How to sing I Want to Hold Your Hand Beatles Cover Vocal Harmony

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Learn how to sing I Want to Hold Your Hand Beatels Cover Vocals I wanna hold vocal harmony breakdown lesson by The Beatles. Video harmonies breakdown lesson of I wanna hold your hend by Galeazzo Frudua Enjoy!

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42 thoughts on “How to sing I Want to Hold Your Hand Beatles Cover Vocal Harmony

  1. Roxana Perez says:

    Thank you too much! I never thought that the beatles had different voices
    styles when they’re singging….amazing!!!!…

  2. Federico Piriz says:

    Thanks a looooot, Galeazzo!
    I always use your work un my job! 😉
    You’re the master!

  3. John A. Smarsh says:

    can you do Carry on wayward son kansas please

  4. sergio castro ruiz says:

    +The Beatles Vocal Harmony I try to sing the chorus(John’s part) but its
    difficult because there are a lot of glisattos..How I can to sing this part
    like you? Because you can sing it perfectly.

  5. Nicholas Gravagne says:

    Bravo! I’ve been a Beatle fan all my life and finding you and your unique
    work on YT has been a complete joy. Do you offer / sell compete recordings
    of your Beatles’ work?

  6. mitch mclean says:

    Great work! Before I saw this video, I always though that song was kind of
    roughly bashed out and it just happened to sound good.

  7. Michael Fitzpatrick says:

    This was so good and so helpful! Quick question: the high harmony at the
    end of the verse on ‘hand’ – is that falsetto?

  8. Jessica Almeida (Jessie) says:

    This was really helpful I’m gonna be doing a cover of this soon, thank

  9. James Shepard says:

    I always come back to your great vocal tutorials when I’m doing a Beatle
    cover! Really helpful, I know the songs inside and out, but still really
    helpful.I do a lot of covers and originals, released a few cds, heres a
    link to one you might check out. I dont try to do exact copies, I add
    different elements and vocals and instrumentations. but still very

  10. Jefferson Vasconcelos says:

    Hey mate, so at first I’d like to congrat you for the work, it’s really
    amazing and useful for the fans and everyone , you know, right I ‘m want to
    ask for the All I’ve got to Do and Anna . That s it . Congratulations again
    and I hope I see you and Sir McCartney playing together someday , it will
    be ” magnífico ” . Cheers. Best regards.

  11. Enes Altinok says:

    wooow. I really enjoyed the video and the harmonies, especially Paul’s, are
    a bit difficult but still is one of my favorite songs.
    as I’ve said before you’re one in a million mr frudua :)

  12. Andy Puritz says:

    one of the great things about your videos, amigo, is that when you sing
    each part, it’s still Galeazzo’s voice! So I hear the differences in parts
    nice and clear, it’s not a matter of distinguishing John from Paul from
    George (much less from the studio production work). Their individual voices
    are so much a part of their sound, almost always clean distinct timbre one
    from the other, clean sweet voice but still soulful each in their own way;
    and at the same time, they’re all young, they’re all from Liverpool,
    they’re all more or less from the same class, the same era, listening to
    the same rock n’ roll, and so on… so their quality as individuals is
    complimented — I say sweetened — by their quality as a unit. Also… I
    just dig how you love the Beatles, Galeazzo…

  13. Mega Slime Productions w/ Frowg, Lego, and Flygon says:

    Your voice gives chills! You’re amazing!

  14. Percy Thrillington says:

    it is always fascinating to listen to your explanations… :)))

  15. jameswell92 says:

    Hi there,
    I watch loads of your videos and they’re all fucking amazing I don’t know
    where your ears find the sharpness to distinguish all these tracks.
    However, I think for the first time I disagree with you and I am very
    interested to hear what you think about this. I think the B minors you play
    in the middle of the verse and before the chorus are both major. Please
    tell me what you think !

  16. you are really good, I would give 10 stars if i could

  17. Sir, I really enjoyed this. I have pro background. Thank you for your
    insight for what is really an analysis of what made the Beatles so great.
    You have done a great service and I will forward this to my friends! I
    played for many years and recorded people, and you are really on track!

  18. Rolando Moisés Fletes says:

    Me suscribo, sos un grande!

  19. A passerby says:

    Appreciate a lot. Please keep up!

  20. Bojan Marsetic says:

    wow you put a lot of work in this. :)

  21. Yarangalnha Marana says:

    That’s a left-handed bass guitar in the corner similar to Paul McCartney’s
    is’nt it? I’m a Lefty lol.

  22. amcqueenboxing says:

    wow… youre incredible at hearing those separations

  23. You’re just great, again! We’re enjoying your videos here in Finland and
    have got so much help for singing Beatles in harmony. Thank you so much!

  24. iamvindell says:

    My mom and I sing, for fun, at karaoke often, and we harmonize often. This
    helps so much, for us to see the distinctive parts and the little nuances.
    Thank you so much!!!!

  25. Ale Belso says:

    Te felicito!!. Esta es una de mis canciones preferidas de The Beatles.
    Y te felicito por el perfeccionismo y la dedicación en analizar los
    mas mínimos detalles en las voces y lograr ese clima que sólo los Beatles
    dejaron. (Yo sigo siendo fan).
    Yo también soy músico y en las bandas que toqué hicimos muchos
    temas de Beatles y me preocupé de esos detalles ya en la década del 60
    cuando no existía el internet. Vivo en Mar del Plata (Argentina) y ya
    tengo el ticket para ver a Paul que viene el mes próximo, justo para
    mi cumpleaños (nro 70) pero sigo tocando y cantando (mirá mi canal).
    Te puse un “me gusta”(like) y de nuevo Felicitaciomes!!!

  26. TheOrganist007 says:

    What you’re showing us is awesome!- we love the Beatles,but you’re opening
    a new door in listening to their music!!
    Thank you very much!- we appreciate very much what you’re doing!

  27. Anji Ringzin says:

    Thank you – love your work!

  28. Steven Feinstein says:

    Excellent job – great contribution.

  29. James Maughan says:

    Fantastic direction of the very complex vocals of Lennon & McCartney.
    Thanks for breaking this all down. Very helpful to share with my band mates
    rather trying to explain it. Just a fantastic resource. Thanks you so much.

  30. Mike Stanton says:

    Was that slow motion actually their voices, or did you slow down yours? IF
    it’s there’s, how did you get the acapella track?

  31. That guy that makes videos says:

    Sometimes his voice is surprisingly similar to both John and Paul’s voices

  32. Prinz Franz von Schweden says:

    very nice and very good

  33. mrblue99999 says:


  34. Take the example of a speaker delivering a speech, the bad speaker will deliver the speech in a deadpan manner or worse reading off a script.

  35. Evelyn Hobbs says:

    People with names like Sierra or Sequoia will NOT be permitted to sing the Blues, no matter how many men they shoot in Memphis.

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