How to Sing Like a Rock Star- Tone

Discover all about How to Sing Like a Rock Star- Tone by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Like a Rock Star- Tone. In this video we take a look at tone. It’s what makes your voice yours. We look at the differences between head and chest voice, and how to combine these to get the most out of your voice.

41 thoughts on “How to Sing Like a Rock Star- Tone

  1. rave llesol says:

    Your cool men !!! You was able to help my voice to get better! 😀 thanks

  2. Jason Bradley Live says:

    Thanks a lot! Keep on singing!

  3. Jason Bradley Live says:

    Glad to hear it! Best of luck. Thanks for listening!

  4. nathan kaufman says:

    hey do you have a facebook page??

  5. nathan kaufman says:

    cause i was wondering if you could be my teacher help me improve and tell
    me what im doing wrong and how i fix it

  6. Ginger Baxter says:

    this video has help me out alot. thank you so much

  7. pepehorhae says:

    at least he’s doing something, go play your discostick faggot, this guy has
    talent and he’s sharing it

  8. Simone Stardust says:

    Yes you’re right he is talented, but I think his song sucks. Don’t
    persecute me for having an opinion. And I don’t see why MY opinion is your

  9. pepehorhae says:

    and I don’t see why let go of negativity here

  10. 🙂 thanks for the vids man. you just got a new

  11. So vince neil and axl rose sing with chest and head voice?

  12. daniel casey says:

    U are the fukin man no joke i learned this by myself but never new why. U
    are the fukin man.

  13. daniel casey says:

    U are the fukin man no joke i learned this by myself but never new why. U
    are the fukin man.

  14. slavegrind says:

    you sound like David “The Snake” Sabo when you talk! :D

  15. Jesse Chen says:

    isnt there a diff b/t falsetto and head voice

  16. THANK YOU for doing those awesomely hilarious yet extremely helpful
    chest/head voices. Holy shit I love you thank you

  17. You should do more lessons or vocal lessons on here. I can’t believe this
    doesn’t have 100k+ views… it should!

  18. right, but how did you do the distortion? this is something I’ve watched
    thousands of videos, but still don’t get it.. :(

  19. Jason, do you have Jon Bon Jovi in mind in 2:30? If not, who is the example
    you could give?

  20. Dean scag says:

    thanks so much for this. this actually is understandable unlike a lot of
    singing tutorials and actually seems to work. my dream is to sing like lee
    mavers. i have a hell of a long way to go.

  21. the flavabomb says:

    Thanks for the tips 😉 I kept picturing Big Gay Al or Mr Garrison (like if
    you know what I’m on about) …with the chest voice though haha …okay
    children..mkay 😉 #Kudos

  22. Jacob Buxton says:

    awesome video! this guy kind of looks like a blonde vinnie paul.

  23. Celso Henrique Tavares Silva says:

    i heard 2secs of peter griffin

  24. ThatsLife says:

    This was a rad lesson man thanks, and your hair rocks too.

  25. Ariel Foxx says:

    I’m trying to find videos for my boyfriend, he’s in an 80s metal band, has
    the look down and the amazing guitar skills and he wants to sing like the
    lead singer of Steelheart and like Mark slaughter. Or anyone who can hit
    those insanely high notes, that’s for the video!

  26. Victoria Hunter says:

    wow, I tried what you said, with my yawn, but I am contralto, so I sounds
    like a man in my rock. but it did sound good.

  27. budi meboro says:

    yo bro..can you teach me how to sing high note like bon jovi Always..

  28. Wally Stogner (Wally and Cilla Ent.) says:

    Thank you so much I’ve looked at several rock singing lessons. And this is
    by far the only helpful one. Thank you

  29. SOULSODROMO Fonk says:

    thank you so much for sharing this Jason!!!! Greetings from Peru!!!

  30. I love your explanation man. Instead of going too detailed and theoretical
    on it, you make the basics of mixed voice very, very easy to understand for
    all of us. :)

  31. One of the most important songs by Pink Floyd, devoted to their former band mate, Sid Barret.

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