How to sing: Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect

Discover all about How to sing: Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing: Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect.

How to sing: Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect

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Here I show you how to add a lil’ bit of ‘attitude’ into your singing and sound pretty cool like Jessie J.

26 thoughts on “How to sing: Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect

  1. Aiesha Jawaid says:

    you have an amazing voice! Great advice :)

  2. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    @PerfectlieImperfect Hey there, thanks heaps! Hope you keep watching and

  3. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    really happy you found it helpful=)

  4. Molly McCrea says:

    Do you give private lessons? I was wondering if you could do a video on how
    to give a song that really powerful feeling like Jessi J does? 

  5. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Yes I do give private lessons. I do them in person for people who live in
    Melbourne Australia and also on Skype for others all around the world. Do
    message me about that if you are interested! For a video on how to sing
    with power go to my website and click on the FREE Singing Course page – I
    give a free course away here and one of them is about singing with power

  6. alisha ten holder says:

    Your voice is amazing! I would like to have some private lessons from you.
    I’ve to sing this song for school.. And i think it’s to hard for me. Can
    you help me?

  7. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Hi there! Yes I do private lessons. Where do you live? I do in person
    lessons for people who live in melbourne Australia and for others around
    the world – I use skype. Can you email me or send me a private message if
    you are still interested to arrange? Looking forward to working with you!

  8. Nyki Grey says:

    Can you give me lessons too? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeaseeeeeeee?

  9. apple hyacinth Freeman says:

    Very truuuue. #attitude! 

  10. Cool! I’m going to try this 🙂 and i love JessieJ too…she has an insane
    voice and vibrato!!!

  11. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Cool ! Yup, totally agree =)

  12. Eleanor A says:

    You would probably suit slow songs more still good :)

  13. Harley Quinn says:

    Hey Keri,i did the cover of “Nobody’s Perfect” Chourse only and i’d like
    you to hear it and tell me what you think,thanks!

  14. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Beautiful =) Heartfelt and soulful…

  15. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    wow what a complement, thank you. Yes, I totally agree with you. She sings
    with such emotion. 

  16. ThornyRoseV says:

    are you deaf ? It’s good but nothing remotely like jessie

  17. Rock&Roll says:

    She isnt deaf are u blind title said how to sing the song not sing like
    jessie j.

  18. Kyla Wight says:

    I’m not getting the negative comments, this isn’t about being Jessy J it’s
    about understanding the difference putting attitude into vocals makes –
    Jessy being a great example – Kerri thank you for the freebie advice, it’s
    often incredibly helpful and always appreciated, you passion for sharing is
    awesome, hope 2014 is a great year for you xx

  19. TINA BRACK says:

    I dont wanna be mean but ,how can you try to help us sing when you cant
    sing yourself

  20. Nikita5539 says:

    The best advice is really listening to the song and understanding the
    lyrics. BTW sry, but that blah-blah thing doesn’t fit to this song.

  21. Alejandra Brandt says:

    By singing in entrance of a mirror you possibly can watch your posture, your facial contortions and your breathing and decide what is and isn’t working.

  22. Sergio Mooney says:

    I just love singing and I do it every night once everyone is asleep.

  23. Jamie Moyer says:

    Dave Gammon, a biologist at Elon University, looked closely at the kinds of songs and sounds mockingbirds choose to imitate, and he found that only one factor matters: whether or not the sound is like one of those native mockingbird songs.

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