36 thoughts on “how to sing japanese songs

  1. Dan Mackin says:

    so…..I can speak japanese BITCH……….sorry

  2. Erika Justian says:

    psh please cuz. i can sing and speak japanese so oh XD

  3. EAFGaming says:

    Whatwahtwahy Its dan the interwebs man?

  4. destroyer1107 says:

    sorry for the late reply but ya thats good when it comes to japanese music
    its all about practice ya know like im still trying to perfect the
    Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood openings 2 and 3 but im glad your pretty
    good hope my video helped 

  5. Sarah Young says:

    I speak korean and that’s close to japaneese is that helpful?

  6. destroyer1107 says:

    hmmm it could be helpful im not good on korean but ya it deffinately could

  7. Izumiorra says:

    is the song dear you from higurashi good?

  8. destroyer1107 says:

    if u practice it could work im unfamiliar with the song if it is fast you
    dont want to start to try singing with that i would suggest the themes from
    fullmetal alchemist those have an ok pace

  9. Izumiorra says:

    if u type higurashi neko no koroni dear you (or just higurashi) and tell me
    if its good enugh and i’m fermilyer with fullmetal alchemist good anime so
    i’ll try it 

  10. destroyer1107 says:

    i heard it it can work just really practice it an you shuld be good overall
    if you have anymore questions i will answer them

  11. Izumiorra says:

    arigatou thank you for the tips :3

  12. destroyer1107 says:

    you are very welcome thats wat im here for :)

  13. destroyer1107 says:

    no problem im just happy to help people out

  14. FamousBoombox says:

    I can only sing Bad Apple and Cha La Head Cha La {DBZ Original opening?}.

  15. destroyer1107 says:

    well its a start just keep on practicing with more and more songs and you
    will get amazing in no time

  16. Hailey Grant says:

    Thanks your video helped me to sing the japanese version of the teen titans

  17. destroyer1107 says:

    your absolutely welcome im glad i can help in any way possible

  18. destroyer1107 says:

    thank you i try to help people and apparently i have been

  19. Joestar ジョジョ says:

    I can sing lots of songs in japanese i just hav to hear the song 2 or 3
    times :)

  20. Mega Grey X says:

    Try lucky star, damn fastfoward editors…

  21. sakuya nondo says:

    A good slow past song that any person can usually ace is I thing raggs
    requiem from 07 ghost

  22. Jessie Chan says:

    You should try to sing unravel Tokyo ghoul omg it’s the best song ever!!!

  23. Jessie Chan says:

    Also what if I can’t pronounce the words right? I can sing I just can’t
    pronounce the words right that’s my only problem

  24. ArushiJBswag says:

    well i was able to sing japanese songs vthout knwin tis meaning
    man….idk…but m really into j-pop n k-pop dat i’ve managed to win a
    couple of school singin competitions vth em…(but the students didnt
    understand a word i sang LOL) but yeah…dis videos pretty cool..Good job

  25. Elizabeth Midlford says:

    SING SOME OF THE FAST PARTS…tokyo ghoul is the first opening I absolutely
    love and can sing all of it.

  26. Sane Dark-Leo says:

    i c somone being smart and geting a lyrcis video up whilst video ing. i
    would enjoy it more if you opened ur mouth abit more, it’s not me trying to
    sound like a d*** but it would rly make a diffrence

  27. stephen kiley says:

    i dare you to try to sing janet jackson’s what have you done for me lately
    and if in japanese its hard with just google translate but its for the
    anime im making

  28. destroyer1107 says:

    im so happy for all of the love this vid is getting thank you all for the
    love and ideas but i have switched projects and am doing an abridged series
    and it can be found here feel free to check it out it would be much
    appreciated and thank you all i have taken your suggestions feedback and
    ideas into account and will use that in future videos here is the link to
    the abridged channel

  29. Anime Cosplay says:

    This was very helpful! but he said speed racer so many times i wanted to
    kill myself just sayin

  30. Leonardo Pacheco says:

    Hahaha funny how he got the song I want to learn right. Fullmetal alchemist

  31. Robin Phantomhive says:

    I’m trying to sing unravel from Tokyo Ghoul

  32. Kimberly Foley says:

    Many are intimidated to sing because they feel they’re expected to already know how to sing, and grade themselves next to other singers.

  33. Antonio Villarreal says:

    When learning to sing in the correct pitch, you should definitely put in an equal effort in developing your emotive range.

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