How to Sing Like Brendon Urie

Discover all about How to Sing Like Brendon Urie by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Like Brendon Urie.

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41 thoughts on “How to Sing Like Brendon Urie

  1. Japan Hetlia says:

    OMG Girls can’t do falsetto XD I can land that note though.

  2. Dalton Bryant says:

    I love you and you videos keep it up

  3. StationaryBike says:

    “All of his songs have a lot of depth” Centuries is like repetitive and
    should only be taken for face value.

  4. ofowlsandcities says:

    A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out and Pretty. Odd. were written mostly by Ryan
    Ross just saying

  5. Natali Urie says:

    No one can sing like him 💗

  6. Nagi Time says:

    teach me how to sing like m. shadows cause ffffuck how

  7. olivia habash says:

    Stop!!! Saying!!!! BRANDON URIE!!!!!!!!

  8. Rachael Longo says:


  9. “Not saying Panic! At The Disco hasn’t written a dumb pop song…. cause
    that haaaaaaaaaave.” That freakin killed me Richie

  10. Emma Smith says:

    The thumbnail is photoshopped cuz Brendon Urie has never gaged hid ears

  11. omfg I love this channel this guy is sooo cool I like him

  12. Queen riri says:

    How to Sing Like Brendon Urie

    this is impossible

  13. Official Phangirl #20092022 says:


  14. _ _DoNt_PaNiC_ _ says:

    Brendon has hair that is more perfect than perfect. It’s perfecto-fabulous.

  15. XxVixieGamesxX says:

    Am I the only one who actually reads dictionaries for fun? Yes?

  16. Beebo's Sevenhead says:

    what dumb pop song has Panic! made?

  17. Star Dreamer says:

    No one can sing like Brendon

    Not even Ashe

  18. Quinn Woods says:

    I don’t mean to offend anyone and I mean this in full respect, but why does
    he dress like this with all the makeup and clothes?

  19. The Mom Of Memes says:


  20. Trevor Jackson says:

    I think he’s more emo than goth

  21. Killjoy from Idiot America says:

    Billie Joe Armstrong? XD

  22. The_Poodah_ Bear says:

    Can you try to sing like Matt Skiba? He is in Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio!

  23. Flower Child says:

    loool every time he said Brandon urie, I had to choke back the urge to
    scream into my tablet at him and ended up whispering it’s *Brendon Night
    wing 😂

  24. Danny Martinez says:

    i like what you did to Brendon Urie in the thumbnail

  25. Sausage Link says:

    How is P!atd like Elvis ??????

  26. Emo Gothmoth says:

    I never thought of night butterflys but I guess it realy works

  27. Just_A_Girl says:

    what was the dumb pop song they wrote? i like all of their stuff lol

  28. Erik Schmitt says:

    It’s an incredible tool to have as it would truly make you a greater singer and I highly advocate it. When I was a toddler i used to be always singing no matter where I was.

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