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Hi I’m Cari Cole. I’m a celebrity vocal coach and artist development expert. And I help artist find their voice, craft their music, and create successful music careers. I’ve worked with Donald Fagen from Steely Dan, Courtney Love from Hole, I’ve worked with the band Journey. I’m going to teach you how to be a better singer and performer

So I’m going to talk for just a minute about how to sing like Christina Aguilera, take a look at her voice and what the qualities are that make her Christina. She is one of the more popular singers today. I think primarily because of her riffs and her runs. And she’s really based in blues and in R&B. And her phrasing is just sublime. Just, she really, truly is an incredible singer

So one of the things, you know, if you’re wanting to emulate her and have more of her sound is right away you need to sing blues. You need to sing older blues songs. Listen to Aretha Franklin, Mavis Staples. Get into that. And also really listen to Christina and sing with her. She is the queen of riffing today. And she will show you all the riffs and runs. Sometimes she does them so fast, they’re even hard for a professional like myself to hear. I gotta slow them down. I gotta really pull them apart. But there’s so much to learn from her.

So if you want to sing more like her, it really is that soulful element that you are looking for. And so I recommend you listen to her Back To Basics record, which is the record where she really gets more into blues. And that’s a great place to start to really give you that foundation. And again, she is going to show you all the riffs and runs. And just study them. Take one song every week or every two weeks even, and break it down. And really learn what she did.

So for instance, one of my young students was 13 years old. Came to me. And she was singing musical theory at the time, but wanted to be a pop singer. This is the transitional period that a lot of singers come to me in, and they want to sound more pop. And so she had gone to an audition, and one of her friends was at the audition as well said to her you’ll never sound like pop. You don’t know how to riff. You don’t know how to do runs. And she just panicked. And she went home and started really listening to pop singers and studied Christina Aguilera in particular. And within six months she was riffing. And this is the best way to learn riffs.

Christina really is the queen of it. So, you want to sound more like her. Really, really learn her runs. This is probably the most important thing that you can learn with her, besides the amazing emotional expression that she has. But they are not mutually exclusive. Those two qualities go together. You know, having more soul is having more rhythm and more riffs in your voice.

So, I hope this helps you sing a little bit more like the queen, Christina.

42 thoughts on “How to Sing like Christina Aguilera | Vocal Lessons

  1. ablackguy123456789 says:

    a professional speaking positively about christina really gets you failed
    abortions bothered tho =L her runs may be excessive but you voiceless
    wannabes wish you could imitate them =’) DEAD @ you unemployed stillborns
    coming for a genuine talent like christina with no credentials or
    experience of your own. DEAD AGAIN @ you fatherless mariah/bey stans who
    think you’re certified vocal coaches from watching biased fanmade videos
    and singing along with your favs’ albums *weeps* y’all are a joke =’D

  2. Mee Leng Wong says:

    This is not true. Talent doesn’t bring a person to success. Practice brings
    a person to success. Christina didn’t just become an amazing singer because
    she had talent. If she never practice singing and she went live one day she
    will not sing very well. Even people who weren’t born with arms can also
    play the piano. Why? Because of they practice a lot. Talent 5% Practice 95%

  3. aregatokek says:

    Her melismas and runs are worth pieces for practicing, but her belts which
    i consider screams shouldnt be taught because they are vocally damaging,
    and ear damaging to the listeners as well. Hahaha

  4. Destiny Crawford says:

    why are you commenting on christina aguilera with mariah carey go somewhere
    else and talk about mariah bc i don’t wanna hear this crap

  5. Daniel Zago Furii says:

    there’s a credit card machine at the table behind her… bizarre

  6. Samara Reynolds says:

    cool it helps me to sing better

  7. Roger LCanfield says:

    get more vocal singing lessonsbit.ly1fSoFOY

  8. Thank you for posting this. I recently started taking vocal lessons. Any
    input for singing Reflection by Christina A ? Not the Mulan version

  9. Miranda Malik says:

    I’m singing beautiful tomorrow and i saw this o.o perf for me

  10. filmmekker says:

    She doesn’t say anything more than “listen to her recoerds” Wow, great

  11. Shira Schweitzer says:

    I am desperate to be like Jodi Benson.

  12. Yasser Alqassab says:

    Wow, after watching this, my voice got better, just like Christina Aguilera

  13. Scuttlebutt Stephanie says:

    “I’m gonna talk for just a minute about..”
    Talks the entire video.
    Gee, thanks that really helped me.

  14. Christopher James says:

    honestly, no one will ever sound like Christina. She’s just too unique.

  15. InterestingName says:

    No one should intentionally try to sing like Xtina, she has caused so much
    damaged to her voice by screaming and schreeching and her phrasing is very
    very tacky, if you listened to Aretha you will not hear vulgar runs that
    lose the melody, this video is full rubbish

  16. Carlitos Lexman says:

    Omg your explanation is desesperateeeeeeeeeeeee please sing and teach us
    sing like xtina thanks… edit again your video ….

  17. Carlitos Lexman says:

    Omg your explanation is desesperateeeeeeeeeeeee please sing and teach us
    sing like xtina thanks… edit again your video ….

  18. Beth beth says:


  19. lizza reyes says:

    No. This was good advice, thank you 🙂 now to study some blues

  20. Jasmine Wills says:

    If you want to sing like her…sing gospel and RnB, and blues. That’s how
    she learned.

  21. Mikesaniceguy says:

    I don’t like Xtina’s “fake growl”.

  22. youtube555 says:

    Christina has soul and depth. And you can’t teach/learn soul/depth. You
    either have it or you don’t. And Christina has it! She is literally “the
    voice” and “the voice of her generation” if you could learn to sound like
    her then she wouldn’t be who she is today.

  23. Mckenzie Ross x Huang ZiTao says:

    I just wanna hit e6 I already sound like her

  24. Андрей Армстронг says:

    I use Christina’s techniques. I can do rifts runs and the growl thing. I’ve
    built up my range over the years

  25. Riawan Aluwy says:

    Why She dont gave example ? Just TALK!! 

  26. Abbey king says:

    most of the time she’s bragging on how much good she is and yeah didn’t
    help me at all……

  27. christina opened a site to teach i forgot the name of it but she’ll learn
    us about singing lessons and usher will teach about stage how to get on
    stage and how to connect with the audience like this ….

  28. Why the hell would I wanna learn how to sing like Christina Aguilar?? Learn
    from the originals like Aretha, Shirley ceasar, Etta James the real singing
    riffing divas who is the reason Christina can even sing!!!

  29. kcarrishere says:

    was this a lesson or just hey if you want her technique listen to what she
    listened to and you might be kind of similar? bad video bad.

  30. Full Catastrophe says:

    Back to Basics is the best. Her run on “On Our Way” is incredible.

  31. slbunnies says:

    Christina Aguilera sings with horrible technique, her voice is terrible
    half the time. Don’t get me wrong, I like some of her songs, I’ve heard her
    sing nicely while live even, but the majority of the time she’s straining
    or growling the notes and sounds like she’s trying to take a dump in the
    middle of her song. If I want to hear good rifts I listen to Jessie J – I’d
    consider her the new queen of rifts. She’s not perfect and has her horrible
    moments too, but her technique is a lot better and her riffs are nicer most
    of the time when she’s not trying to growl.

  32. BLUES?
    Are you shitting me?
    B.B.king is shaking in grave…

  33. Keira Greer says:

    So, lets talk about how long it takes to learn to sing and what we will do to make the process slightly faster.

  34. Logan Ford says:

    Our talking voice is at all times inside our comfortable singing range, so you possibly can deal with this as an anchor notice? or a place to begin for exploring your vary.

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