How to Sing Higher

Discover all about How to Sing Higher by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Higher.

How to Sing Higher

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Watch the video above to know the 5 Main Areas to sing with a Strong High Singing Voice. This video discusses the following:

1. Solid Support
2. Strong Resonance
3. Open throat
4. Strong head voice
5. Strong chest mix

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66 thoughts on “How to Sing Higher

  1. hai Kerri Ho..hope you’re fine..just wanna say thank you so much for those
    videos it really helps me a lot!..and just wanna ask that when I sing using
    my head voice there is another voice coming out which breaks it…I don’t
    know where that voice is coming out..can you help me explain why..and my
    chest hurts whenever I sing higher and why is that?hope you reply me..thank

  2. hi thank you so much for making these videos they are really good im only
    13 years old hitting high notes already your a good person for that

    1. +The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho Hi I love this video, especially your advice in
      the second half for learn to sing book
      . A product I also found useful for singing class
      is Grathaw Fast Sing Expert – search google if you want

  3. Thank you sooooooo much! I have got to do a solo which is TODAY I am
    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scared and shaking already but the
    thing is the solo is very high pitched at points so you videos have really
    helped me. Thank you!

    1. +ELFsuju1000 well falsetto sounds airy while mixed voice is in between
      chest voice and head voice and head voice sounds more powerful than
      falsetto there are a lot of people explaining it in more details on youtube

    2. cant differentiate mix voice and head voice. i feel a lot of resonances
      (nose) when im singing in mix voice. lesser resonance with head voice…..
      maybe im doing falsetto intead of head voice?

    3. Belting is using your chest voice sometimes mixed voice singing the higher
      notes if you do it wrong and too often you’re gonna strain you throat at
      least that’s how I know it

  4. Once again a great video. May I also offer an often missing ingredient for
    consistently singing in this way. Focus and Mental intention. You have to
    mentally gear up, or psych yourself up. You have to really want to go
    there, because it requires a lot of energy and confidence, and as Kerri
    mentioned the development of specific skills and strength.

  5. Hey Kerri, I need your help. Whenever i switch from chest voice to head
    voice, my transition sound like a yodel.Can you help me get rid of that
    yodel ASAP. Thanks!

  6. hello, miss kerri. i don’t know what really my vocal range is, because
    sometimes i can hit a high note but it takes a real effort to do it. I do
    not know if i am doing it properly and always my voice range is low. Hope
    you could give me a piece of advice

    1. hey, basically we are in the same boat but listen… it may take real
      effort but your voice is capable of reaching the note. right… bear that
      in mind. you have to practice and have the confidence. its not just cliches
      but it is the truth. its kinda difficult so go in your room an reach the
      notes that you can do. youtube ‘how to sing head voice’ that will train
      you… after all you can already reach.

  7. hey… i just love to watch ur videos… and you are a good singing teacher
    🙂 but i want to know how to make the voice more thinner for females? and
    while singing, how to make the vibrations like u do ?

    1. +Arun Karmakar – Thank you so much Arun! To make your voice sound “thinner”
      you need to come back on volume and allow your resonance and your proper
      breathing to support your voice, so that you don’t feel like you need to
      “push” your voice. This video will help you with proper breathing –
      and How to Sing With Vibrato –

  8. God bless you Kerri. I have to sing a very soft song with high tone. My
    voice is deep and can sing loud. But for this song it song like a loli bye
    I how can I reach the gentle Ness tone and high note….. 

    1. +Desiree Sandoval – Come back on volume, but make sure you have prepared
      your throat and have good breath support. Visualize that you are floating
      in clouds as you sing, and keep your voice free and easy. Try these tips to
      sing light and clear!

  9. I had a problem and couldn’t figure out what it was for the life of me! Lol
    after watching this, I finally figured it out 😀 thank you so entirely
    much, best wishes for your channel ^-^

  10. Whether you’re an skilled singer, or just getting began, you’re about to expertise an entire new methodology for reaching your full, singing potential.

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