How to Sing! Like a Star

Discover all about How to Sing! Like a Star by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing! Like a Star.

Want to sound like James Hetfield rocking out in an arena? Keith Houston, Smule’s resident karaoke expert, shows you how in the video below, using the special effects in Smule’s Sing! Karaoke. This is the grand finale for our How to Sing! Properly Series, packed with more awesome singing tips from Keith: .

27 thoughts on “How to Sing! Like a Star

  1. Ron Cortez says:

    Great video.. Your falsetto needs a lil work

  2. thrift100 says:

    make your app for windows please and make it work!

  3. AngelBaby LucyCortez says:

    Hmmmm??? Theres a SuperPop and Studio fx???😮 I downloaded the Sing Smule
    app on my Galaxy S3 and the only fx I have are: Basic, Pop, Indie, Normal,
    and Stage, none of them with options to change any of the fx, not even when
    I was a VIP member!!!😯
    Is any one else familiar???😕

  4. AK Blownmind says:

    i wanna b a star help me smule co i got the voice !

  5. Nataleyley Fun says:

    Quelle chanson étais le plus popular dans 2013?
    (A) gangnam style )
    (B) happy)
    (C) royal)

    Nome un émission de télévision qui juge les personne sur leur chanter.
    (American idol,X factor,)

    Qui est le roi de pop?
    (Michael Jackson)

    Qui est la chanteur qui prouver pas montrer sais hanches sur télévision?
    (Elvis Pressley)

    Nome un fameuse chanteur canadien.
    (Justin Bieber, Averil Lavigne, Celine Dion)

    Qui a jamais gagné un Grammy?
    (Katy Perry)

    Qui a écrite la chanson “little things” ?
    (Ed Sheeran)

    Nom un célèbre qui est un désastre.
    (Miley cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber)

    Qui as chanter let it go dans la film?
    (Idina Menzel)

    Qui a chanter la chanson “Fancy”?
    Iggy Azalea

    Qui chante la chanson “Rude”?

    Qui a chanter le chanson sur vendredi et samedi
    (Rebecca Black)

  6. Corky Boot says:

    Will this ever be on Windows? I don’t like using the low quality mic on my

  7. This didn’t help at all. You still have to be VIP for the good ones.

  8. Lordman X says:

    i dont see super pop..i only see pop on mines

  9. Asgore Dreemurr says:

    One question. Is Super Pop and all those just for ios? Because the only VIP
    feature for android is Studio. And I really wanna use Super pop. T.T plz

  10. Betty Blaze says:

    so… where are you a host…. not the mint right…. I really really want
    to get Margret cho to karaoke &/ or Smule with me

  11. Not a lot of those effects are available on android… even if you are vip
    … wich by the way is not fair because we pay for a subscription, that i
    guess is the same cost that the ipnone users and they have all this cool
    effects… whats up with that Smule?, slighly disappointed.

  12. Regarding the settings, the iphone users have more than android?

  13. MagicalAngel :3 says:

    if i sing at smule the sound of my voice is slower then the music i tried
    to find the best sound but…

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