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Just a thank you video to everyone that has been watching my videos over the past couple years. I really appreciate it.Please feel free to comment ask questions or hit me on my website WWW.YOURVOCALTEACHER.COM. If there is anything I can do for you. A little whistle voice extra for ya…


  1. Michael Caissie says:

    You should bring your car to a mechanic!

  2. Personally, I appreciate you NOT doing videos about “how to sing like…”.
    There’s one guy doing those out there and they are very very good. There’s
    another guy doing them that pretty much sounds the same with each tune he
    does. I would much rather hear how to keep things in shape, how to not blow
    out, etc. If I wanna know how to sing like “Singer X”, I’ll put on “Singer
    X’s” album. Thanks for helping us little people out. Hope you’re doing well

  3. hi daniel, could you pass me some tips how to expand my vocal range…
    particularly lower range. I watched so many you tube videos, did some vocal
    exercises and further than D#2 I cannot go. my D#2 doesn’t sound really
    strong and clear. in full voice the best result I manage in G2. basically I
    was at D#2 for years. I don’t smoke, I drink casually… in the morning
    when my vocal strings are dry and loose I sing C2 loud and clear but that
    lasts 30 minutes and it’s gone. any advice? thanks rob

  4. Robert Lunte says:

    Agreed… I get kinda spent on “how to sing like” videos?… especially
    when its not explained “how”? Its impressive and demonstrates a lot of
    talent, but does it really teach the average student or viewer really
    “HOW”? Given the trend, all the voice coaches now have to do “how to sing
    like” videos… I think its a bit of a distraction, although I suppose
    entertaining and gamey… Anyways, nice video Dan… I like your sense of
    humor and genuine delivery, you connect well with people… love the
    whistle cut-away here… its cool.

  5. maurice435 says:

    Hi Daniel, first of all I really enjoyed your videos on chris cornell and
    bon jovi. I liked how you demonstrated singing clean then opening (like
    chris does) and then adding the grit. My question is (and I am a learning
    singer) how long, if I exercise and practice consistently on a daily basis,
    should it take me to get to that place of not having to think about how to
    sing like chris or bon jovi? Thanks in advance.

  6. Linda Hermer says:

    Great demonstration that males can sing in their whistle register too! But
    more important, I’ve enjoyed your “how to sing like” vids because of your
    simple yet accurate analogies for how to do so, with your crucial initial
    emphasis on singing phrases cleanly first. Even as a female I can hear
    myself sounding more like Chris Cornell!

  7. Rafael Mizrahi says:

    I just love Chris Cornell’s voice, so I’ve built an alarm clock to wake me
    up with random selections of his screams.
    Chris Cornell Alarm Clock

  8. wackytbacky says:

    That whistle voice is nuts! Love your videos and inspiration! My goals are
    to increase my wind and range. I can sing falsetto, but need polish.

  9. Julien Castle says:

    Your whistle is impressive! Bravo! :D

  10. Bob Might says:

    I enjoy your videos. I appreciate that they are straight forward and
    informative. I was wondering if you could give some tips or even do a video
    on how to develop the whistle register? There is not that much information
    on the whistle register from great vocal teachers such as yourself. Cheers!

  11. electrorazzo says:

    awesome, thanks for the lessons! Thanks from Argentina!

  12. james hajjar says:

    hey man thanks for the vids.i believe we all try to emulate plant and
    cornell which is very difficult to do and I have never heard anyone master
    cornells singing or even equal to it.BTW,that whistling thing,doesnt Mariah
    carrey do that as well?

  13. Jordan Bowen says:

    Why not book on our Summer Singing Holiday Workshop and Master Class for Singers on the stupendous Greek island of Chios?

  14. The secret to great singing, and realising your potential, comes from understanding how the voice works.

  15. Bryan Osborne says:

    Until just lately, I’ve been able to survive in the choir by monitoring with some of the other tenors who can really sing; I just made certain I blended in. And if there was a note I couldn’t hit, I’d use falsetto or just lip-synch.

  16. Shane Villa says:

    Later, single syllables or words can be used as exercises for this.

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