How To Sing Like Alicia Keys / If I Ain’t Got You / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Discover all about How To Sing Like Alicia Keys / If I Ain’t Got You / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Like Alicia Keys / If I Ain’t Got You / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

How To Sing Like Alicia Keys / If I Ain’t Got You / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy student Tori Matthieu takes on an iconic piece from Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You.”

41 thoughts on “How To Sing Like Alicia Keys / If I Ain’t Got You / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. celestialode says:

    very difficult song. cudos!!!!

  2. Donnie Ferrill says:

    So very nice Tori, beautiful sound to your voice. I don’ t know if you get
    a lot of requests for this singer, but she is definitely one of the all
    time greatest and my personal favorite female singer known as Sade. How
    about a little something from her, something like No Ordinary Love. It
    would sound great coming from you.

  3. Steven Sheung says:

    Very nice voice, so rich in resonance and presence!

  4. Amazing Talent and Gorgeous to go with it, I’d love to hear more of Tori
    singing Christina Aguilera or even better a Duo with her :))

  5. Sensational…I’ve just started listening to Tori sing with my monitor off,
    without any visual distractions whatsoever…Her voice becomes even more

  6. NotoriousAndy says:

    Have u tried doing a song by the weeknd?

  7. Elaine Cardwell says:

    Beautiful voice. Beautiful woman.

  8. Jeremy Torres says:

    big voice, excellent control and presence, 10/10

  9. Andres Tipan says:

    Tori i want married with you!😎💑

  10. Ken zehner says:

    Tori, you get more awesome with every song. Sounds awesome, and kudos to
    Ken Tamplin as well…..

  11. Brandon Rash says:

    Love the rich tone in your voice Tori.. I have been a live sound engineer
    for over 15 years and have heard so many female vocalist over those years.
    There have only been a few that have stuck out in my mind that are truly
    talented and your are on top of those few. You have the look and vocals..
    Go get’em!!!

  12. Nikki Ferrari says:

    Tori Matthieu has such a incredible soulful voice, I was blown away from
    the very first time I heard her sing. She has already aligned herself with
    one of the best vocal coaches on the planet , Ken Tamplin and you label
    execs and executive producers should all be fighting over her! She is
    young, determined and dedicated and is truly beautiful inside and out! Keep
    a close eye on her as she is going places fast! Soon to be America’s next
    heart throb and super talent!

  13. timstime1970 says:

    Now THAT’S soul baby!! Great Job Tori!!

  14. theAbeElement says:

    I bet American Idol judges would love her

  15. Misty Wong says:

    I do love her… voice
    Brilliant cover
    Thanks for upload.

  16. Diony De Jesus says:

    She is obviusly beautiful!! but her voice is AMAZIGLY ENCHANTED I AM

  17. Pauliiilove says:

    Hello Ken, could you please make a how to sing on a song by Evanescence/Amy
    Lee? :)

  18. TheDoneroll says:

    very nice voice .. mixed of several artist -like norah jones, joss stone,

  19. Ronny OnBass says:

    She’s just a natural and should be signed! No doubt.

  20. Garry Vasser says:

    Beautiful girl; That’s probably the best I’ve ever heard that song done.
    She has alot of control on her voice. Great job

  21. vernicegirl8987 says:

    she looks like Christina Aguilera!

  22. HighHopesBass says:

    Lovely tone shes got. Nice work, Ken!

  23. Cabrina Costello says:

    She can wear stuff like that…

  24. mohammad Jewel says:

    why not do whiskey lullaby ???

  25. Kraito Krombongus says:

    eye and ear candy, thanks!

  26. Mike Mikey says:

    she is star in the making no doubt, plus she is so beautiful

  27. simone mars says:

    beautiful girl, beautiful voice!

  28. Ale Altieri says:

    +Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy i want private lessons with you. how can i book?
    i live in LA

  29. rhomel aguila says:

    smoothy and sexy voice ..!! wow

  30. Rachelle Wells says:

    I kinda of prefer this over the original! She has a clarity, depth, and
    ease that I think outshines Keys!

  31. Jacqueline Galloway says:

    Slowly it is possible for you to to sing songs that you beforehand perceived as difficult, but at the moment are straightforward enough for you.

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