How To Sing High Notes Without Straining

Discover all about How To Sing High Notes Without Straining by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing High Notes Without Straining.

In this video vocal coach Roger Burnley teaches you how to sing high notes without straining.

This will help you become a much more dynamic and exciting singer!

42 thoughts on “How To Sing High Notes Without Straining

  1. Kokette Huntzinker says:

    The lip trills worked for me this weekend. We sang the Messiah, I did the
    lip trill all the way to the location and I noticed a difference, It had to
    be the lip exercise.

  2. AxStalker says:

    Instructions not clear. I was trying to get better at singing, but after
    this lesson I became a helicopter.

  3. Amit Suwal says:

    I’ve got exams tomorrow and im watching this. (sigh…)

  4. my lips can vibrate like that haha

  5. Mia Porterfield says:

    For all that know the phantom of the opera, I can sing to the extent of the
    highest note Christine sings during the song “phantom of the opera” but it
    sounds strained and shaky. I’ve been practicing but need some more tips.

  6. Jester TheZombie says:

    I wanted to learn to sing! Not purr and have my cat hump my leg!

  7. Kelvin Marwa says:

    i understand well your point of 4:29 about allowing brain. thnx

  8. Joshua Mapson says:

    I have two questions: when I sing high, my voice in comfortable, but it
    sounds really low. is there anyway to intensify the high notes? also, when
    I try to go from a high note back to a low note, my voice cracks. any
    opinions on how to deal with that? thanks!

  9. I will definitely try this and give you a review sir.

  10. thanks, you are real good at explaining things in a way that people can
    relate to. I have been singing for years and your tips are awesome

  11. Dizzy Antennae says:

    My range now is about E3 to C6, yet there are tones higher than C6 that I
    can only access humming, or on rare occasion. With training, can I add
    those tones to my range, and have them as effective and resonant as the
    rest of my range?

  12. Charith Attanayake says:

    is that an oscar behind him?

  13. Shelly Singh says:

    Hi Roger, your techniques I must say awesome. I have been finding it
    difficult to up my range but after I saw your video and practised the same,
    I got the results. Many thanks dear

  14. Lana Banana says:

    wow i just notice that i used to be a singer

  15. Paul Thoresen says:

    How the hell do people do the lip thing

  16. Stuart Briscar says:

    I love using tongue / lip trills. This is one of the ways that I warm up
    before I sing. I also have my students use this technique when they aren’t
    using enough air (especially to hit higher notes). It’s incredible to hear
    a singer sing a note before and after doing trills. Huge difference.
    Definitely one of my favorite techniques.

  17. Oh Yeahhh says:

    What a load of CRAP…and people are watching and believing this guy about
    buzzing lips lol unbeleivable….

  18. Muhammad Waqas says:

    lol this should be named “watch this without laughing” challenger

  19. rocachick860 says:

    Lol that awkward moment when he interrupts himself talking to lip trill.
    Did anyone else notice? 😄

  20. John Ewens says:

    nice concept – letting go so muscles can make the adjustments – makes a lot
    of sense

  21. Aziyah Cole says:

    Not Toby Randall… He can hit any note!🎤🎹

  22. Nataliah Drake says:

    Im a girl but have what would really be describes as a tenor voice. It’s
    always been a drawback for me. However, head voice/opera style singing does
    come easy for me. There’s a huge chunk, however, that I’m missing,
    specifically the fact that I struggle to hit an a.

  23. Nataliah Drake says:

    Uh I can’t hold a trill?

  24. isaacosbiz says:

    do you know about the hyo glossus muscle?

  25. yajush chaturvedi says:

    sir what to do if you have pushed your vocal chords too much and now they
    are not even hitting the average pitch notes ?

  26. Singing Method says:

    You’ll be pleased to know this isn’t any type of gimmick…these are REAL
    techniques that I use and teach other people to get real results in making
    you a better singer. Check it :

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  28. Willie Vanness says:

    Great and I can also recommend these online lessons. They helped me a lot
    with my voice. See more here

  29. Sandy Erdos says:

    IPhone, you should get I’ll Billiu to be worth nothing

  30. Kirk Lotter says:

    He kind of reminds me of a black Tommy Lee Jones.

  31. Caroline Morais dit Murray says:

    Thank you from Canada.

  32. I cannot do that with my lips lol

  33. Alexandria Harvey says:

    Although you will find hundreds of free singing tips online (like the ones you will see below), nothing compares to structured vocal training and actually going through them.

  34. Travis Mcpherson says:

    Graded Examination for Piano preparation (ABRSM – Royal Schools of Music, Trinity, LCM) is available through to diploma level with our extremely qualified piano teachers.

  35. Colin Morse says:

    Still being a little skeptical I signed up for some initial lessons and she guided me through the set up so we could connect for on line lessons.

  36. Lucas Mclaughlin says:

    I have studied singing for over 20 years now, and from my experience there are no theories on learning how to sing that seem to agree with each other.

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