How To Sing Like Brian Johnson from AC/DC

Discover all about How To Sing Like Brian Johnson from AC/DC by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like Brian Johnson from AC/DC.

Learn to sing like Brian Johnson from AC/DC with this simple/awkward tutorial created by the one and only Vinny Rocks!
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13 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Brian Johnson from AC/DC

  1. Brouskinator says:

    You truly own that voice in my opinion. As close as it can get anyways 😀
    and it’s not a simple impression. Perhaps I’m not really planing to sing
    like that, but it was an interesting video.

  2. stebolian says:

    its all in the throat once you have the falsetto sound you tighten the
    throat like your gonor clear it like a ha hum sound then trying make it
    higher, takes practise though , well done

  3. Nieder Sachse says:

    Axl definitely should watch this 😂

  4. ridetilldeath'er says:

    Ken Tamplin part was accurate!

  5. MegaCityPatrol says:

    I suppose you are using your false cords down low with the growl and then
    have worked out how to still use them up high which I reckon how Brian gets
    that meaty tone even up very high when it could sound very thin. Possibly?
    Good video anyway

  6. dam you’re actually pretty close to his voice. thx for the help

  7. balls atkins says:

    still sounds better than axle rose

  8. Ben Christopherson says:

    i play guitar so i cant worry about my voice. this is great

  9. Rob Pointon says:

    Great starter vid! Offers a lot more info than kens which was just him
    singing really. Thanks

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