How to Sing Like a Pro – Pentatonic Scale Exercises

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By Request!

I had a request for some pentatonic scales and here’s a video working on a couple phrases.

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Thanks for watching!

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7 thoughts on “How to Sing Like a Pro – Pentatonic Scale Exercises”

  1. Jeff,
    I have a question and I’m sorry if this is stupid but what does the
    pentatonic scale do, precisely? I understand it’s a warm-up but what does
    it help?

    – Alex

  2. Hey i have a few questions. do you believe anyone can learn to sing? and
    this one will sound stupid but are the warm up exercises the actual
    exercises that are gonna help you sing better? or are you suppose to do
    different exercises after the warm ups? im a novice and am looking for some
    sort of systematic beginner program. do you have anything thing like that
    or know of anything like that? or could you recommend what videos of your’s
    to watch? THANK YOU.

  3. Totally loving this exercise because it gives the scales then you open up
    with the vowell sounds- you can take it where you like it – brilliant
    flexibility inducements :)

  4. Jeff does this vocal exercise help to improve our singing voice.. such as
    voice controls whatsover or it’s just to warm up your voice?

  5. Often students who are preparing for an exam will take several one hour lessons before the big day, but I am very flexible and we can build a schedule together that suits your needs.

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