How To Sing High Notes – Siren Exercise

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How To Sing High Notes – Siren Exercise
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Here are some tips on how to sing high notes and sing higher in your vocal range. This is one of my favorite vocal exercises. It helps you “stay connected” and learn to think of your voice as “one voice” instead of three separate registers. It’s a great vocal warm-up exercise to do before performances.

For more details on how to improve your vocal range; How to sing higher, how to sing longer, and how to sing with more power watch my other vocal lessons


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43 thoughts on “How To Sing High Notes – Siren Exercise

  1. zaire pollard says:

    You’re super excited about helping us and hot😘😘

  2. hell to the nooo!!! says:

    How many times do i do this a day?

  3. Skin Care and Various Other Discussions says:

    This is coming from a hot ass guy

  4. LauraGamingTheWorld says:

    OMG IT WORKED P.S He is a wwe

  5. Lidda Gawd says:

    Hey! I was just wondering; I can sing mid-high notes fairly well, but I
    always sound like my throat is being ‘clenched’ (kind of what evanescence
    does in songs like lithium, if that makes sense?). I really can’t get my
    throat to open up so you have that ‘lighter’ tone, rather than that really
    harsh loud sound. Any tips on that?

  6. Hannah Rose says:

    David you have a strong voice which you have obviously worked at
    developing, and you are a good teacher! If you wanted to add to the quality
    of presentation you already have (and only *IF*), you might wish to leave
    out the distracting sounds “um”, “but um”, and “okay”. But you knew that.
    Hard to do, I know. A video camera is nerve wracking. Best!

  7. brianmcdrummer says:

    Hi David! I’ve been singing for many years but recently decided to
    get serious about it so I can sing in live venues instead of just the
    studio. Some days are effortless and others not so much because I suffer
    from allergies and when my nose drains the phlegm settles in and around the
    place in my throat where it’s hard to warm up my voice or sing. The feeling
    I get is very much like when you’re drinking something and it goes “down
    the wrong pipe” and the liquid settles in that place where it’s hard to
    talk for a few minutes until the liquid clears allowing you to talk
    normally again. I’ve tried a lot of things to combat this but still
    searching for something that really works. Do you have any suggestions? (I
    hope all of that makes sense)

  8. mark mozden says:

    Thanks Dave, super helpful! Just one comment- I think you mean to say
    “palate,” not “thyroid?” Just sayin!

  9. Man this is good ! I will be trying this

    I have breaks lol but will practice 🙂 Thank You

  10. Katherine Carter says:

    Soprano please. I’m doing this daily.

  11. skye exum says:

    I can sing really high and I am 10 is that a good thing

  12. Brayden Garza says:

    whenever i try to hit high notes i break ( crack) how do i fix this?

  13. Kyla Colom says:

    im naturally a soprano so this helps a lot cause our problem is that were
    hitting the right note but were screaming it instead of lifting it up

  14. Kess Genre says:

    Thanks for this useful exercise! I’d like to sing as high as Justin
    Timberlake one day and maybe I can now

  15. Chinmay Gaonkar says:

    at the start of siren …we have to start with chest voice and then on head

  16. Dick Drew says:

    When I start to go high, I can feel like it just skip the mix voice and
    goes straight to falsetto voice. Plz help

  17. Ben Megens says:

    It is a new experience for me I like to learn more

  18. Can these exercise strengthen a weak voice to add volume?

  19. nithin a kumar says:

    How much do I do this in one Day?

  20. Luke Tyler says:

    oh my gosh thank you so much i finally got it!!!

  21. crawzards says:

    I keep on losing it at the end of the siren

  22. Sandra McIntyre says:

    Yes, I have been singing for years, and most of the techniques I learned
    years ago I had to unlearn for more “modern” vocal stylings. Sirens helped
    tremendously, to pull all the registers together, and now, once I am
    sufficiently warmed up (my voice requires a good 20 minutes to feel warm) I
    never have to think about the break and I have added half an octave that I
    can rely on comfortably. You explain and demonstrate so well, you have
    really helped me, just in the you tube videos. Thank you.

  23. Jeric Gripex says:

    thanks you very much i learn a lot

  24. prince alampally says:

    Hii David u r awesome..ur videos helped me alot but im still how to i start my voice before going to sing..where i have
    to start my voice means on chest or in my mouth plz give me one tip

  25. Michael Stephen Napat says:

    thank you Mr. Muzio it helps me a lot !! :)))) God bless

  26. Great video, I’m going to try this all week. question though, I notice your
    nostrils flare when you’re doing the exercise. Is that something that helps
    over everything up for the resonance or something? I’ve noticed this a lot
    with different singers.

  27. Villson Thong says:

    he so good, why still got plp dislike it?

  28. Vene Maia says:

    focus in the video, this help me a lot with high notes

  29. Vene Maia says:

    focus in the video, this help me a lot with high notes

  30. Steven Sheung says:

    Dear David, nice tips! Would you demo these tips in actual singing of a
    song, thanks!

  31. Sal'sMusicEtc says:

    but how do you stop the break as you siren up?

  32. samie garcia says:

    When Im doing this I start in low then when it comes in a high my voice
    change into a Falsetto am I Doing Right Bro?

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  34. I’m sure we’re all afraid of sounding like those idol competitors, or karaoke singers or school performers who are actually completely terrible, but think they somehow sound amazing.

  35. These songs were first composed by artists like Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, to name a number of.

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