How to sing high notes softly without falsetto – Vocal power – Middle voice 2

Discover all about How to sing high notes softly without falsetto – Vocal power – Middle voice 2 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing high notes softly without falsetto – Vocal power – Middle voice 2.

How to sing high notes without falsetto
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This is a practical exercise that will greatly help you access your head/mixed voice. The sample technique is taken from Gillyanne Kayes’ excellent book ‘Singing and the Actor’. I have tried to demonstrate it effectively here. When you perform this exercise you will be working on the exterior laryngeal muscles which help tilt the thyroid forward. This will help you learn how to sing high notes with much less effort!

0:35 High notes – the whining puppy sound
1:32 Expanding the puppy sound

Michael Sweet –
Paul Stanley –
David Coverdale –
Steve Perry –
Rob Halford –
Rik Emmett –
Sebastian Bach –

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Video 3:

42 thoughts on “How to sing high notes softly without falsetto – Vocal power – Middle voice 2

  1. Vocal Power says:

    Hi Bruder, This has nothing to do with other methodologies actually. I am
    purposefully singing in an extremely light registration to help beginners
    learn how to access their upper register. I hope that i am not jumping to
    conclusions by supposing that you are classically trained and believe that
    the voice must always be delivered at full ballast. With a lot of
    contemporary singing, it is quite sought after to be able to produce high
    pitched tones with a light registration.

  2. DaBigRedAfro says:

    You should rename the exercise to, high pitched orgasm sounds.

  3. hi I am a baritone and i’m trying to do power metal which as most people
    know contains a lot of really high notes with a lot of power would I use
    these techniques or would it be different

  4. Nevin Campos says:

    who do i talk to about skype lessons?

  5. Matt Theus says:

    this is a great little exercise thanks!

  6. budi bog s`nama says:


  7. Josip Tomić says:

    hello! this really helps like all of your videos, you explained it better
    than any one on yt
    you helped me alot. thanks man

  8. Jay Bhargav says:

    Sir, i have a bass voice and i can reach little higher but i am not able to
    get higher and i experience a strain please help

  9. jjayrockify says:

    sir I am able to get the high notes one day but not able to get the other
    day the same I mean the head void I get it one day but the other day there
    is a little bit of chest involved in it …i can sing in head voice only
    after like 20-30 min of singing or practicing ..pls help

  10. Tandoruk Can says:

    Thanks for the tip sir, I have one problem though, I’m trying to do this
    but i’m 100 percent sure im flipping into falsetto, any tips how i can do
    it in pure head voice?

  11. Alex Leniz says:

    I’d really like to learn how to sing like the guys who sang in the movie
    Rockstar with Mark Whalberg. Especially that song We All Die Young. But the
    chorus, when he goes “And we allll diieeee youuuunngg” I can never seem to
    hit those middle notes. Any tips or assistance? 

  12. +Vocal Power your saying that the larynx should raise/tilt up but many
    vocal coaches say to have a neutral larynx. which one is it? im so confused
    please help. Is there a difference between raising and tilting the larynx?

  13. The Gamer says:

    0:55 imagine ur neibghour hear this :D

  14. Mark Herashchenko says:

    Hello Tony.
    Your quick example at 1:27
    when you hit a hight note in head regiser sounds very impressive. How do
    you put that kind of resonance and fullness? Are there any tips? Because
    compared to you i still sound thin (Like a mouse) in head voice. However
    i’m aware of staying in head voice, not in falsetto.

  15. Mike “The Doctor” Tomlins says:

    1: 27 holy s**t I did not see that coming

  16. Liam bennington says:

    1:45 …aanh aanh ..go on baby ;)

  17. Sebastian Tannæs says:

    will this help with getting more power to the high notes to?

  18. kurremurre says:

    HOLY CRAP! I’ve been so confused by this subject for so long, not being
    sure whether I had this down or not, or how to achieve it if I didn’t. Then
    I try this one, simple little exercise and *there it is!*

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, it feels good! You are the *man!*

  19. Arlan Coyoca says:


  20. DreamingDragonDancer says:

    Great exercise thank´s a lot! Now my neighbours think i butcher animals, am
    schizophrenic and that i have strange orgasms nearly every day. But well
    thats what you have to endure when someone is training his voice :D

  21. Andy Stitch says:

    I keep flipping I to falsetto and can’t keep a note without straining. Any

  22. Steve Sanyal says:

    I’ve been practicing this for a few days now. It seems to be slow but
    steady progress. At this point I notice my crying/whimpering tone sounds
    pretty hoarse. Has anyone else experienced this? Tony, do you have any
    insight you can offer? Thanks!

  23. what’s your name sir? 🙂 thanks for the videos.. help me a lot :))

  24. Can you show how you add distortion to a clean sound? People like Bryan
    Adams sing with a deliberate distortion or is his natural?

  25. You’ve got a great voice sir but not everyone’s got such voice. Maybe it’s
    the matter of practice but I’d have to stop drinking beer.

  26. Nicki baker says:

    Im sorry but I laugh so hard at 0:58 at the sounds

    im so weird xD

  27. Vane Ruben says:

    Thanks I saw like 10 tutorials on how to find mixed voice and this is the
    one that made me find it.

  28. David Andersson says:

    When I try to sound like a puppy I get in to falsetto, that is wrong right?

  29. stebolian says:

    wow 1:27 was really the sound i want, how can puppy noise get to that high
    powerful note, where you are doing that puppy noise is almost my limit
    without pushing are, please help me

  30. 1:46
    That sounded like a low badget porn actress.

  31. vergil sparta says:

    yaaa its real a good vocal.. i like this keep good going nd i had learn
    something from this video

  32. pablo mondac says:

    puppie sound means cord closure? pleasee helpp (good videos!

  33. Varga Attila says:

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else needs to find out
    about learn how to sing really good try Panlarko Sing Fast Planner(just
    google it ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got
    amazing success with it.

  34. David Andersson says:

    The whining puppy sound sounds like falsetto. Should do that?

  35. Mico MNEL22 says:

    Tony.. if i continuely doing this excercise does The head voice or middle
    will be fuller tone with power?

  36. Guy Richardson says:

    Don’t suppose you do skype lessons do you. After following all the
    technique and practising, my high notes sound like a dying cat, an in tune
    dying cat but still..

  37. Mandrell Daniel says:

    I crack while trying to make the sound, idky i use to be able to hit high
    notes no problem now i always crack. Please help me!

  38. Henson Asuncion says:

    I was doing the puppy noise, reading the comments then out of nowhere he
    sing the high note. Lets just say my phone went airplane mode.

  39. Dariyelle says:

    We prefer to suggest this program because it’s produced so many comfortable prospects, who in flip have tremendously improved their singing voices with this complete on-line program.

  40. Omar Hull says:

    Imagine yourself singing without having taken any kind of singing lessons or training.

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