How To Sing Like Celine Dion

Discover all about How To Sing Like Celine Dion by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like Celine Dion.

This video will teach you how to sing like Celine Dion! Please like/favourite/comment/share this video. Thankyou for subscribing 🙂 I’m an newish Australian youtuber who puts out new videos every week.
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41 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Celine Dion

  1. Kayleigh Sneddon says:

    ahhh!!! would love to be a good singer! you are amazing!!!

  2. Nguyễn Trọng Hiếu says:

    I officially believe that you can do anyone! <3

  3. Around 2:20 It’s only now tht I realize shewas hearing her own voice my fav

  4. Monich THET says:

    Well, you look like Celine Dion in this vid!

  5. Karolane Messier says:

    You’re actually pretty good.

  6. Suzana Costa says:


  7. airplanefreak27 says:

    I think you do a better Celine impersonation than anyone else! Great job!

  8. charlie voudouris says:

    Never let people get to you you

  9. charlie voudouris says:

    Because you have an amazing voice and you are soo funny and also really

  10. John Mosbrook says:

    These are very shrewd observations.

  11. Mila Vladimirova says:

    you have beautiful voice. 🙂 it`s pleasant to hear

  12. Jordan Kehoe says:

    Celine is CANADIAN not FRENCH P.S im on my bros acc bye

  13. Holly Allan says:

    Omg u are a amzing singing . Go on the xfactor or something like that 

  14. so… you yell ..Celine does it natuarly.. Pis si tu arretais de chanter
    FAUX it woudnt be so sad to hear… How many CUT did you do before you
    THOUGHT you had this one lol …. People that think they can sing like
    Celine… are just jealous ..keep working if you wanna be a cover cuz… u
    suck If you did’nt look so much has a WANNA BE ..maybe we woudl appreciate
    you .. just say it she’s great!

  15. kb sharath says:

    comment on indian food/indian sweets/indian roadside food

  16. Nerissa Gailis says:

    You are an good singer you should go the X factor. 

  17. Felicia Nazareth says:

    you’re story is similar to mine. even i was made fun of when i used to sing
    in the choir.. i too lost self esteem… but i practiced and now they all
    are jealous of my voice..

  18. Talat Sharkas says:

    You just sound like britney covering celine

  19. Charles Banez says:

    Your like Miranda sings 🙂 Love your channel :)

  20. Electra K9 says:

    Oh shit I actually did it ! o;

  21. Luis Gabriel says:

    She kinda looks like Celine Dion. 

  22. mariana sawan says:

    I love this video!!!! Amazing!!! 

  23. Erica White says:

    Wow you’re really ugly and you can’t sing in key at all! Brush your teeth
    and stop sizzling your hair with your flat iron so it grows an inch or
    two… Its fried!! Dont even get me started on that makeup job. SWEET

  24. kayleigh walker says:

    You’re just fucking annoying 

  25. MAJA MILIČEVIĆ says:

    yes… you sound sooo great, your voice is beautful… don’t be somebody
    ellse and please… sing to us one whole song with your voice, use song
    that is originally performed by male singer so you will have to use your
    voice and your own technique…
    download karaoke cover and do it seriously, cuz we all have fun watching
    you joking… but I think we all would like to hear something your own.

    I think you look beautful but cuz you use wrong make up you make your eyes
    hot mess…
    don’t put that eye pencil …
    you look so beautful just embrace it with make up… you do opposite

    you are so much fun to watch I wish there is more people like you.
    You are full of confidence in cute way…
    don’t Change attitude…

  26. Kerri Lizotte says:

    You can’t sing and the girl who said you can’t sing was right! You’re also
    very ugly! I hate you! You have a really small forhead, big yellow teeth,
    awful makeup, fat, ugly smile, annoying personality, very dumb and I hope
    you delete your YouTube channel!

  27. Kenneth Angel Castillo Lopez says:

    you’re very crazy.celine dion will always simply the best

  28. Taylor Zhang says:

    I started watching your videos at 8pm and I’m still watching at 1am.. I’ve
    said ‘OK, this is the last one then I’ll go to bed’ for at least 10 times.
    You’re amazing!

  29. babyraose says:

    this made me laugh XD > < good job

  30. Layla Burnett says:

    It doesn’t matter what you sing or whether or not you can even carry a tune.

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