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Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing Like Chris Cornell – Audioslave – Cochise – Show Me How To Live.
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  1. Keyboard Gladiator says:


  2. Singer Seeks says:

    Amazing!!! You’re truly a master! Have one question! I have no tonsils and
    somehow I’ve been thinking that the compression of what your’re talking
    about is precisely using them, am I right? Can you give me an advice to
    sing like that? My voice is too “clear” for the kind of music I intend to
    do. I definitely push too much and my teacher told me that that kind of
    techniques uses always your throat (hurting yourself a lot) however we
    still have Chris Cornell singing better day by day… I’m really confused
    LOL (my teacher is a great opera singer btw). Regards!

  3. Vreal 777 says:

    At 2:26 I became a subscriber. Awesome , I want to do this.

  4. Kristel McKay says:

    YYYYEEEESSSS Beautiful, Wonderful

  5. Diego Cezar says:

    Actually you sang better than him, his vocals on live versions aren’t so
    good as studio.

  6. Mateusz Pawliński says:

    that scream… gave me the creeps, in the most positive way. Fantastic

  7. Darkangel vieira says:

    que bosta,quem é esse idiota affffffffffffff

  8. Zeus Alexander says:

    ken,,, dude,,, you soo freakin rock!!!

  9. Joshua Aquino says:

    this alone has taught me so much :'(

  10. Angel Estupiñan Gómez says:

    OMG! You’re amazing, it is really impresive to see how many styles you can
    do, thanks for your hard work and for share it with all of the rock
    lovers…. :)

  11. FUCKKK!!!! What I just heard is unbelievable. This is my first experience
    watching a video of Vocal coach. Salute you Sir!

  12. Just subscribed. I also noticed. There is 300K views and 100K Subscription.
    1 out of three who watch his video subscribe to his channel! Salute! Pure
    substance and no froth.

  13. James Heilman says:

    well damn.
    if I had a vocal coach like you that’d be awesome. but unfortunately
    there’s only one place and I haven’t heard great things from them.
    over the past 3 years I’ve been trying to teach myself and get better by
    every day excersize of my voice to the point where its a habit.

    i got some vocal covers up I’d ask for your opinions on what areas I can
    improve on and what I can do to improve those areas but it’s kind of hard
    over YouTube comments. plus I can’t figure out the messaging on here

  14. ryan sams says:

    Chris Cornell is one of the greatest singers of all time. Having said that,
    is the “distortion” you hear in Chris Cornell’s voice these days not just
    due to wear-and-tear (from singing at the top of his range for so
    long/smoking etc)?

  15. Mladen Milojkovic says:

    so you don’t feel a THINNNNNNNNNGGGG!!!!! How do you get that broken chord
    into the word THING? Where do you direct the air from diafragma(behind the
    nose, in the nose, above the nose, towards the brain or in the back of the
    mouth)? Where do you direct the sound? Do you combine headtone with
    diafragma-air that creates the broken chord?

  16. Timmy Bridges says:

    Anyone that can sing like Chris Cornell is freaking AWESOME!!!

  17. Timmy Bridges says:

    Why is this guy not in some band?

  18. ItsEhCanadian says:

    I had too replay that scream twice holy that was powerful!!

  19. Megan Landis says:


  20. Kai Ellis says:

    Full respect to Chris Cornell and the brilliance of his songwriting and
    singing style, but when I want to hear this song, your rendition is my go
    to. It’s incredible to hear a song so challenging sung with such great
    breath support and technique. Thank you for your work, Ken!

  21. Richard Wilson Bernal says:

    Wow congratulations man, is wonderful his voice is one of the best that
    I’ve heard

  22. Flangelus says:

    insane. When you held that scream its so good it almost sounds fake.

  23. if you go back into some deep black sabbath tracks with ozzy I think ozzy
    sings like this. he is amazing

  24. wayne Gray says:

    people that keep saying that you sound like chris cornell are worng unless
    im tone deff you to sound different in timbre and i think chris voice is
    smoother but ken tamplin did do some justise but even ken can agree that
    him and chris dont sound the same

  25. DIRTYKIDD says:

    Nice Ken – thanks for the response and link bro – so cool !!!! Great
    Cover!!!!!! technically on! cool effect on 2:28 I try to watch vids like
    this as if you are the original to set my mind to the setting.. Could
    totally watch you cover anything, you make it yours. – Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Michael B says:

    ken if no one thought so before, this alone solidifies how badass you are

  27. David James Smith says:

    Ken. Yo its Dave from England!
    Great vid. You beasted it!

    Great tips.



  28. Bas Alers says:

    Awesome video! But it made me wonder if you use your false chords for the
    distorted sound or do the actual chords that you compress produce the
    distorted sound?

  29. Alex Brau says:

    Great, Ken! How abut some subtitles for thos who dont get full english :)

  30. Zachary Kerr says:

    ? Learning and teaching to hear is the first task of both pupil and teacher.

  31. Kendall Paul says:

    The problem with learning to sing by ear is that you can develop bad habits that are difficult to break later in life.

  32. Swing your arms inwards across your body and over your head in a quick circular motion while going onto your tiptoes at the same time.

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