How to sing like Brandy - How to sing like Brandy

How to sing like Brandy

How to sing like Brandy - Discover all about How to sing like Brandy by reading the article below. If you want to know more about How to sing like Brandy and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing like Brandy.

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42 thoughts on “How to sing like Brandy”

  1. you could record same style ep cause you understand how to deliver congrats
    i just wanna hear you sing again lol

  2. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have never heard someone sing “When u touch me” like
    u did, u can easily become famous, u have a beautiful look, and voice, u r

  3. i’ve been your biggest fan and diligent student for so long… you’re
    voice’s been my guide since the very beginning till now… i owe to you for
    everything i’ve learned so far… you’re a star..

  4. Hi Dileesa, names Renna. That video was very helpful to me. I have always
    believed that my voice is similiar to Brandy’s in the way of having a free
    vibrato and being able to transition easily between mixed voice, head &
    chest voice. I was once told that my voice is very lullaby sounding yet
    strong. Can u do the song Cheryl Pepsi Riley sings in Madea’s Class Reunion
    “Taking My Life Back.” With reaching the high note how she does and coming
    back down. Thanks in advance. U are blessed!

  5. Brandy is my favorite artist ever!! i love how you explained it, just wish
    that it was a little more in depth. great video! you’re an awesome singer!

  6. Will you analyze Jessie J’s voice? She’s influenced heavily by Kim Burrell,
    Whitney Houston and The Clark Sisters. I particularly love her voice, but
    would love to hear your take.

  7. Oh Brandy! She has a lovely voice and on the right song her voice can sound
    phenomenal. I have a few of her albums. I have noticed her voice has
    changed over time a little bit. I think she was probably at her best within
    her first couple of albums but that’s just my opinion.
    She reminds me of a mix between Mary j bilge ,Kim Burrell and Mary Mary. I
    really liked her voice during her time on the Cinderella movie with
    Whitney Houston.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Best, Marvin

  8. vibrato doesn’t come from your nasal cavity… vibrato is generated from
    your vocal box. I don’t feel you know what you are talking about. this is
    all based on what you feel, not on facts of vocal ability….

  9. The fluttery vibrato is sooo true. If you hear her hit high notes in a few
    of her videos and vines (not so much on her songs), you can hear it very

  10. Just a note — Brandy naturally sings better, and is comfortable, in a mix
    voice. Each singer is different, some are really good with their chest like
    Toni and Tamar Braxton, as well as Beyoncé and some are better in their
    head voice like Mariah Carey. This kind of attests to why and how Brandy
    sings the way she does.

  11. This is just a random listing of the most common types of songs sung and played within the music industry together with some examples.

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