How to Sing in Curbing – Complete Vocal Technique CVT CVI

Discover all about How to Sing in Curbing – Complete Vocal Technique CVT CVI by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing in Curbing – Complete Vocal Technique CVT CVI.

The hold is not the same thing as curbing! Note: I’m not a CVT teacher. Just a fanboy!

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11 thoughts on “How to Sing in Curbing – Complete Vocal Technique CVT CVI

  1. Tess Tops says:

    Yo, first, you are genius. Seriously your channel is P E R F E C T.
    Can u please say what u should basically do to sing like Jesse Rutherford from Neighbourhood( check them please live performances: Sweater weather, wires ) сause as Ive heard and basically as Jesse says he dont really using any tecnic. Like he wasnt learning to sing a lot. And I was very wondering is it just lucky gift of a pretty high voice or he just do some tricks?
    My guess on sweater weather he using mostly all the time his head voice and a bit of chesty on chorus

  2. Edward Butler says:

    Could you do online voice lessons? I’ve been looking for a voice instructor but haven’t found one I’d like learning from. I’ve watched only a few videos of you and you can instruct and show how to do it. Thanks for your time and keep up the great videos.

  3. Vishal Singh says:

    you an amazing singer bro…simply love your stuff….can you please help me…i want to be a good singer but i am kinda bad!…can you please do voice lessons from scratch …thanks 😀

  4. Tess Tops says:

    Yeah, thanks for fuckin answering
    I like it

  5. Darcy Bryan says:

    Hi did you take CVT at CVI overseas?

  6. Blackcatmonty says:

    ‘There is some overdrive in there…’ Some poor melodyne too.

  7. "Tommy's Dirt And Soul" (Tommy The Hat) says:

    i know this video is old but I just came across it. When I was training I was learning classical technique as applied to pop. Pop, meaning anything not classical. Rock, pop, soul and R&B etc. But the fundamentals were classical. I’m not big into terminology or giving names to techniques. Having always been a clown “mimicking” has helped me a lot. Anyway my teacher used to show me things like covering but when he showed it in a way that may have been a yawn for example, he wouldn’t explain it as if I had to yawn while singing ( as you are explaining also) he would say notice the “posture.” He spoke with broken english so maybe “posture” was his way of saying whatever, but I understood it and that helped a lot. So my techniques never became imitations of crying or yawning or goofy sounds or squeaking and what have you. Those things were just ways for me to “feel” what my throat, palate, tongue or whatever were doing and how it effected sound. They became postures. What is going on when doing these things. It’s hard to explain in text. I actually learned a lot by whistling. He had me whistle normally (like a chest voice whistle) then go higher as if moving into head voice and notice the “posture.” What happens with my tongue. Then “remember that posture. So me…being thick headed and hating technical terms and stuff have a bag full of things that I use when needed without depending on specific techniques applied to specific sounds. I use the posture (As would be felt by crying for example) to get a sound and if it needs tweaking I use something added to that or tweak it or whatever. This was the long way to say that your video explains a similar idea and it’s something no one normally covers. I understand what your saying here but sadly many don’t learn this way. Then they try to “cry” to get a sound. Nice video Tristan. Sorry for rambling.

  8. Adrián in the middle says:

    good demostration. make more vids like this one!

  9. Andres Stokes says:

    These musical extravaganzas in cinemas has been reproduced in CDs and DVDs and categorized as Bollywood karaoke music.

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