How To Sing: I Wish / Stevie Wonder / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Discover all about How To Sing: I Wish / Stevie Wonder / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing: I Wish / Stevie Wonder / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

How To Sing: I Wish / Stevie Wonder / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Here is a great Stevie Wonder tune that you’re really going to enjoy, featuring KTVA student Tori Matthieu! Catch the groove and listen to some great singing!

42 thoughts on “How To Sing: I Wish / Stevie Wonder / Tori Matthieu / Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. Infra Green says:

    damn she is smokin hot too. yum

  2. Kevin Vance says:

    She’s AMAZING! I love that she has her own voice, and isn’t trying to copy
    Stevie. She does an awesome job making it her own! On a side note, gee… I
    wonder where Will Smith got his sample music for Wild Wild West. LOL

  3. Jay Yaskin says:

    Is she lip syncing in this video? That or that’s a lot of compression and
    this is a comped take. But not denying her tone is good.

  4. Erick123M says:

    I think I’m in love!!! That’s an amazing voice. And also such a beautiful

  5. Nonya Bidness says:

    The proof is in the singing and when she releases her personality, her
    singing is really boosted; they seem to go hand in hand.

  6. Wayne Fenlon says:

    just great…. love seeing more students Ken..
    Your work.. and there’s of course is second to none.

  7. Someone is trying to be Lady GaGa! lol
    Nice job!

  8. Josh Rose says:

    Hey, Maestro!!!
    Can you please do a video of how to sing like Timo Kotipelto (Stratovarius’
    singer) that’d be great and I think you’d do a great cover.

  9. jamieseiple says:

    I teach for a living…this channel is better than “The Voice”. Great job
    Tori, BRAVO!

  10. Todd Karl says:

    Could you do a video on how to sing like early 90’s Scott Weiland?

  11. Great rendition, has Tori been working on her breathing a lot? I think
    that’s where many singers struggle. Not sure if it was the recording
    process/reverb/compression but it sounded like she was struggling with
    breaking in one or two places? Are my ears playing tricks on me Ken?

  12. Danny Dean says:

    Please sing like Danny Worsnop..

  13. Толеген Жельгелденов says:

    a very nice girl

  14. CamilleDeveveraux says:

    I wish too. too be honnest.

  15. paul vonk says:

    yeah Tori,do some more. I Like your style. Its very compelling. You GOT it
    going on.Like youre on a surfboard,Hangin 10.

  16. Alyce Glass says:

    I think Tori did Fabulous!!! I like how she made this Her own…Keep on,

  17. paul vonk says:

    niiiccceee. Hey Tori,is that the real length of your hair,regardless,it
    flows.Like your singing.have a good day.

  18. paul vonk says:

    ok,Thanks Tori,and I wish you all the best in your life,and Career.Keep on
    ,Keeping on,what you love doing,Singing.

  19. Hey, says this video is not available when im trying to play it on my
    mobile. Works on the computer tho.

  20. BELIEVEinYOURSELF121 says:

    I love Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons! Please cover them!

  21. Jitendra Wagh says:

    amazing voice. Ken tamplin. i am loving your academy. great going. !

  22. Very playful, love it!

    ..Wild, wild, wild wild west!

  23. Superdelta000 says:

    Hahaha what a cute girl and she’s a great singer too!.

  24. James Russell says:

    Hey Ken,,get Tori to do some Jesus Culture songs..

  25. She sounds like a pro, good job.

  26. Dead Planet says:

    Damn, she’s so talented and so adorable!! …very sexy in a professional
    Even after the song was stopped she was still jumping!!

  27. Dmitry Severeign says:

    Do you have a boyfriend, Tori?

  28. Ericka Raye says:

    Wow , she sounds grand ! Her voice is so lovely !

  29. Ronny OnBass says:

    Super Cute and very good vocalist!

  30. Two major thumbs WAAAY up! Great job Tori!

  31. Garry Vasser says:

    This girl is gorgeous and has the voice of an Angel!! She looks and sounds
    like a natural!!

  32. This girl could easily be top of the charts and sell out arenas

  33. Derrick Mccormick says:

    The singing teacher will show you important vocal techniques to help you become a better vocalist.

  34. Marcus Kirk says:

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