How To Sing Like Bon Jovi – Pharyngeal Voice Explained

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How To Sing Like Bon Jovi – Pharyngeal Voice Explained
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Professional singer/songwriter David DiMuzio gives a free vocal lesson teaching the basics of the pharyngeal sound which is a vocal effect that many rock singers such as Jon Bon Jovi …etc. use to hit high notes with power, but without putting too much strain on the vocal chords.

This technique will teach you how to get a strong compression of the vocal chords so that you can feel them zipping up tightly without too much added extrinsic pressure.

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43 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Bon Jovi – Pharyngeal Voice Explained

  1. You forgot two registers (vocal fry and whistle register), but, to be fair,
    one of them is virtually unusable, and the other is only useful for
    extremely high phrasing.

  2. I hate how Jon sounds now…I understand he can’t sing like before and now
    sings with this awful nasal sound for don’t break more his vocals chords…
    David I like your lessons… but this?….

  3. Matt Pocock says:

    Most of the notes you used there were below an E4 – could you demonstrate
    this using some higher notes? Also, what anatomically is going on during
    the pharyngeal voice to make it distinct from chest or head voice? What I
    heard was a nasalised twang with a spread tongue and a high larynx – firmly
    in a chest register.

  4. Fender Jackson says:

    “nnnnggggg” “naaayyygggnn” sounds like a fukin retard !!! hahaha

  5. LazyDayzPenguin says:

    1:44 only makes me want to milk this guy more .__.

  6. monkeyfriend says:

    With this NG sound, my soft palate is touching the back of my tongue. Is
    this correct, or do I need to lift the soft palate a little? If I do not,
    there will be no resonance in the mouth cavity, but there will be along the
    oro and nasopharynx.

  7. Steve Sanyal says:

    David – thank you. This was the most useful singing tip I have come across
    in the past 15 years. I have always heard of chest, mix and head
    registers, but I could never grasp how to access anything other than chest
    or falsetto. The NG exercise helped me access both my mix and head
    registers, because I never understood before how to achieve nasal
    resonance. I am a little surprised that pharyngeal voice is not commonly
    explained, since it seems to be such a key concept.

  8. Thank you for the lesson. Is there someplace I can purchase the piano
    recording to sing along with or did you just make your own recording?
    Thank you for your time.

  9. thecrownedone says:

    1:42 “Hey…wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?”

  10. I just do this to annoy my roommates.

  11. Ferdinand Baarde (Asia's Counter Tenor) says:

    We called that MAGIC E VOWEL TECHNIQUE…the last part………I use that
    in belting to add more power…..You cannot do that exercises unless you
    teach them to enter lower soprano………I’m willing to help……

  12. James Martin says:

    Finally a singing tuition video where the guy actually makes some noise!

  13. cucumber cat spike funk claw says:

    are you on a boat or something ? looks like cabin bunks behind you,,

  14. Michael Opperman says:

    Great video! Helped me! I did laugh part way through as well😂

  15. madmax1717 says:

    Never heard of this before, awesome!

  16. Rashitha Gunasinghe says:

    Hi , i’m thankfully what u’ve done.. 🙂

    can you tell me how to practice ? i mean such things how many times per day
    , and how to relax and how to breath ?
    please upload more vdos, ur a Killler..!! 🙂 🙂 :)

  17. Kevin Richards Rock the Stage NYC says:

    David. I know this was posted a long time before we sat and talked about a
    lot of stuff you were not understanding right – but a few corrections for
    the viewers.

    Pharyngeal is NOT a register but a vocal effect/tone – like falsetto. One
    can activate a pharyngeal sound throughout almost their entire range, so it
    cannot be a “register”.

    The pharynx is the resonator of the voice and it has 3 parts –
    laryngo(throat), oro(mouth) and naso(sinus). Depending on where you are
    singing in range one or two of these parts will be the dominant resonator.
    What I think is confusing you, is that we generally don’t consciously
    activate a pharyngeal effect until our upper mix (past D natural / D4) so
    it can appear that a pharyngeal sound only happens in higher ranges.

    Pharyngeal resonance is what gives our speaking voice clarity and edge. Jon
    Bon Jovi uses it to sing his higher parts from the 80’s because he cannot
    belt them like he used to; so he thins it out with a squeeze of the

  18. Courièr Rob says:

    I don’t think this is how Jon Bon Jovi sings when he was in his prime
    (80s-90s). But during the 00s he started singing like this since he damaged
    his vocal cord alot due to over-use of his vocal cords, performing too many
    live shows (imagine, 24/7 you’re on tour), drinking and smoking. I just
    don’t think this is Jon’s technique during the 80s, try watching runaway.

  19. JOHN MCINTOSH says:

    This guy makes it look easy almost like anyone can do it.

  20. Bryan Plimer says:

    the NG sound is like the english words sung and sang… it seems to me…

  21. Bryan Plimer says:

    oh shit… jon sings through the nose purely to give the impression of
    hitting the high notes?

    i would rather they play the whole song lower so that we can hear his
    natural voice – surely it would sound more like him than what we get?

    i understand that he is older now… don’t expect it to be the same…

  22. antonio lausin says:

    No te pareces a jon bon jovi ni en el blanco de los ojos, o sea que
    cantando menos!!!!!!!!!!! menudo tarugo

  23. At last my Waluigi impressions will come in handy.

  24. Elias Brondia says:

    Yeah, Filipinos have “ng” sound, that’s why we have so many great singers

  25. Edward Palmer says:

    Please sing the Schubert “Ave Maria.”
    Grasp a chicken around the neck and squeeze variously while pressing its
    body to bring out the air.
    Record and submit to YouTube Thanks.

  26. GlacialRoar says:

    pretty good video… except the unnecessary two minutes of you doing the
    practice. Jesus, get to the point.

  27. Uh. . .this sounds nothing like Bon Jovi. . .

  28. Stan Dicarlo says:

    Dude, you do sound like him gone Gospel! Great stuff.

  29. English has an ng sound. It happens a lot at the end of words. Ring,
    sing… hell, the thing he’s talking about has two – siNGiNG

  30. Hiro Mahtava says:

    The Cantonese I or Me is started with the NG sound . Yeh

  31. Nonya Bidness says:

    Took me to the end of the video to decide whether or not this was a joke!

  32. Allen Butler says:

    I don’t ever want to sound like Bon Jovi

  33. Andrew Bedford says:

    This looks like my room on the oil rig i work on!

  34. John Nault says:

    That voice is why I don’t go to Bon Jovi concerts anymore. I’ll stick to my
    1995 and prior memories.

  35. Hope Hayden says:

    Avoid dissonant sounds, in case you are not a really experienced singer.

  36. Parker Terrell says:

    In her private lessons, Kim has moved on from the role of a ?singing teacher’ because the advanced level of client she teaches can already sing.

  37. Steven Chung says:

    Unlike a private tuition agency, tutors advertise with us, meaning you can contact them for free.

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