How to Sing Like Beyonce- 1+1

Discover all about How to Sing Like Beyonce- 1+1 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Like Beyonce- 1+1.

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41 thoughts on “How to Sing Like Beyonce- 1+1

  1. Dileesa Hunter says:

    @MsLolashley Thank you so much!

  2. kentaroron says:

    Dileesa you are AMAZING! If I gather the money I’ll definitely pay for you
    to teach me over skype. You are amazing girl! I love it! You can mimic
    really well too! Giving me tons of inspirations!

  3. Dileesa Hunter says:

    God bless you 2! Thanks so much for the support!

  4. TBREZZY2014 says:

    Yea You Should Look At One Of My Videos And Tell Me To Help ME Get Stroger
    AnBetter..Please Comment Back

  5. Linlin Miao says:

    You are goooooood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should open your own singing classes,I
    think You teach better than my vocal teacher…… WOW…….

  6. Dileesa Hunter says:

    LOL….Thanks. I am a professional vocal coach. 🙂

  7. Cameron M says:

    How to sing Lauryn Hill!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  8. taliayahh says:

    u sing good you sound just like beyonce

  9. Nia Cherry says:

    Watching this made me want to learn how to sing , im okay but i need tips
    aon letting my notes flow

  10. salvador yanez says:

    that “hey” is AMAZING! 😮

  11. OMG, I am so glad I found you on youtube. I was just telling my boyfriend
    that I want to take singing lessons, but they are quite expensive. I sing,
    but since I haven’t sang in the choir for a few years all the techniques I
    learned, I have forgotten, but I still sing in my house on my pa system and
    I’ve noticed that my voice has changed. I’ve always wanted to learn how to
    run and do all that wonderful stuff, and I’m glad I found your videos on
    youtube. You have an amazing voice.

  12. Dileesa Hunter says:

    Thank you so much. You can visit my website and book your private lessons!

  13. Dileesa Hunter says:

    That means a lot. Thank you so much.

  14. Dileesa Hunter says:

    thank you!!! i teach via skype to we can work together that way!! 🙂 hit me

  15. You are really great i get the point of the video by the end of it!! I am
    totally excited I found you!! Thanks for doing this… Learning quickly!

  16. MrRicoGee says:

    dileesa is such an aamazing singer,!i wish i had the money to payfor vocal
    lessons,but if i did,my fearwould be finding the wrong techer because i
    love singing R&B and Beyonce songs so i dont want a rock teacher or
    classical teacher and other teachers that dont fit that category >.> only
    if Dileesa waas like a close friend or something lol because she can really
    help me.i guess ill have to thugg it out then?:3 i really want to learn how
    to sing ad libs and runs.

  17. MrRicoGee says:

    DILEESA!can you please make a video of vocal warm ups we should do to sing
    runs and adlibs(idk if they are the same thing lol..)?pleeeasE?fooorrr urr
    supportive subscribers?im sure it would get a million views and im sure u
    will help so many people with this problem!make sure u title it “runs and
    adlibs excersies” because im pretty sure that is what everyone would have
    searched lol..thanks Dileesa!

  18. anthony Richardson says:


  19. Destinee Reese says:

    Hello Dileesa. I just wanted to say that you sing very good and if you
    could somehow hear me sing and tell me what I need to work on. Well let me
    know when you get a chance please.

  20. Luck Duck says:

    Thank you so much for all your helpful vids!!!! They really help a lot! Can
    you pretty please do Beyonce singing the National Anthem??? I really need
    it quick, but whenever you can is fine! Thanks so much! 🙂

  21. wyldwulf Last says:

    if u want to sing like beyonce u cant its a natural god given talent-Ryan

  22. amkmam mu says:

    Hi, I’m from New Zealand and was looking up tutorials on how to do singing
    and what not and..Im so glad that I clicked onto your vdo! I dont have to
    look any further now 🙂 thank you for sharing your beautiful gift 🙂

  23. SquadOptic Gamer says:

    where did you learn to sing

  24. Laura McNaughton says:

    Is it just me or has any one realised she wears blue in or all her vids

  25. Quick Singing Tips says:

    I think you broke down what is going on in this song very well. I never
    thought about exactly she was singing this too much until now. While
    this is not one of my favorite songs of hers… her voice does sound
    strong and beautiful here.

    Great tips that can be put to use right away. A person should really take
    some time out and listen ot this song intensely a couple of times to
    understand how Beyonce is treating it overall. A person should also try
    to bring their own flavor into the mix to leave their customized seal on
    the number as well.

    Best, Marvin

  26. Zion Taylor says:

    I wish u were my vocalist trainer I have a voice but don’t know how to use
    it , it sound good when it wants lol I have no control , if that makes
    sense 😊😔

  27. I downloaded a karaoke version from iTunes onto my iPod and I listened to the song with the words twice before practicing singing the karaoke by myself so I would get my timing correct.

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