    good job Ken and Tori.
    I love your videos and your channel.
    greetings from the Czech republic

  30. irene kyando says:

    wow her voice is so beautiful😍😍😍

  31. Adam “Addu” Janicki says:

    I fall in love. Nothing more.

  32. Victor Rodrigues says:

    Just a question… Is she singing with a low larynx? What’s your take on
    high/low larynx singing? Your technique is really amazing but a neautral
    larynx is really the key to preserving the voice? Mariah and Whitney had a
    perfect neutral larynx while Celine did not and the later maintained some
    of her voice… Thanks Ken! :)

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