How To Sing Like Black People ((NEW 2015)) – Tyshan Knight

Discover all about How To Sing Like Black People ((NEW 2015)) – Tyshan Knight by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like Black People ((NEW 2015)) – Tyshan Knight.

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29 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Black People ((NEW 2015)) – Tyshan Knight

  1. Ela Viktoria says:

    Tyshan thankiu for this exercise , its amaizing , superr

  2. Chris “Keri” MC says:

    Amazing exercise! Thank you a lot! 🙂 

  3. Alyssia Amanda says:

    Are you Jamaican? I’m sure my ear isn’t lying to me lol

    1. +Alyssia Amanda
      how can you tell. hahahaha

    2. Alyssia Amanda says:

      Because I’m Jamaican, I heard it from the moment you started talking lol

    3. Tyshan Knight says:

      yep im jamaican how can you tell ?

  4. Lucia Sonia says:

    AHAHA so all blacks sing in the same way huh?? Hmm didn’t know lol whehehe

  5. Krista Medina gramps says:

    It didn’t work for me 

  6. Amadi Dante says:

    Hahahahah my white friend asked this same thing and he basically wanted to
    be able to do runs and have a certain type of “ease” in his voice.

  7. Noela Mushombe says:

    im luck to be black because i cant sing like that lol

  8. Tibo Okissi says:

    Can you do a video on how to soulful belt like you did in your intro at 0:48

  9. Tibo Okissi says:

    Thanks for everything so far you grandly helped me improve my riffs and
    runs. By the way, what’s the difference beetween riffs, runs and ad libs ?

  10. Tamara Ross says:

    Thank You for your videos they are simple and easy to learn.I have learned
    in 2 minutes what I have not learned in years of singing and trying to
    figure it out. Keep doing what you do.God Bless.

  11. Sâmella Art says:

    Please tell in video from where the breath coming and going? Sometimes I
    feel from nose, sometimes more from chest. It would be great to know when
    you singing. Thank you!

  12. airilove17 says:

    Why are you teaching them our secrets traitor? lol

  13. Brayden Ray says:

    How do you make like that rough I think u said that belt in screaming noise

  14. Marek Kasspshyk says:

    damn man you sing so good, in moments like this I wish to be black

  15. GtaHorrorFan says:

    I think the easiest way for me to get as good as a black dude is I should
    just jump in a huge pot of melted chocolate. Then I’ll come out as dark as
    an African and go “Straight outta Compton!” or “Billie Jean is not my
    lover!” or “Orange coloured sky!”

  16. TECHNICIAN ONE says:

    Why on earth would you have a stupid black man post a video on youtube
    telling non black people how to sing like us so that they can go
    and compete with us in our own genres of music? Tyshan white your a
    fucking idiot if you believe that white people will not prefer to listen
    to, or purchase, black music sung by other white singers rather than black
    singers, Why the fuck do you think black “R&B” artists (e.g Joe, Musiq,
    Tank, Jahiem, Tyrese etc etc) cant sell their music anymore? Answer
    because people like adele, Sam smith, Robin Thicke etc watched videos made
    by stupid black people like you, learned what we do and copied our style
    and made fortunes of our music genre because white record label people and
    white fans would rather promote, support, and buy music from their
    own despite there being better black singers. COONS like you need to
    remember that doing shit like this is not in the long term interests
    of YOUR PEOPLE because somewhere down the line it will result in black
    singers not being able to get recording contracts because less talented
    white singers can sell more. SOME BLACK PEOPLE SING TO PUT FOOD ON THE
    TABLE and your indirectly fucking up their money you idiot.Lastly, SINGING
    its deeper than just singing.REAL TALK.

    1. David Motoban says:

      +TECHNICIAN ONE I see where you’re coming from but damn!! You went hard bro

    2. Mercedes Davis says:

      +TECHNICIAN ONE The racism is strong with this one.

  17. DYDS-7224 says:

    I’m black but I don’t sound like the stereotypical black person so I’m
    trying to sing black 😅

  18. Rouvic Arapeles says:

    i love the way black people sing

  19. Gaston Blue says:

    You sing awesome but you dont teach any thing. Record music and share with
    us, you are awesome singer

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