How to sing HIGHER | Extend Your Singing Range | #DrDan

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Learn to sing higher without straining your voice.
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Is it actually possible to increase your vocal range? Yes! But there are few things you need to do to ensure you develop your voice in a healthy and sustainable way. Join Dr Dan as he explores the full potential of your biological instrument with a couple of practical singing exercises.

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0:16 Can the Voice be “Extended?”
Today we’re going to tackle a heavily misunderstood area of vocal development. All over the internet you can find people promoting the idea of increasing ones vocal range. Unfortunately, much of the time this is done in a somewhat misleading way because it’s actually impossible to “increase” you vocal range. Why? Well you’re a biological instrument with anatomical limitations.

1:51 Developing Your Range Safely
It’s important that you stretch the vocal ligaments over an extended period of time. Too many singers have done themselves a great disservice by trying to increase their range by simply pushing and pulling on unwilling muscles.

3:14 Lip Trills (Lip Bubbles)
Lip trills (sometimes called Lip Bubbles) are great for working the voice through its full range. You can lip bubble any scale.

4:33 Vocal Sirens
The awesome benefit of sirens, according to our topic in this video, is the full range of motion that they employ.

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21 thoughts on “How to sing HIGHER | Extend Your Singing Range | #DrDan

  1. Dr Dan's Voice Essentials says:

    Aside from placing your larynx on a rack and stretching it out, your voice has an anatomical limit. There are some things that you can do however that will help you to discover the full range of motion of your voice. Check it out…

  2. GiveOrLooseIt says:

    So right! Well..! Back to scales & keeping it within my limits!! 😉

  3. Rebecca Helbig says:

    My range has definitely extended by using the exercises on your CD! I feel so much more comfortable singing in higher keys now.

  4. Laura Kershaw says:

    This is the most helpful video I’ve ever seen on this topic. Thank you so much for helping me out and starting this channel.

  5. Vivi Gomez says:

    Hi Dr Dan, if a vocal range goes from E3 to C6, is that a Soprano or Mezzo?

  6. Master Minds says:

    Love u Dr. Dan, Really grateful..

  7. The Watcher says:

    It’d be nice if my voice could go deeper. My average speaking voice sits in my lowest notes of my range, so it doesn’t sound as versatile going down when I can go almost 2 octaves above it in comparison. Maybe deeper is where some of my “dormant” range lies. Either that or I’m a hidden whistler.

  8. Dan it need help with my range because I can’t above C4 (the vocal break) my highest note I can hit with falsetto is F5. My vocal range is C3-F5 but I don’t know how to increase my full voice to the top of my range. Vocal teachers has advised me to sing louder and although I do with strain I struggle to get above C4 and if I do get above it, I can only hit a F4. How do I get my voice to sing at my highest note? Do I just have to sing louder?

  9. Eric Forrester says:

    I can’t seem to do lip trills

  10. Star Wars Central says:

    My vocal range is G3-F5 in head voice and G3-A4 in chest. Is there any way to make the vocals go up at least an octave for chest voice? That would probably require a lot of vocal training. My choir teacher classifies me as a low tenor.

  11. When you say we anatomically can sing about 3,5 octaves, which registers do you count? Just the full voice (chest & head) or all the registers combined (fry, full voice and falsetto)?

  12. Gaven Bugia says:

    good news…i finally bridge my head chest for the first time…im trying to strengthen that gap…although its f4 in heas then d3 in chest..i would call that even since i didnt hear or feel any playing with sirens

  13. Theodore Grau says:

    Dr. Dan, Is it a good idea to flush out the nasal cavity with a neti pot before singing and secondly do you have information on how to cool down the voice after singing a vocally demanding presentation, I would like to order this if possible from you.
    Tony ( )

  14. Theodore Grau says:

    Dr dan , somehow we were disconnected but my request is this, would you please send me your mailing address namely because I would like to mail you a check in appreciation for all your help to me vocally ,you are a consummate gentleman
    and an equally consummate vocal intructor,thankyou Dr Dan,my best ,Theodore( Tony )Grau

  15. nandini parekh says:

    can you please tell me that how much time does it take to learn singing at your full potential or at professional level?

  16. Roman Reigns says:

    Is there any age limit for vocal range? I m a 15 years old guy

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