How to Sing Hold Me Tight Beatles Cover Vocal Harmony

Discover all about How to Sing Hold Me Tight Beatles Cover Vocal Harmony by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Hold Me Tight Beatles Cover Vocal Harmony.

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=-PLEASE_SHARE_- Learn how to sing Hold Me Tight vocal harmony breakdown by The Beatles. Video harmonies tutorial lesson by Galeazzo Frudua on Hold Me Tight Beatles harmonies breakdown. Enjoy!

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40 thoughts on “How to Sing Hold Me Tight Beatles Cover Vocal Harmony

  1. Hector Osuna says:

    Great videos and great career too!, Thanks for all the work in your
    channel, you’re amazing Mr Frudua!

    I have a proyect with my friends, to make a LP-Length album of Beatles
    covers, and i’m pretty sure that from the 15 playslist we made, at least
    for 10 songs, we are going to use your videos for the harmonies, and just
    me, for singing in general, and the rest of them don’t have harmonies at
    all (i’m looking through you, just have a very little part, we already
    figure it out), so i think that this channel is definitely very complete

    This is a way to thank you, you’re work here, is very aprecciated

    Just for knowledge, there is a specific reason for using one take for the
    mono mix, and another for stereo?

    This is also noted on the stereo version of “Please, Please Me” when John
    Laughs, or “If i fell” the “cracked” verse

    Again, Thank You very much :)

  2. LuchoGuibert says:

    I don’t usually post comments on videos but I must say that there might be
    a lot of people that knows a lot about The Beatles but what you do is out
    of this world, it takes passion, a lot of different skills and insane,
    insane, hard work. Thanks a lot for sharing with the world.

  3. banwashere says:

    Wow that acapella part was amazing. Is there by any chance you would
    release videos of you covering those songs in full?

  4. how do you know all that? do you have a secret time machine?

  5. dale manthey says:

    You like I are a Beatles fanatic. I love you for that man. I feel so less
    alone)))) Your lessons are great

  6. Absolute genius in the dissection of these takes. Thanks (again),

  7. Luis Gomes says:

    PERFECT Galeazzo!!! All the best from Brazil!

  8. Tango Eliott says:

    I always loved this song. It was a good rocker from 1964…thanks for the
    inside look, yet once again.

  9. Matheus Mello says:

    I simply beg you to do Dear Prudence!!!!!!!

  10. Adrian Cervantes Lomeli says:

    Excellent! Marvelous!, When I get home

  11. George Harrison says:

    You’re still bringing it 🙂 Good job Gale!

  12. ArkhamInmateE32b says:

    Early Beatles had the best harmonies for the most part. Or at least they
    showcased it more often. I think it had to do with the way in which they
    recorded then with more live harmonizing. It seemed more organic in the
    early days. Later on a lot of it got obscured with production and
    experimental vocal techniques (particularly more falsettos) and the
    splitting up of the group into individual songwriters. Of course the best
    vocal harmonies they managed to put onto wax come on their last album
    (Because, Sun King), which was a grand culmination. Gotta love the Beatles!

  13. ArkhamInmateE32b says:

    Bb-C#-F# on “And”, am I correct? Those crazy Beatles!

  14. Reinaldo Mietti Fusca Club ABC says:

    Before I watch your videos, I just knew The Beatles were great about vocal
    harmonies (and everything all). Now, I am absolutely sure about that! Great
    videos and Great explanations!

  15. Tjpbeatles92 says:

    Wonderful job as always! I have learned so much from your videos. I have a
    few possible ideas for future videos: Free as a Bird, Real Love, Across the
    Universe (Past Masters/Wildlife version), All I’ve Got to Do and It Won’t
    Be Long

  16. TylerWilliamRailPablo says:

    You should do PS I love you! I could never figure that one out

  17. francescaemc2 says:

    Bravo!!!! tu sei fab quattro!!!!

  18. Haran Banjo says:

    Galeà ma che sei Dumbo? c’hai du orecchie pe l’ascolto popo che da paura,
    mamma mia comme staiiii ;-)!!!

  19. Israel Arellano says:

    The part of the accappella was simply Awesome! I loved it

  20. Álvaro Rojas says:

    Can you teach us how to really play Her Majesty on guitar? Please!

  21. Jana Hendrix says:

    You ARE a genius, aren’t you!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!! Scuze me, I’m gushing.
    Will you marry me? 😉 

  22. The DS Guy says:

    I recommend you do When I Get Home. Such an underrated song. 

  23. WizardWhately says:

    Thanks for adding the a capella version at the end. Your voice(s) never
    sounded sweeter.

  24. Don Eckles says:

    Your Beatles knowledge is just amazing!!!

  25. InsightWisdom says:

    Genius work. Thank you so much!

  26. Paul Lukitsch says:

    I just got done writing a comment on another recent voodoo saying I missed
    your verbal commentaries…

    Unfortunately, I had not yet watched this video, so I was thrilled to get
    your analysis here (and the fact that you missed something in your first
    version makes me feel like your experience and analysis/breakdown are truly
    for the Beatles nerds (or Beatards) who want to get it perfect or identical
    (or learn something we didn’t know)).

    Cheers to you for wanting to post only that which you believe is your
    absolute best dissection and and analysts based on your ear and any
    historical knowledge you have accumulated over the years.

    So again, thank you for this commentary.. It adds so much enjoyment to the
    overall understanding of the song! It made my day!

  27. Paul Lukitsch says:

    My apologies for my autocorrect typos!

  28. Paul Lukitsch says:

    After watching this three times and getting out my stereo and mono
    versions, I just want to say your work on this is extraordinary! Just

    One thing that always puzzled me with this song is that for the 25 years
    I’ve listened to it, is that it always seemed as if Paul was just a tiny
    bit off key (especially during the bridge). Several years ago I wanted to
    play Paul’s melody on the piano to just see how it sounded… so I did, and
    he wasn’t off key, so I couldn’t figure this out.

    But at the time I was typically playing along with the recording with a
    guitar using chords I found online. It dawned on me that the recording has
    both the bass and guitar playing this ostinato melody for much of the song,
    so reducing it to simple guitar chords is not going to contain the full
    tonal flavor. So I decided to figure out this bass part (and I remember
    cursing while doing so because it seemed like there were way too many
    different notes—and unlike say, the bass for All My Loving, the Hold Me
    Tight bass part sometimes sounded like it was written for a different

    One note used throughout the bass, the Ab, seemed very unusual (for a song
    in F anyway)..why put a flat-III in the bass/guitar counter melody?? I
    think McCartney liked the unusual dissonance… considering F has an A
    natural in its scale, you get ample dissonance (or an inference of
    dissonance) with that Ab note playing in this counter-melody… [Plus, if
    they weren’t enough, the song is never really tonically relieved/resolved
    during the whole thing!] I thought maybe that’s why everything sounded a
    tiny bit strange.

    But I learned from your video that Paul had a bad cold… maybe this
    affected the timbre of his voice. But who knows? Do you ever think Paul’s
    vocal sounds slightly unusual?

    In any event, it’s a technically complex and sophisticated song in a lot of
    ways…there are so many interesting details going on!

    Thanks again for your awesome video!

  29. What a nice job! I really like your videos, you’re really good :)

  30. Lasha Surmava says:

    Galeazzo Frudua ruuuules! Fooorzaaa!

  31. Tommy Leonardi says:

    Another rare example of John singing higher than Paul (you-u-uuuuu…)

  32. Nora Snatch says:

    Fantastic- but i just don’t hear john hitting that high falsetto during the
    verse– Paul double track, perhaps?

  33. Excellent work Mr Frudua! Thanks a lot for your effort! We just look a 10
    min video but I know you have to work many hours in order to post your
    work! I really appreciate it.
    Just want to say that I’ve been enjoying the Beatles’ songs all my life and
    of course I love ’em. However, watching your videos have made me hear the
    songs with another perspective and made me listen to details that I’ve
    never heard before. Thanks a lot! And please continue with your tutorials!
    Best regards!

  34. You are absolutely amazing! Not only do you break down all the vocal parts
    but you actually sing them damn near PERFECT! Hell, you even look a little
    bit like Paul McCartney. The most impressive part was when you played back
    YOUR 3 vocal part without the music and the harmonies were so perfect they
    actually phased without an effects box where they sounded like a barber
    shop quartet. Now we all know just how much Freddie Mercury and Queen were
    influenced by The Beatles. I’ve watched the video here on YouTube where
    Brian May is in the studio isolating the multi-layered vocals and breakdown
    for Bohemian Rapsody and the vocals naturally phased on that track they
    same way they did for you! Just incredible! You are amazingly gifted!!!
    Hold Me Tight is one of my favorite Beatles tunes. I mainly play bass and
    drums but just a little amature guitar just so I can do some multi-track
    work on my Tascam 8-track. I don’t currently have a band and multi-tracking
    is a great way to keep up my skills. I’ve always sang backup in my cover
    bands back in the 80’s but am experimenting with multi-track singing as
    well. You are the HOLY GRAIL of vocal instruction for The Beatles. One more
    thing. Even though this is really early Beatles music, Hold Me Tight is one
    of the most challenging bass lines Paul created. It’s just a constant
    non-stop chugging away that wears you down quickly even using alternate
    picking. Paul is the most brilliant and under rated bass player ever!

  35. Tommy Price says:

    All I can say is……BRILLIANT!!!! And…thank you for this post…well

  36. Mavis Smith says:

    That was amazing. I always knew that Hold me Tight was a really difficult
    song to sing with all those harmonies, plus watching the studio takes by
    the Beatles proved that. Watching this was just so fascinating. Thank you.

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