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Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing / Like Adam Levine – Maroon 5 – This Love

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  1. fabio freitas says:

    For me better than the original. I have to make this course

  2. Shel Willz says:

    hey man! where can i send you a video of me singing? for some help..

  3. HulkVahkiin says:

    Awesome XD always was a huge fan of how Adam always sang his songs.

  4. Wong Vince says:

    i think adam’s vocal is more like headvoice, but your vocal is more like

  5. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Yes I use more chest in my sound.

  6. Matt Brooks (Toecutter) says:

    This is funny because your vocals are 1000 times better quality than Mr.
    Levine, Amazing voice.

  7. Jihyun Ru says:

    Hey Ken Tamplin! I have one question: Do you feel strained or does your
    throat hurt when you reach the high notes or belt? Maybe I just have a bad
    experience with chest voice, because I can’t find a way to relax and
    usually always end up hurting.

  8. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    For anyone interested in my singing academy – (Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy)
    you can check it out here : 

  9. Kevin Miller says:

    So where do you sign up? I feel like all I need is a little training to be
    really great.

  10. Bartosz Kijak says:

    So.. you say that no autotune has been used here? ;>

  11. why so many negative votes? this is more than solid interpretation.

  12. Agung Relaxy says:

    every singer have their’s not fair if we comparing kent and
    adam ..

  13. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Come join my Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Singers Forums.
    I have over 4,000 like minded KTVA students and 8 KTVA trained moderators
    who help answer your singing questions.
    You can join here: 

  14. Hernan Mastrogiacomo (Hernee NYC) says:

    Hi Ken! Recieve my greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nice to meet u
    man! Your voice is awesome and the way you teach is so different from a
    regular vocal lesson.
    I’m not a singer but I work with musicians all the time as I’m a sound
    engineer. Anyway, I just wanna say hi, thanks for the great covers you
    choose and why don’t you try some Hall&Oates classic…maybe Out of Touch

  15. Thomas “Neo” Anderson says:

    ken , can i ask you a question? lol here i go with the question anyway:
    do you think a guy that doesnt have voice can sing well? :3 thanks for your

  16. Bob Hohenberger says:

    This sounds great! A singing lesson on How to Sing Like Adam Levine of
    Maroon 5, THIS LOVE! How many vocal coaches have you seen tackle songs like
    this? Learn to sing the Ken Tamplin way! Grow your Voice!

  17. Bob Hohenberger says:

    Another great vocal demo, How to sing like Adam Levine of Maroon 5, THIS
    LOVE!!! Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy is the place to learn to sing songs
    like this. Go to the KTVA site at and
    find out how you can get started building your voice into a singing
    machine! You can go to Ken’s singers forums and connect with singers from
    around the world at and learn more
    about improving your voice.

  18. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Regarding My How To Sing Like… Series:

    People say “I want to sound like me and not anyone else.”
    And I say – Absolutely! No one should “clone” anyone.
    But we all have influences, and it is the sum of those influences, and how
    we “re-present” them with our own style that makes us great.

    Learning a difficult cover song where the bar is set high, is an excellent
    grading scale to see how well our technique is working.
    This is also true for learning different styles as this increases our
    vocabulary for diverse singing and helps us find our own unique voice.

    In my “How To Sing Like” videos, I still sound like Ken Tamplin, but seek
    to show you how to sing in their “style” safely.

    Check Out One Of My Original Songs Featuring Some Of My Singing Influences
    (singing both soft and heavy) Here: How To Sing Like David Coverdale –
    Glenn Hughes – Lou Gramm – Paul Rodgers

    When Choosing A Vocal Coach Or Singing Program, Make Sure The Coach Can
    Prove Their Technique With Their Own Voice & Their Students Voices Whether
    It’s Cover Songs Or Originals.

    The Proof Is In The Singing.

  19. Amanda Johnson says:

    Dude you are good at singing! Never give up! 

  20. Ankle Breaker says:

    how could someone dislike this?

  21. Terrence Gold says:

    Actually you sound great. I much prefer your sound as opposed to that
    levine character. Can’t stand that clown and his obnoxious plastic vocals.

  22. Curtis .Skinner says:

    Hey Ken,

    Great stuff as always. One question, where do you get your backing tracks

    Many thanks

    Curtis Skinner

  23. StealthStrategy says:

    I don’t wanna sing like adam i wanna sing like you

  24. daniel runsblack says:

    Wow ken you’ve even change the song into your vocal character,,its amazing
    dude.. I like to say that is “this love – maroon 5” rock version
    sorry for my bad english

  25. Маргарита Несахар says:

    Hello from Russia Ken ! = )
    Your lessons are so good!!! Thanks a lot.. Unfortunately in my country
    there are no any really good vocal teacher…You have different way to
    sing… Most of russians sounds really different )) When I hear how to sing
    someone from abroad on Youtube- God I wanna finish my vocal practice

  26. Scott Lee says:

    U sound a little bit like George Harrison 0.0

  27. lllllllllllllpplp says:

    Seriously no idea why this got soo many dislikes, your voice is actually v

  28. Johnny Cuff says:

    your voice is way deeper and more mature than adams. totally different

  29. Mark Gentry Tose says:

    nice voice lessons and tutorials.. i’m still practicing. repeating those 3
    steps videos..hehe someday i’ll be singing like pro just like you.

  30. Nykolo Abarai says:

    Hey, Ken. I was wondering. What technique does Damon Albarn use when he
    performs for Gorillaz? I’ve always wanted to know how it is done. My
    favorite song is Tomorrow Comes Today.

  31. I love music and I’ve been singing since I was a baby in the crib.

  32. Jaimielee says:

    I’m so glad you love to sing and I’ll just bet your dogs love every song you sing.

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