How to Sing Hindustani Vocal Music : Hindustani Voice Training Exercises: Part 1

Discover all about How to Sing Hindustani Vocal Music : Hindustani Voice Training Exercises: Part 1 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Hindustani Vocal Music : Hindustani Voice Training Exercises: Part 1.

Learn a vocal exercise you can use to train your voice for Hindustani vocal music in this free online video voice lesson on the traditional Indian singing style.

Expert: Amelia Maciszewski
Bio: Amelia Maciszewski has a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology, and has been performing Hindustani music for over 20 years.

48 thoughts on “How to Sing Hindustani Vocal Music : Hindustani Voice Training Exercises: Part 1

  1. so you don’t have any credentials to critique music huh?

  2. cyrilledebeer says:

    i agree she looks pretty scary, and her voice is horrible.. but she’s got
    my respect because of her knowledge of music, and she plays the sitar and
    the harmonium very good… but she keeps on talking and talking and talking
    :p it just doesn’t stop!!!! :p pretty anoying cheers!

  3. sexypoetry says:

    she does NOT play good,,,,this is why she PRATTLES stupidities…i am
    starting the pole shift survival group. let me know if u r interested.

  4. sexypoetry says:

    i am starting the pole shift survival group. let me know if u r interested.

  5. babloobhaiyya says:

    Namaste, Really i am very impressed, you are not an Indian but you can sung
    very wel as wel teach. I am from little city of india (ms), I did not found
    Guru but now i found in you. if you don’t mind, can i ask you Guru. Thanks!

  6. Eva Wright says:

    I looked for many lessons but this was only I found. thank you for trying
    your best.

  7. babloobhaiyya says:

    @Bushrraff – But she is not bad , by the way thanks for blessings!

  8. babloobhaiyya says:

    @Bushrraff – Whose this definition?

  9. babloobhaiyya says:

    @Bushrraff – whose this definition?

  10. fouad4youissmarty says:

    i really loved your first comment if you can talk you can sing 🙂 thank u
    now im training from pakistan

  11. sharmakdeep says:

    My daughter has been learning Hindustani classical vocal for past 2 years.
    I know and understand what the presenter here is trying to demonstrate. She
    may not be singing well (only in some parts) but I can appreciate what she
    was trying to convey with regard to things like aakar and not singing in

  12. @89chitowner —your a tool, you just “loosed” more precious moments of
    your life by comenting

  13. Kovid Rathee says:

    Hey, do some good to humanity ! Remove this video !

  14. Hardik Patel says:

    idk if she is good compared to the other people but im sure she is better
    than people with negative comments

  15. swimswamswim says:

    tooo tooo tooo good.. thank you

  16. swimswamswim says:

    tooo tooo tooo good.. thank you ..

  17. Abhijit Banerjee says:

    it is VERY VERY important to sing in open voice, unlike western music;
    classical music needs a open voice, not necessarily a sweet voice; with
    riyaaz sweetness will enhance;

  18. asciiguy1 says:

    Ugh, youtube. Some commenters rush to show their own “sophisticated
    knowledge of indian classical music” by commenting on a random singer’s
    non-performance (she was simply demonstrating a scale)…and how do they do
    it? by calling the singer horrible. the classical teachers and the greats I
    have talked to in person showed nothing but humility. a trait i’m sure you
    “experts” heard about from several bandishes. but apparently what you
    “experts” heard went into your left ear and out the right.

  19. tradecycles says:

    oh guys, did you guys develop any skills after watching this video? No? Oh
    well then expert village sucks.

  20. vinicosmos says:

    My heart danced when you did the scale in “aaa” sorry not an expert with
    the terminologies but I totally adore your vocals and the Indian music as
    much as I love the western…

  21. Galactic Surfer says:

    If you can talk, you can sing is so wrong … Every one has a talent and it
    needn’t be singing

  22. abhishekkumar108 says:

    she is just making a joke of hindustani classical music…

  23. Kanhaiya Maheshwary says:

    The ending part of the scale “ni.. sa” is not how it should be. She’s
    singing it restrained. Not the right way to do it!

  24. Hang On a second… she’s singing the tune to “Twinkle, Twinkl little star,
    how I wonder where you are”… … but I used to sing that as a child too,
    so does that mean im a proffesional singer too!

  25. vishal sharma says:

    I am an East Indian male…and I really enjoyed her instructions…She did
    a very good job, but only her pronunciations need to improve!!!Otherwise it
    is GREAT!!!

  26. Nitin Shukla says:

    Thanks Amelia…You are doing a great job teaching Indian Classical to the
    world…Appreciate it 🙂

  27. Dheeraj Tanwar says:

    Great lessons mam 🙂 Can u pls guide me on breathing technique… !!!

  28. nirvan jasrotia says:

    she looks like someone i know

  29. Jessica LBrown says:

    Nice! get more beat making lesson ->bit.ly167YznB

  30. Teressa Juliet says:

    I like the tone of that instrument. What is it?

  31. Anti-Karaoke TV says:

    I appreciate this video so much! Almost as much as people are assholes when
    they comment on it. 

  32. Erm sorry but “yak” I would expect a vocal teacher to have a amazing voice,
    but sorry this sounds not that great in fact it sounds unpleasant…

  33. Kate Somerville says:

    This is regular western scale, where’s the Hindustani singing?

  34. Sadie Carr says:

    But singing at home with your child is a great way to share time together.

  35. Whether you aspire to fame, or just want to sing for fun, we can help.

  36. Sydney Krause says:

    In most cases, the vocal range can increase through proper exercises and professional training.

  37. Ian Mueller says:

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  38. Samuel Wolfe says:

    Lately, i have been singing in alto at school and i couldn’t even complete my singing test correctly.

  39. So, start with that article about about singing registers? , check out the singing tongue stuff, then get back to me.

  40. Wesley Horn says:

    There’s all the time an element of subtlety on the acoustic guitar that provides a stark paradox to the routine distortion and heaviness of the usual rock songs.

  41. Megan Mccarty says:

    This difference between Anastasi’s acquisition of singing expertise and that of other singers works to his advantage because he went through what other aspiring singers are going through, including you.

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