How to sing like ARIANA GRANDE!

Discover all about How to sing like ARIANA GRANDE! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing like ARIANA GRANDE!.

Miranda sings teaches you to sing just like ariana grande. this is a tutorial on how to sing like ariana grande and i am a great teacher. no offense.

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42 thoughts on “How to sing like ARIANA GRANDE!

  1. Sans The Skeleton says:

    it’s true Miranda sings like a chimpanzee

  2. Krystal Navarro says:

    Thanks so much! That is really helpful!

  3. Audrey Varas says:

    She does not sound like ariana grande lol

  4. Julia Conlan says:

    whos watching in 2016?? 😂

  5. Mohammed Eltohami Ahmed says:

    omg omg omg omg omg

  6. Allyssa Starks says:

    My friend can sound like you! Not kidding. Shes gonna be famous XD

  7. Jessica Santos says:

    Can I be in one of your videos

  8. Joshua Solis says:

    Love the whistle tones 😂 Haha

  9. Jed Sates says:

    miranda I can totally copy your voice now!!! im gonna troll everyone

  10. sandra webb says:

    it’s funny how people say Miranda Sings sings like Ariana Grande and she
    really can’t sing

  11. abiigail Garcia says:

    I like the way u sing Miranda sings I’m a huge fan I watch all your videos
    love your voice I wish I was you Miranda sings!!!!!!!!=)

  12. Hahahahahah thanks 4 make me smile XD

  13. Mercedes Parenteau says:

    I can do the high note it’s really easy

  14. Tung Raymond says:

    Miranda sounds like a dying puppy when she tried the whistle tones! XD

  15. KagamineRin&LenFan R18 says:

    Puri Hair, Pyoko Hair

  16. oscar palacios says:

    you sound horrible stop singing evan i sing better than you

  17. baby nini says:

    u r not a good singer something is WTO with u

  18. Katarina Djuretic says:

    Take off that lipstick!!! 🙂 🙂 :-)

  19. Cynthia Ball says:

    No offense but you don’t sound like ariana grade

  20. MSP Mollie says:

    Hey! Go subscribe to my channel! I hope to reach 10 subscribers by 5 June
    2016! 😊

  21. Jamar Snowden says:

    she is so ugly and stupid for thinking that how she sing is because of

  22. Zarina fluellen Vlogs says:

    lol omg so funny I always love her video

  23. janella bagtasos says:

    Fuck!! You are crazy if you think ariana sang like that!! Ugly…

  24. Forever wanting to be able to sing like you 😢

  25. Lindsey Harriman says:

    She has changed quite a bit!

  26. Grey & D.D.'s Crafts and Cooking says:

    You sound more than a monkey, than Ariana Grande. I think if she saw this
    video she would of got offended.

  27. frenchprint says:

    You sound EXACTLY like her 😱 I can’t believe it … how can you be so
    perfect Miranda?

  28. Ariana Grande says:

    Quindi lei sarebbe famosa solo perché si mette il rossetto in questo modo e
    muove la bocca emettendo questo suono…Ok..

  29. Katelyn Moss says:

    I love you Ariana Grande I’m you biggest fan

  30. Kaitlyn Barron says:

    I tell you I don’t have to be an awardee like you but I really enjoy singing in the church choir.

  31. The goal is to learn how it physically feels? to sing those higher notes so that your muscle memory can then translate that feeling into comfortably hitting the notes.

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