How to sing high notes with power! – Vocal Techniques

Discover all about How to sing high notes with power! – Vocal Techniques by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing high notes with power! – Vocal Techniques.

How to sing high notes with power! – Vocal Techniques

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This video is an important one! Answering a hugely popular question I get all the time – How do I reach high notes with power???

Some people think it is all about learning to belt and bring their chest voice higher in their vocal range. Unfortunately this is a misleading way for singers to think. Because if the only way we ever get power in our high notes is to pull up our chest voices – we are in danger of causing great damage to our voices!

So what is a more safer and sustainable and overall CORRECT way?

Strengthening our head voices.

In this video, I give an exercise that will help you strengthen your head voice, to the extend that your voice voice becomes so strong that it sounds indistinguishable from your chest voice.

Take a look and find out more!

Let me know what you think with your comments below.

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37 thoughts on “How to sing high notes with power! – Vocal Techniques

  1. Wow you have an amazing voice and I love you so much ♡ ♥ thanks for your
    help and I’ve subscribed to your channel … xD love you xoxo ^^ ♥♥

  2. U r simply awesome Kerri…this is just the second video of yours that I
    watched and can already see results. I am trying to revive my voice after I
    stopped singing (indian classical vocal) 30 years ago….your videos are
    truly helping me improve so quickly. Thank you ….I am yet to watch your
    other videos. I am reasonably ok with vibrato, but have little breath
    control, struggle on high notes, and transitioning from low to high
    notes….Hope to find some tips for these among your other videos.

  3. a real down to earth tutorial that actually really really helps. Thanks for
    taking the time to do this, will be practising fee fee first thing in the
    morning, take care.

  4. hey kerri i’ve been practicing on my breath for a long time but i still
    dont have a natural vibrato and i have this habbit of making my vibrato by
    moving my larynx :/ any tips? (if i stop my larynx there would be no

  5. #HowToReachHighNotes #howtosinghighnotes #Tutorial #HowTo
    #VocalTechniques #VocalTips #TheSongBirdTree

    How to sing high notes with power! – Vocal Techniques

  6. This really helped. My voice range last month was kinda low because I
    stooped singing for 3 years. But thanks for the tutorials, it really

  7. Thank you so much! I’m preparing for an audition, and I really wanted to
    sing Seventeen from Heathers, but was having trouble making the notes sound
    strong. You helped me realize that I can actually go SO MUCH higher than I
    thought I could, and it doesn’t hurt my vocal chords. I love you and your
    videos! They have helped me so much. THANK YOU!

  8. hello. i’m a male. i wanna sing high notes (above C5) but i strain my
    voice. i realize my larynx goes so low and i strain my voice alot. and, i
    notice that i depend alot on my nose vibration to create those high notes.
    is that head voice? am i doing it correctly? i don’t feel any vibration on
    my head.

  9. I can go pretty much as high as I want without it sounding weird but I
    can’t go low at all. Is there anything I can do about it?
    I usually avoid singing in front of people because of this. I sang with my
    friend once and she thought I was singing falsetto 🙁
    (Not that a high pitch falsetto is a bad thing but in yhis case I was just
    singing normal)

  10. When I try to sung a half low to kind of high, I always like, kind of stop
    and sound off?? I mean, I am kind of a good singer with regular low notes,
    and NOT REALLY high unless I do the “haaaa” when I hold my breath, I can’t
    do the part of this song: ‘that I am JuSt a PONY!!!’ with the regular high
    voice.. How do I not keep my voice from cracking like that?!?! 🙁 Tried
    drinking water but Itf didn’t help ..

  11. i actually went here to empower my head voice for a les miserables song and
    guess what she has the music sheets of les miserables songs, i wonder wht
    song is that in front of her

  12. Hi again. My high notes sound shrilling. I can sing from middle C…..and
    two octaves up……but the higher I go the more shrilling I get.

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    Can Learn How to Sing – Improve Your Singing Voice, Sing With Amazing
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  14. Thanks for the tips. Im an male and i can hit F5# but i cant hold the note
    for too long. Thanks to you i can hold high notes a little longer👍 subs

  15. What is head voice, I’m a full range so none of this is a problem but some
    songs that I want to sing take a breathy feel which I have trouble with
    since I’m a powerful singer. Plz help

  16. Great exercise! Soooo happy I discovered your channel. I’m confused with my
    voice—I can sing high and full with my head voice, up to D6 in a good day,
    but can’t belt/mix my chest voice in a powerful way, so I’m having trouble
    singing with contemporary songs that I like as most of them involves
    powerful belting. I end up choosing songs in the lower part of my range.
    Getting voice lessons is not an option right now, so I really appreciate
    your vids. Keep ’em coming! I’m off to watch the others now.

  17. And if I may request something… Can you make a vid explaining proper
    technique? I saw somewhere that you’re not supposed to sing with high or
    low larynx like some pop singers do nowadays. What does that mean? Thanks

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