How to Sing in Tune – Interactive Singing Lesson!

Discover all about How to Sing in Tune – Interactive Singing Lesson! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing in Tune – Interactive Singing Lesson!.

Learn how to sing in tune with this interactive voice lesson! For more exercises on how to sing perfectly on pitch, download my full series of lessons here:

If you’ve ever wondered “how do I sing in tune?” — these vocal techniques are your answer! Good tuning is a skill that can be perfected just like any other, you just need to practice the right exercises. Use my singing lesson package called ‘Sing in Tune’ for a full program to perfect your ability to sing in tune and start giving mind-blowing live and studio vocal performances.

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Wondering about the song at the end? It’s called Our Own Versailles. Listen to it here:

40 thoughts on “How to Sing in Tune – Interactive Singing Lesson!

  1. im 13 you definitely help me thanx 🙂 

  2. Rin Lester (りん /린) says:

    If floods will come all our lives,
    just climb the stairs, let the water rise,
    we’ll build ourselves up to a towering height.

    From the hollow of our hands,
    all we’ve never had:

    bright lights,
    in our own Versailles,
    everything becomes alive:
    our own château tonight.

  3. josueetcom says:

    Hey thanks a lot man! I love doing covers and I need all the help on my
    voice I can get!

  4. georginaclairebaker says:

    how did you connect the mic to the camera in this video?

  5. hit them all on the dot first time every time. Good tips. 

  6. AllenBleeds says:

    bright lights,
    in our own Versailles,
    everything becomes alive:
    our own château tonight.

  7. zombiesquirrels8D says:

    Oh my god that was awesome! !!

  8. When you introduced the instruments i felt like i was in a concert hahaha
    thanks a lot for this lessons and this experience! :)

  9. PItch Matching starts 2:13
    Octatonic scale starts 4:50 (4:33 if you want to hear him do it first)
    Melody for Tuning starts 5:56

  10. black Jack says:

    i loved your work man ,,,, you are awesome ,, thank you saher 

  11. Jocelyn Marie says:

    Why am I just seeing this?? Wah!!

  12. Samsam Dequito Altalathini says:


  13. Stefan Krunic says:

    I’m not even CLOSE to hitting any notes… I just know I sound horrible but
    I don’t know how to correct it!

  14. TheNameister says:

    Your lessons are absolutely amazing, the way you explain things is so

  15. Philip Erpelo says:

    Wow!!! This is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! 🙂 It’s so practical! Moreover, your voice
    is perfect! Even your narrative voice is superb! I specifically love the
    last part… when you taught us how to sing the seemingly difficult
    melody… but when the music slowly appeared… it was a piece of cake!
    Wow! You’re an excellent vocal coach!!! Well done! More videos please! I’ll
    definitely subscribe! :)

  16. Jill Bailes says:

    Thank you Saher, my voice is coming back slowly but surely all thanks to
    your videos and CD…my writing, my inspiration is returning, like a cloud
    has been blocking the sun from my eyes for all these years… (( ^^))

  17. Bruno Pires Mucheroni says:

    really nice job.. i need that full packege, but im from Brazil, dont have
    internationl card, how can i do that?

  18. Vincent Borromeo says:

    What was the title of the song?

  19. Zachary Tabor says:

    i really need this video x.x

  20. SkinnySwag7 says:

    SO good thank you very much!!! You are a really great teacher, enhancing
    knowledge and ability

  21. Tim Frieden says:

    the thing is i can hear the differences between the pitches but i don’t
    know how to mimick them when i sing them, like before you speak you know
    exactly what you sound like in your head before you do i correct

  22. Mhyke Pandoro says:

    Handsome teacher i’m interested now, i want to learn

  23. sehun is my dad says:

    I can hit the first one perfect the rest a bit off grrrr

  24. I could listen to you speak all day long :)

  25. assassinbbx says:

    I’m okay if I follow singing voices but can’t find the pitch from

  26. discoworm says:

    i started crying with good emotion. David

  27. discoworm says:

    Saher,just incredible with the visual. You give me hope. to see notes and
    audio has caused me to not get good grades at school. It all registers with
    no emotion. does not at all stimulate my brain. It’s like, no purpose. In
    high school besides timing each test
    would sink my ship so fast. Of course the teachers would never show me
    where i can go with the info. Had to share. David london

  28. komasi agader says:

    Saher Galt you sir have just blown my mind like your videos make feel so
    good about singing and it is easy to understand and you make things so
    clear thank you so so much keep doing what your doing and keep teaching
    have a good day

  29. Jason Shrestha says:

    Great vid! Clear and too the point! Got so much insight! Love your MIXING
    tutorials too!!! Make more of these when possible!

  30. You might think that singing in tune is solely a matter of training your vocal chords.

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