How to Sing Hindustani Vocal Music : Gamak Technique in Hindustani Vocal Music

Discover all about How to Sing Hindustani Vocal Music : Gamak Technique in Hindustani Vocal Music by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Hindustani Vocal Music : Gamak Technique in Hindustani Vocal Music.

Learn how to perform “gamak” a Hindustani vocal music technique in this free online video voice lesson on the traditional Indian singing style.

Expert: Amelia Maciszewski
Bio: Amelia Maciszewski has a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology, and has been performing Hindustani music for over 20 years.

26 thoughts on “How to Sing Hindustani Vocal Music : Gamak Technique in Hindustani Vocal Music

  1. agreed. also carnatic>hindustani.

  2. tarrytarry says:

    Very useful , thank you for posting

  3. Nathan Andrew says:

    She cannot be serious! i see a law suit against the producers of this

  4. aesthetica08 says:

    you are excellent and very accurate – ignore most comments from people who
    probably dont have indepth knowledge of Indian classical music. Thank you
    for uploading these videos – i will be using them

  5. akinderreality says:

    Indeed, good point, I would also bring up the numerous Jazz bands around
    the world who aren’t American but are still making legitimate Jazz or
    Finnish Tango players (who have never been to Argentina) but play wonderful
    Tango Music belongs to the world… it is true that when regional styles
    are taken up by cultural outsiders, it will change, this in many ways is
    healthy because it shows that the art is a living viable thing. Let us not
    forget also, that art helps greatly in coming together

  6. Raoul - Gayak aur Sangeetagi says:

    First what I want to say is that her interest in classical music is there
    wich I respect…. But the thing is that the way she is singing is not like
    classical (the tone) and second this is not a ghamak taan because ghamak
    means “bass”. So means the bassnotes also know as the lower notes.

  7. Raoul - Gayak aur Sangeetagi says:

    And of course I agree also with the other reactions that actually you are
    insulting the Indian classical music. And I know that is not her meaning,
    she is doing it actually unconscious……

  8. did you know its harder to singing it slowly?

  9. Eva Wright says:

    whoo that was hard! (wishing there was an easier way) my voice couldn’t
    keep up ;-)

  10. Vignesh Iyer says:

    This is absolute crap. Such people are disrespecting one of the oldest
    styles of music. They are letting everyone get a cheap impression of this
    art. First, the definition of gamak is horrible. Hindustani music is hard
    and not easy. Such people dont even know to pronounce baarakhadi. PLEASE DO

  11. Bonnyface Clement says:

    im sorry not the right way of singing madam

  12. She is actually a good sitarist. You should go to her website. We should
    criticize to help others improve but it should be CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.
    Indian people (i am indian so don’t complain) are too protective. If
    someone sings the music badly they will go all crazy and say that they are
    disrespecting the music. Her knowledge is great it is just she didn’t train
    to become a professional singer, she is a sitarist.

  13. Tarun Bissa says:

    at least she tried to help others. you wont find any other Gamak lesson on
    entire youtube. including shruti meera’s guruji.

  14. DHruv Sain says:

    well sing.. its really hard to sing the aakar. 

  15. You mean illiterate? At least she’s trying to help others learn something.
    I don’t see you posting any videos on this topic on YouTube so maybe you
    should just give constructive criticism instead of just bashing her

  16. Kumeren Govender says:

    From what I know… this is not gamaka at all. It’s just repeating notes.
    It’s great to see her dedication but I agree with the other comments that
    she should first learn the art form properly and then make learning

  17. Please don’t follow this tutorial…

  18. Half Knowledge and improper pronunciation….. Confusion…

  19. madam….your intention may be nobel …but this is wrong

  20. Siddharth Bhavsar says:

    i see a many saying this is worng,
    can someone point out why and what’s the right way?

  21. Addison Weaver says:

    I PROVE it by personally demonstrating every singing method (and showcase my college students that do additionally) to hundreds of students in my World Famous How To Sing – Better Than Anyone Else? DVD Singing Course.

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