How to sing I’ll be back Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies

Discover all about How to sing I’ll be back Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing I’ll be back Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies.

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Learn how to sing I’ll be back vocal harmony by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on I’ll be back Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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43 thoughts on “How to sing I’ll be back Vocal Harmony Beatles Tutorial Harmonies

  1. GILLnBARRY says:

    I really enjoy your work and how you break it all down into a science! As a
    fellow Beatles fan and musician I can attest that what you are instructing
    is completely accurate and is a highly entertaining way of studying and
    instructing others! Keep up the excellent work! Rgds, Wayne

  2. NorthWriter says:

    This is one of my favourite Beatles tunes. That major-to-minor change
    throughout the song just blows my mind. SUCH an underrated song.

  3. TubeSpoker says:

    wow incredible,,, we can see how simple and complex… very good. thanks

  4. Alberto Alsoband says:

    bravo galeazzo ! hai scelto bene. i beatles hanno un impasto vocale
    incredibile e le loro canzoni possono essere accompagnate da una sola
    chitarra in quanto le parti vocali sono cosi’ potenti , perfette ,
    armoniose ( come tu dimostri molto bene ) Una domanda : che tu sappia i
    beatles andarono a scuola di canto o erano fenomeni naturali. su questo
    determinante particolare non ho mai letto niente. ciao grazie

  5. ConnerMcDonald1 says:


  6. Thank you Galeazzo, there is nothing like your tutorials on the net.. I do
    appreciate very much your work, it does help immensely when it comes to
    deconstruct harmonies and certainly one can learn a lot from it. Grazie..

  7. Great job ! And wuggiedougies’ remarks are right on . George did provide
    “wow ” on the harmonies !

  8. CelestialMusicCan says:

    This is musical gold. I am a Beatles fan and voice student. Grazie mille!

  9. Kevin Garland says:

    Sweet. I love that u are a Beatle fan. I realize the work that u put into
    your video’s and appreciate it greatly. Right on brother.

  10. These vids only further highlight the Beatles genius. Great work!

  11. Excellent Bro.. I’m interested in knowing what microphone you are using and
    recording gear? You sound great. Thank you.

  12. bedazzled64 says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite because I love 98% of all their songs, but
    if I had to choose one or two it would be this one and “I Feel Fine” 🙂

  13. sbbinahee says:

    Brilliant work here man…very kind and generous to spend so much time
    breaking this stuff down and sharing it.Well done. I never could hear that
    Paul 2nd harmony on the record. Very hard to pick out as the 3 vocals blend
    like one.Thumbs up!!

  14. Pat Jackman says:

    I totally missed the single note fifth line. Feck! Well done, nice one!

  15. elirosen1391 says:

    How do you know that’s not George during the upper part?

  16. bixbybixby says:

    always loved this song from Beatles 65; you probably know they originally
    wrote/tried it in 3/4 time; glad they settled on this one

  17. CelestialMusicCan says:

    Dear Galeazzo,
    I would like to see you also cover the parts that Lennon had trouble with
    on this. He had trouble with the “I love you so” and also the extended “I”
    in “I thought that you would realize”. He said at one point “It’s too hard
    to sing!” Those were the only two things I struggled with. I think in “I
    love you so” you have to scoop up to the “so” but I am not sure.

  18. +elirosen1391 too high for George… only Paul could do that.

  19. Thetrackrecords says:

    Wow, that is a brilliant tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

  20. rouelibre1 says:

    Some kid just announced that Sir Paul and Ringo were still alive. Well!
    Big f*ckin’ news to me!!! :)

  21. I have loved all these songs for 50 years :)

  22. Rob Iacullo says:

    I’m amazed that you can hear three distinct voices. I wish my ears were
    that good.

  23. David Anthony says:

    Thank you Galeazzo. After learning six beatles song harmonies from you I
    decided to donate! Hope you can come to UK and sing over here sometime!

  24. Alan Lloyd says:

    Such an awesome song. I think it’s in their top 5

  25. francescaemc2 says:

    Grazie!!!! Sei fenomenale!!!! Hai “Because”???? E credevo che piacevano a
    me!!! ha!

  26. Roger Mailloux says:

    Can’t get enough of your passionate teaching!

  27. Dave Stanley says:

    Great job on the tutorial. Lennon and McCartney were two of the greatest
    classical musicians masquerading as ’60’s rock stars.

  28. Thank you so much Galeazzo Frudua. All your videos have really helped me
    out in singing. There really is no other videos like yours on all of
    youtube. I just wanna thank you for taking the time to do these. I’ve been
    watching these for over 2 or 3 years now and every time I wanna sing a
    Beatles song I go back to your videos to make sure I have it right. I love
    singing and I love harmonies. I believe music today doesn’t really
    appreciates the beauty and importance of Harmonies. To me it’s the best
    part of music. Thank you again.

  29. Carlos Kroll says:

    I’m Looking Through You please Galeazzo

  30. George Harrison says:

    So glad you have done this song * _ * Thanks you Gale!!!

  31. I moved from Whitmore lake to omaha, and Nebraska is much nicer than Michigan. says:

    Good job

  32. John Shoosmith says:

    That’s interesting – fist time I’ve seen a harmony breakdown tutorial too.

  33. German Viscuso says:

    Excellent work! I’m playing a little bit with Beatles songs and a Harmony
    Singer pedal to recreate John’s part but of course it’s not the same. A
    pedal like this can create voices based on your own that are lower or
    higher. But I want to reproduce an effect similar to when Paul and John
    sing at unison but not armonizing (basically the same voice twice, like a
    double track of my own voice but real time). Is there a pedal or effect
    machine that can do that in real time in a live performance? (Not looking
    for a chorus, reverb, etc, has to sounds like two people singing). Slight
    variations would be welcone, for example a 2nd voice very slightly out of
    tune and/or with a different texture could interesting. Thx for the videos

  34. Thanks for the vocal lesson again Galeazzo!

  35. Odd, I would have thought George Harrison would have had a place in this

  36. MR. Kite 053 says:

    Wow! I’m shocked. In all the years I’ve been doing this song, I never knew
    there was a third part. Paul is doing two parts?? I’m disappointed in my
    ear, I always thought it was just the one part each, John on the bottom &
    then Paul’s part over him. I know that’s an expensive mike your using, but
    do you have some kind of software that separate’s voice tracks off the
    original recordings?

  37. Mike Gurney says:

    Well done, very well done on the brake down, great research.

  38. Jasmin Waters says:

    If solely 2% of people are truly tone deaf meaning the other ninety eight% of people can study to sing each be aware on pitch.

  39. Evelyn Foster says:

    This in turn drys out your vocal folds – make sure you stay extra hydrated when ill.

  40. Nicholas Frey says:

    I love the approach about warm-ups, I really favored that.

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